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10 Ways to Add More Space in Your Home

10 Ways to Add More Space in Your Home

A spacious home means you’ll have plenty of natural light, proper ventilation, and overall an aesthetically pleasing interior. With time, you’ll probably need to bring in and take out different items without compromising the convenience of space, comfort, and safety. Have a look at some creative, practical, and proven ways to free up more space in your home.

Widen Up the Entryway

It’s one of those areas in a home that welcomes and sees off you, your family as well as guests every day; none other than the entrance. Make it functional by creatively introducing a small sitting area, place a shoe rack or a small bench where children can sit, keep their school bags when rushing off to and coming back from school so on. Just in case you’re short of space for a bench, go for wall-mounted hooks, a small open shelf, and a large mirror. All of this would surely make the entryway more welcoming and functional.

A Convenient Kitchen

The kitchen is also termed as ‘heart of a home for it’s one of the busiest rooms in a home. Other than cooking, this is where the family would sit together at least once a day after a hectic routine to unwind and share experiences. These are a few reasons to have a fully functional, efficient, and creative kitchen that lets you cook conveniently, move easily, and accommodate family as well as guests effectively. 

A few hacks to maximize space is by adding vertical shelving in the pantry, incorporate dryer organizers for dry food items as well as other kitchen utensils, cutlery. Install overhead storage compartment for pots, pans, and platters to free up the counter space beneath. Still, it’s better to take advice or hire a professional company offering all sorts of home maintenance services in Dubai or anywhere in the world as per your requirement for minor to major tasks so that you get a 100% perfect outcome.

An Elegant Bathroom

Perhaps one of the most ignored areas in a home with respect to space and storage is the bathroom. Whether yours is a shared bathroom or separate for every individual in the house, utilize the space creatively with open shelving, under the sink baskets for waste disposal, grooming, and electronic appliances holder at the back of the door so on. In case your bathroom has a separate dressing area, keep a shoe organizer and storage compartment for makeup and personal grooming kits. For toddlers and small children, you can keep a folding or handy bathtub.

Free Up the Guest & Living Room

Guest and living rooms can get messier and congested without proper care and supervision. As for the living room, in particular, this is one of the most trafficked places in a home where you watch tv, perhaps dine, welcome guests, read and do much more. You can maximize space in both of the rooms by adding compact and multipurpose furniture such as sofa-come-bed, ottomans that can hold items like video game accessories, coffee table with drawers, and open shelving to keep the book. If you’re a minimalist, simply place a floor rug and throw couches on it for ultimate relaxation.

Go Creative with Children Room

Whether a newborn, a teenager, or anywhere in between, a child’s room reflects creativity, colors, and life. In short, it’s the place of their dream, study, play, and creative imagination which means every corner should accommodate each. Divide the room into zones for playing, sleeping, reading/studying, and even eating. To keep the work desks and other corners of the room uncluttered, bring organizational accessories, bulletin boards, hanging crafts, art wire, and so on. It’ll eventually free up more space without giving up on all the essentials.

A Tranquil Bedroom

That one particular place in a home where you can seek shelter from all the hustle of the world; relax, rewind and rejuvenate is none other than a bedroom. As for spacing, you can go for built-in, slidable wall closets to keep your clothes and other essential items without cluttering up the entire bedroom. Have a bed with extendable drawers and a storage compartment to keep out-of-season clothes, accessories, shoes, and other items neatly and organized.

Crafty Home Office Space

With work from home trend all over the world, a dedicated space or room in your home has become a necessity. Maximize the home office area in the best way by having a desk organizer to keep small items such as paper, pen, mobile, and other things in your range and uncluttered, go for concealed wiring and floor or wall built-in multiple electrical ports to further avoid the mess of power cables, wires and so on. Wireless computer accessories will further make things more efficient and hassle-free.

Make the Most of the Laundry Room

If you have a separate laundry room, there’s much you can do with spacing to make a difference. A slidable wall counter and ironing board let you fold and iron the clothes respectively whereas a small cabinet to keeps essential items such as detergents so on organized. All the empty space here is yours to utilize the way you like.

Space-Up the Smaller & Cramped Interiors

Studio apartment units, dormitory rooms, and even smaller homes can surely give you a challenge over space but nothing that couldn’t be overcome. You can free up space with compact items that can be folded, slide-in, hanged, and even disassembled when not in use. Take for instance easy-to-assemble bicycle that can be hanged from the ceiling or even placed under the bed or sofa, an over-the-door bookshelf or an organizer to keep essential items.

A Greater Garage 

A garage is mostly where all the unwanted and unused stuff ends up but it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s always the right way to make use of everything including garage space without making it look like a junkyard. Install overhead ceiling racks and bring in a closet or cupboard for keeping seasonal decoration items, gardening equipment, stack luggage and so much more.

Every room in the home counts and making space means you excel at organizing and managing things the professional way. Live conveniently, have space for a breathable and well-lit home.

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