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5 Reasons for Uber’s Success in the World of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have changed the world, for the better or for the worse, this is something that only time will tell. However, in the past two decades or so, human beings have been reaping the rewards of this digital technology and the way things are moving forward, it seems that there is no going back. And why would anyone want to go back to the old days? We can now order food, call cabs, watch our favorite T.V shows and movies, trade shares and stocks and many other things through mobile apps. Things are now much better.

However, there have been reports that people are now using smartphones too much, which is not good for their health. Well, can’t say much about that because we even have apps that can help people get meds and doctors quickly, simply by tapping their phone screens a few time. According to many stats and reports, an average American spends around 6 to 8 hours a day using a smartphone and most of this time is spent using mobile apps.

Among the many amazing and outstanding mobile apps of our time, Uber is undoubtedly one of the most successful one’s by all means. Since they have come up with this idea of transporting people and help to make an app like uber that allows people to safely travel anywhere they want, giving them ease of access to the cabs, travelling has been made much easier for people around the globe.

Here are some reasons why Uber is considered to be a successful mobile app:

User-friendly: First of all, let’s look at the mobile app objectively. The first time you use uber, you will have quite an easy time to figure out how the mobile app actually works. The mobile app is extremely self-explanatory and even a layman can easily use the mobile app without any prior training or education. The in app animation also makes it much easier for the users to understand how the app really works.

One of the reasons why uber is such a successful app is because it is easy to use. You cannot expect users to like something and use this frequently if they don’t understand how to use it, can you?

Cheap Way of Transport: Believe it or not, uber is by far one of the cheapest ways to travel inside and outside the city. Even if you go for a traditional cab service, it will charge you more than uber. Yes, public transport might still be the cheapest way to travel in many parts of the world, however, you do not get the luxury and facilities you get in uber. It gives you more value in return for the money you are paying them.

A Great Way to Earn: Uber is not just a way to travel but in fact, it is also a great way to earn a decent income as well. This is something that started with uber, the concept to use your car as a taxi. Make some extra cash while you are driving to the office, all you have to do is turn on your app and pick someone on the way. This mobile app not only targeted people’s need to travel but also their need to make money as well. This is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why uber has gotten the success they have, over the years.

Great Features: Another reason why this app is on its way to newer heights of success is because of the features this mobile app provides its users with. You can easily track your ride. You can see where your ride is at any time. This is something that allows people to plan accordingly.

Multiple Payment Methods: One of the greatest things about Uber is that they allow their passengers to pay using different modes of payment. They allow you to pay through debit or credit cards, cash or even through your uber wallet. This feature allows you to save money inside the app and use it to pay off the ride amount. SO, you can pay for the rides without having to carry any cash with you.

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