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5 Supplements That are Great for The Growing Child


Supplements are all the hype. Our children are a big source of concern when it comes to nutrition. Children’s nutrition is based on the same principles as adult nutrition. All people require the same nutrient types—vitamins, minerals, carbon dioxide, protein, and fat. However, children need various quantities of specific nutrients at multiple ages.

Make sure you keep your children on schedule with their health checks, immunizations, and exams. This will help you assess if there is a need of adjusting their diet into making it more nutritious.


Natural Supplements In Dense Foods

  • Protein. Choose meat, maize, eggs, beans, peas, soy, nuts, and seeds.


  • Fruits. Incite your child, rather than fruit juice, to eat various fresh, canned, frozen, or dried fruit. When your child drinks juice, make sure the juice is 100% unadded and limit its portions. Look out for canned fruits that say it is light or packed in their juice, which means that they have low added sugar.

About Sick Children

Children with celiac disease and those with poor appetite and other underlying chronic medical conditions are at a higher risk of nutritional deficiencies. As a result, every parent’s responsibility is to ensure that their children receive the right food additives to help them grow and develop properly. This article reviews five essential food additives that your child needs to grow a healthy life.

1. Melatonin supplements

If your kid has difficulties falling asleep or having strange sleeping habits, then a melatonin supplement could be the remedy. Melatonin has been approved for children’s use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Why is melatonin recommended for kids?

Poor sleep affects the child’s mood and ability to pay attention and learn. Studies have also demonstrated that lack of sleep causes childhood obesity.


For these reasons, parents should administer melatonin to their kids for them to thrive.

How does melatonin work?

  • It helps in resetting the child’s internal clock, mostly called the circadian rhythm.
  • Several websites across the internet provide information about the importance of food enhancements, such as NatureKue.

2. Trace minerals supplements

Kids’ bodies need trace minerals in small amounts. Statistics show that these days food and water we used to feed children are no longer sufficient. Some minerals that your kid will need include:


  • Calcium: helps for the development of bones and strong teeth.
  • Iron: essential for hemoglobin formation, which influences your kid’s oxygen intake.
  • Potassium: keeps the nervous system working at optimum levels.
  • Zinc: helps in cell growth and also catalyzes the healing of wounds.
  • Check the mineral supplement that your kid may be lacking and try to administer them according to recommended dietic levels. You should also consider natural-based food additives over synthetic versions because sometimes the synthetic versions can be rejected by the kid’s body. However, there are no known dangers in using synthetic versions.

3. Vitamin D supplements for Kids

Vitamin D is responsible for the development of strong bones and teeth for growing kids. Kids between one and four years need vitamin D food additives through the winter season. This is because they cannot get enough sunlight, and their diet might not provide enough vitamin D.


Contents of vitamin D food additives to give your child:


  • Liquid drops are safe for children between the age of one to four years.
  • Give your child five micrograms of vitamin D each day during the winter season.
  • Any chewable multivitamin supplement containing 400 IU is considered safe for kids above four.


Do not give your kid chewable or tablet additives when they cannot take hard food or candy. Strictly adhere to liquid drops during weaning.

4. Omega-3 food additives for kids

Omega-3 is vital as it helps kids develop strong immunity, reduces asthma severity, improves eye health, and is a critical nutrient for brain development and function.


Results from surveys taken worldwide show that kids who take Omega-3 food additives between the age of 1and 12 have a solid cognitive-motor skill development such as hand and eye coordination, easy to remember because of increased memory power, and they can complete tasks delegated to them faster.

Which Omega-3 to choose?

DHA yummies Omega 3 soft drops are exclusively for kids.

5. Zincovit Syrup

Zincovit is a multivitamin and a multimineral supplement. Treating and preventing vitamin and mineral deficiencies in kids. It contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, D3, E and includes minerals like Zinc, iodine, copper, selenium, and L-lysine. This is a medicinal supplement and should be used under strict recommendations from the doctor.


Why should kids use Zincovit?

  • It boosts immunity.
  • Manage nutritional deficiencies.
  • Improves appetite.
  • Speed up the recovery process.
  • Caution


For a child above three years, it is recommended to take 5 ml once a day. However, Zincovit should be administered under professional medical advice.


Food is not always effective in providing all the vitamins and mineral salts that your kid will need for proper growth. Their body is still under development, and other complications inhibit the absorption of these vital nutrients. Food additives are, therefore, an alternative for healthy growth.


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