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11 Beautiful Beaches in Karnataka You Should Visit To Enjoy The Coast

1. Gokarna Beach Trek:
Gokarna is a small town situated on the western coast of the state of Karnataka. It is believed that Lord Shiva emerged as a Cow’s ear (Mother Earth) here, that’s why it is known as Gokarna. Additionally Gokarna is a place to visit the pilgrimage site – Mahabaleshwar Temple. Gokarna has several beaches and therefore the trek route is known as the “Golden Route”. If you want to try something different then undoubtedly Gokarna Beach Trek is what you should definitely plan for. Gokarna Beach Trek beats this creativity of mind to produce something which is far more incredible and astonishing than a regular mountain trek.You can book Your trip through banbanjara travels they have reviews.

2. Panambur Beach
Panambur Beach is located in the city of Mangalore in the state of Karnataka. It is one of the most popular beaches of Mangalore. The name of the beach has been procured from ‘Panam’ meaning money and ‘ur’ meaning place.
You can enjoy various adventurous activities including ATV Rides, Parasailing and surfing. Every year it is visited by hordes of tourists and native folks as it hosts several events like boat racing, kite festival and sand sculptures competitions. Panambur Beach has been awarded the cleanest and the most well-maintained beaches in India.

3. Paradise beach, Gokarna
Paradise Beach located in the Pondicherry standouts among the most looked for destination. It is also known as the Plage Paradiso. This region has the foremost enticing scenery, diversity of landscapes all around makes it even a lot of stunning. The most attractive thing about Paradise Beach is its calm and peaceful environment. This beach will also provide you with some fun activities like trekking, fishing and many more along with the sports activities including Beach volleyball and football. So, you must visit to have a refreshing experience.

4. Kudle Beach, Gokarna
Kudle Beach is one of the many beaches of Gokarna, which is the most preferred destination. With the serene and calm atmosphere, watching the sunrise and sunsets are the real delights for the observers. The main highlight is the view of the setting sun over this beach with a wonderful spread of greenery in the valley is absolutely mesmerizing. It is also a popular beach, so there are many cafes, shacks and guest rooms for travellers to stay in Gokarna. The ideal time to visit is during the months of November to February to this incredible beach in Gokarna.

5. Murudeshwar Beach
Murudeshwar Beach is the main tourist attraction of Karnataka surrounded by the gentle hills and lush greenery, this beach is always bustling with activity. The attractiveness of this place is magnified by the coconut trees which are original to this location. It is famously known as the religious city because it is a home to the Murudeshwar Temple. It is a perfect picnic spot for the travellers and also for those who are looking for the heritage value. Once you will reach there, you will actually live and love every moment regarding this place from dusk until dawn.

6. Devbagh Beach
Devbagh Beach nestled on the Karnataka-Goa border. Devbagh is a popular name among the adventure enthusiasts. Devbagh beach is familiar to have encourage the renowned poet Shri Rabindranath Tagore who had visited Karwar during the early 20th century. It is popular for the golden sands and cool breeze and provides adventure sports enthusiasts with a variety of water sports such as snorkelling and kayaking. So, Devbagh Beach is a must go for everyone who loves nature and adventure.

7. Kodi Beach
Kodi Beach is one of the most amazing beaches located at a distance of 70 km from Mangalore and 9 km from Udipi in Karnataka. Kodi Beach is located where Panchagangavalli river joins Arabian Sea. You can enjoy boating in Kodi Beach.
It has a mini port for fisheries and is known for toddy and freshly prepared seafood. Also one can relax from the hectic life of the city and watch the panoramic view of the region. The journey to Kodi Beach is very appealing and shall entice your heart and mind forever.

8. Om Beach, Gokarna
Om Beach in Gokarna is simply astounding which Carries a spiritual significance. The shape of this beach looks like¬† the symbol ‚ÄėOm‚Äô and hence, it is appraised to be highly promising amongst the locals. It is a heavenly paradise for the photographers because of the plentiful beautiful moments to capture here. Activities you should try in Om Beach including Banana boat rides, bumper boat rides, dolphin spotting, jet skiing, fishing, trekking, and speed boating. Om Beach is utterly fun as it moves your soul.

9. Someshwar Beach
Someshwar Beach is located in Ullal in the city of Mangalore. Someshwara Beach also houses the Someshwara Temple, committed to the Hindu God Shiva and it is assumed that the rocks dotting the beach are present because of God’s existence. Someshwara beach is also known as Rudra-Shile, it carries pretty huge rocks over the shore. It is another popular tourist place which is worth a visit. Someshwar Beach is that place which makes everything joyful and nice.

10. Tannirbhavi Beach
Tannirbhavi beach is a beach in Mangalore, Karnataka, India. It is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in coastal Karnataka. Along with the beach, Sultan Battery, Tannirbavi Tree Park & the proposed Marine museum are also the tourist temptation. If you are looking to experience a peace of calm with the supreme tranquility  then this is the upstanding destination that you must never afford to miss.

11. Kaup Beach
Kaup Beach is one of the substantial beaches in the city of Mangalore. With its tropical weather pattern and bevy of troops that gesture travelers from across the country, Mangalore is a great city that assures to keep raising human spirits every second when you are in this city. Outstanding greenery at the beach on all sides, tourists make a bee-line towards this place to spend weekend tour away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


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