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10+ A Magic Honeymoon / Holiday experience in the Maldives

If you want to have a magical and unforgettable honeymoon, then the Maldives match your charter and much more. Unwind at the exclusive and calm policy of one island – one resort, the Maldives that offers unparalleled privacy alongside nature’s social distancing for safes. Nature, a quiet pace, exclusive experiences, absolute intimate secrecy, exciting adventures, and luxurious stay The exclusive villas constructed over the sea waters, specially curated underwater restaurant experiences, lovely local culture, the best adventure sport and so much can never beat anybody in the world. Here, we present 10 totally unique experiences in the Maldives which you can enjoy for life. Visit the sunny side of life!




The surroundings are crowded, the confidentiality, professional facilities, and relaxing – luxurious getaways, with exotic over-water villas featuring pools, fun private dining, fantastic views, and much more, do not get better than the magical Maldives. Imagine watching breathtaking views from all corners of your villa to relax in your outdoor bath or settle under the sun on your private balcony. The Maldives is a paradise that is the ideal place to spoil tourists and encourages couples to make wonderful memories there during their honeymoons, which take place once in a lifetime.




Provide your senses with hotel options, dinner spots, and rejuvenating spas under the blue waters of the sea, the surreal beauty of maritime life. Wake up to the vibrant world of seafood and coral at the first-of-kind, 2-story luxury residence of Muraka Underwater Villa with a fully immersed master bedroom. Then, taste fine food at the first underwater restaurant in the world, Ithaa. Taste the wines in the Sea Underwater Restaurant and shake a bead with the SUBSIX Underwater Bar sharks and stingrays. In truly unique surroundings your body, mind, and soul are reassured by luxurious treatments at the Huvafen Underwater Spa.


The paradise of THRILL-SEEKER


A host of enjoyable water sports and events in the Maldives are waiting for adventurous couples. In some of the world’s clearest seas, try deep-sea diving, canoeing, and paddle-boarding, or snorkeling between the vibrant coral reefs. Try your hand at windsurfing, kite surfing, and adrenaline rush flyboarding. An afternoon with manta rays or sharks will definitely be lifelong memories. We also propose you to take time to visit previously unavailable areas for luxury surfing tours at high-end resorts like Gilli Lankanfushi, Anantara Dhigu, Kandima Maldives, Como Maalifushi, and Six Senses Laamu.




Liveaboards deliver completely unexpected experiences merging luxurious living with the innovation of cruises. Enjoy the vibrant sights of the islands of Maldivian, lively local culture, beach-barbecue, snorkeling, and recreational cross-country spas. Enjoy these remarkable floating resorts. Scubaspa Yang is an incredible combination of boat diving and a 5-star wellness retreat, one of the world’s luxury liveaboards.




Enjoy a glamping luxury experience in a beautiful bubble tent in the Maldives. You feel connected with every part of the world around you, with a 360-degree view of the glittering stars, inky darkness of the sky, and the music of the waves. In these translucent bubbles, the moments spent will be surreal, unforgettable, and absolutely private.




Sunsets and romance go hand in hand together, and particularly in the Maldives, the splendid view of a golden orb sinking into the azure sea each night. You are advised to book a speedboat, head out into the breathtaking ocean, and get in the midst of a sandbank’s golden sunset.




Maldivian food packaging in fresh ingredients, conventional, and exotic tastes, ranging from coconuts to seafood and local spices. Enjoy your own private chef’s fish and other marine dishes, or just curate your family-friendly meals, while walking to a sandbank for a cozy dining experience.




The glorious technical backgrounds of the sea, the sky, and the horizon are the ideal setting for a shooting experience for an unforgettable beach day. Just select a romantic film, order your favorite choices from the dining menu and take advantage of an intimate outdoor film that defeats a hollow multiplex experience!




Overlook the bland breakfast buffet! Instead, enjoy a gourmet meal on a large tray, while you sit at your overextended villa in the private swimming pool. And the lovely sunsets in the Maldives are ideal to enjoy champagne and a variety of delicious dinner delights on private floating platforms across the sea.




All Maldives’ adventures must be followed by relaxation, whether it’s massaged, glides around fish at a quiet underwater spa, or sunrise yoga on the golden beach or on the deck. Experience the experience of qualified therapists when you book a treatment that will help you to feel and look the best.




Soak in the other-worldly light as the night-time ocean in the waters of Vaadhoo Island becomes a sea of gleaming stars. The species of biological light – ostracode crustaceans – send the beach light like the stars. This adds to the glowing beach phenomenon.




If you love to see stars in the night sky, then Anantara Kihavah’s spectacular Overswater Observatory is the location. The primal location of Maldives above the equator causes the stars to be visible at night both in the North and in the South, making it even more thrilling to gaze at stars. The observatory provides a luxurious cocktail bar in order to make your mood more relaxed, to look up at the stars while drinking champagne.


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