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5 Tips for Deep Cleaning and Decluttering Your Home to Find Peace

Deep cleaning and decluttering aren’t just something you do when preparing for a home
appraisal; these tasks can go a long way in making your home feel more peaceful. According to
HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights for Fall 2022, decluttering is the easiest way to improve your
home’s value, but where do you even start?
Keep reading because we have five tips that’ll help you get started.

Remember Your Goals

Your life is hampered whenever your home is filled with clutter and disorder. It’s harder to get
started and even more challenging to enjoy your favorite hobbies when you’re surrounded by
Figure out why you want to declutter and keep that at the forefront of your thoughts when you
start the project. Whatever your motivation, keeping in mind why you are doing something
helps keep you inspired and motivated when your project starts to feel a bit too much.

Patience Is Key

When things are really messy and poorly arranged, it might give the impression that tasks are
taking an extraordinary amount of time. Try concentrating on cleaning and organizing one tiny
section at a time before moving on to the next. Remember to be patient, both with yourself and
the process. It will take some time to declutter and organize your house, but as you make
progress, it will motivate you to keep going in the right direction.

1 Bag and 2 Boxes

Start with two boxes and a bag, and you can clear out any space quickly and easily. Write
“Donate” in one of the boxes Keep ” on the other. The bag will be for the things you want to
“Toss (garbage).”
Pick one thing at a time to work on, and do it well. Pick up everything that doesn’t belong there
and decide quickly if you want to Donate, Keep, or Toss. Place it in the right box or bag, then
move on to the next item.

One Room at a Time

Due to its significance, this was already noted before in the essay and is being reiterated now. If
you’re not careful, organizing and decluttering your house might be daunting. The project is
divided into smaller, more manageable chunks when you concentrate on one room at a time, or
if you feel too overwhelmed, focus on a smaller area for the time being.
Also, when you focus on one room (or one area) at a time, you’ll be able to appreciate your
hardwork, and you’ll feel more motivated to make more areas of the home neat and tidy.

Start in the Kitchen

If you already know where the issue lies, that’s fantastic! The kitchen, however, is a terrific place
to start if you are unsure of where to start and are looking about.
The hub of the house is the kitchen. It often sees the most traffic, and you take care of yourself
and your family, thereby preparing meals there. Start by organizing, cleaning, and decluttering
the area. It is a great way to take control of your house again and provide yourself with a
“command center” space where you can organize the remainder of your organizing and
decluttering projects for the rest of your house.

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