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5 Advantages of using an Interactive Whiteboard

5 Advantages of using an Interactive Whiteboard

Indeed, today there are already many centers that have implemented the use of the interactive whiteboard in their classrooms. However, there are still many others who continue to have doubts or mistrust in leaping this methodology. If you are thinking of changing the whiteboard of a lifetime for an interactive digital one, at, we want to give you five important reasons to help you make the decision.

An interactive whiteboard lets you have internet access while teaching. You can also use the touch screen to modify lessons as quickly as you like.

What is an Interactive Whiteboard?

An Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) connected to video-projector projects the computer screen’s image on its surface. On it, you can make handwritten annotations, save them, print them, send them by mail electronically and export them to different formats.

Interactive Whiteboard
Interactive Whiteboard

Benefits for Teachers:

  • It favors collaborative learning and enables the collective use of telematics communication channels in class (email, chat, videoconference etc.)
  • It is an inexhaustible source of multimedia and interactive information available immediately in the classroom.
  • It increases the teacher’s motivation since he has more resources and obtains a positive response from the students.
  • It makes it possible for classes to be more dynamic, colorful, and audiovisual, making it easier for students to follow the explanations of the teaching staff.
  • It optimizes time since access to information is immediate, and it is unnecessary to spend a lot of time preparing materials.
  • The prepared materials can adapted and reused each year.
  • It increases the teacher’s motivation and self-esteem since he obtains a positive response from the students and discovers new methodological possibilities by having resources.

Benefits for Students:

  • Increased motivation and learning.
  • Increases the role of students in class, and they have an active role in the classroom.
  • As the class becomes more dynamic and eye-catching, they facilitate the follow-up of the students to it.
  • Approach of ICT to students with disabilities.
  • Pupils from distant countries can better explain their traditions and cultural heritage.
  • Students with visual difficulties can benefit from the possibility of increasing the size of texts and images.
  • Students hearing difficulties and favored thanks to use of visual presentations together.
  • Students with other types of specific educational support needs, such as strict attention and behavior problems, may benefit from a large surface that is sensitive to a pencil or even a finger.

 New Technologies in the Classroom

New technologies in the classroom are an essential tool to motivate students in their daily learning, ranging from the use of computers, and mobile devices to interactive whiteboards.

All of them help in their daily learning and bring the curricular contents closer to the students in the schools, there are interactive whiteboards and computer rooms. Which the students are made aware of their beneficial use from an early age, teaching them to surf the Internet, the use of email, typing and of course, a good network with internet access will be needed so that students can have access anywhere to all these devices.

New technologies are being implemented progressively both in schools, institutes and universities, through the use of social networks, applications, and platforms such as WebQuest or Moodle, and in some educational institutions, it is already possible for students to attend and follow classes with their iPhone, iPad, tablets or e-readers.

This means that professors and teachers have to adapt their curricular contents and adapt the programmed activities to all these devices

ICTs, therefore, are a potent tool for communication between students and teachers in an increasingly personal way and break down barriers since it makes them lose the fear of expressing themselves freely, increase creativity and class participation, and generate great motivation in students since with traditional methods, classes were made very monotonous, and now the fields of knowledge as home automation technology.

It should be noted that when using social networks, there must always be supervised by the teacher/tutor; these make for a more direct relationship with the teacher since they can express their doubts and be answered instantly by both the teacher and the teacher. Teacher and by the class group and be resolved by the classmates themselves, as well as being able to debate on specific topics.

None of this would work if there were not an associated device to view or access all of them. We are talking about digital whiteboards, which are progressively spreading in classrooms since teachers use them both for carrying out the proposed activities so that students can follow the lessons without problems, since they have predefined software, with different predesigned activities and with tools that allow the development of educational content. In addition to this software, publishers have activities and content hosted on their educational platforms free of charge.

There are other devices whose use is very positive in the classroom, such as Tablets or iPad, as they allow students to access all training platforms and educational content anywhere.

Technology in the Classrooms:

Technology has always been present in the classroom, even if it has not always been welcome. Take a little look at the history of technology and its complicated relationship with the classroom. Then learn how modern classroom additions range from PC to smart mobile devices. Ultimately, you don’t want to miss out on modern technology’s advantages (and some disadvantages) in the classroom. We have provided a simple implementation guide for you.

Technology has always been present in classrooms. From books to tablets to interactive whiteboards, humans have used these learning tools throughout the development of the education sector.

And while the new technology itself changes; some things remain the same. Teachers teach, students learn, and everyone is uncertain about the role of the latest technology in education. We’ve put together this guide so you can see a complete picture of how technology fits into the 21st-century classroom in Bangladesh.

Technology Use in classroom

New Technology has always had an uneasy relationship with the education sector.

The best time was when the only available method of storing information was in their memories. The students memorized what their elders said. The scholars would have long dialogues, which the students would also have to memorize. The information transmitted with oral traditions memorized songs, stories, or lectures. This was an education without any technology.

Then the books appeared on the scene present. Books can allowed people to store knowledge without having remember every moment. They keep a permanent record of general information that could be transmitted intact. It was a breakthrough in information storage and transmission, so naturally, people hated it.

Socrates openly criticized books (and writing in general) as a weakness, telling Plato, “This discovery of yours will create oblivion in the souls of the students because they will not use their memories.” Of course, we know this because Scantest Plato wrote it. Every time new technology introduced to schools and students. Those educators who stand in his way resist. They are then outdone by the younger generation by trying new things, finding the ones that work, and then implementing their new methods until something newer comes along. Clarify and repeat throughout the history of education.

What is the standard size of interactive whiteboard available in the market?

There are some sites which are available in the market:

  • 82’ Inch Interactive whiteboards
  • 86’ Inch Interactive whiteboards
  • 96’ Inch Interactive whiteboards
  • 102’ Inch Interactive whiteboards


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