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6 Fantastic Things to do in Edmonton

Edmonton is the beautiful capital city of Alberta, particularly the Canadian province, and stretches along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Today, the city is considered a significant center of finance, trade, and administration. The West Edmonton Mall is one of the world’s largest shopping complexes, and shopaholics will find plenty of opportunities to buy from different stores. Moreover, excellent theaters, museums, and art galleries represent the city’s rich cultural and historical heritage. 

It is home to beautiful lush green gardens, parks, fancy restaurants, hotels, zoos, natural reserves, unique shopping and entertainment venues, and stunning attractions. Art lovers can explore the Art Gallery of Alberta, and music fans can go to the Winspear Centre. In short, the site has plenty of things to offer to people of all kinds of tastes. Local guided tours are available, which will take you to Edmonton’s best places. 

Here is the comprehensive travel guide on the epic and unusual things to do in Edmonton and relish an unforgettable experience. 

Shopping at West Edmonton Mall

There are hundreds of amazing shops and restaurants in the mall that are worth exploring. The West Edmonton Hall is one of the largest shopping venues and a major tourist attraction in Edmonton. Moreover, there are numerous movie theaters, hotels, an ice rink, an aquarium. And also, many interesting sites that you can check while you are in the mall. The themed sections of the mall are designed to give an impression of famous vacation destinations across the globe. 

In Europa Boulevard, several shops have European-style fronts. They feature the best international fashion designers and Bourbon street, a replica of New Orleans street famous for Creole food and live jazz music. Moreover, the Galaxyland of the Edmonton Mall is the greatest indoor amusement park globally, exhibiting several exciting family-friendly roller coaster rides. Tourists can also explore the World Waterpark, which is the largest tourist attraction in North America. 

Take the tour of the Royal Alberta Museum 

The Royal Alberta Museum was shifted to a new location in 2018 and today. It is regarded as the largest museum in western Canada. The site is home to a vibrant mix of permanent cultural and natural history exhibitions and momentary installations. It is ideal for day trips, and history lovers can learn about the fossils from the dinosaur and ice age years. They can also see a large art gallery displaying numerous traveling exhibitions from across Canada and around the world, a giant bug room, and a large new kids gallery. In addition, there is a large aquarium of tropical fishes and insects of exotic and enormous species. 

The cultural history departments of the historical site feature the aboriginal cultures along with great artifacts from Cree, Blackfoot, and other regions from the First Asian Nations. After exploring the area, you can stop at a cafe or check out the gift shop and have a great time there. 

Wander around the University of Alberta Botanic Garden

The University of Alberta Botanic Garden was first founded in 1959, and it is regarded as the largest garden in the province. The gardens cover around 240 acres of land set aside in the natural state and offer a backdrop of alluring scenery. The remaining 80 acres of space features a beautiful Japanese garden. It is an extensive tropical greenhouse filled with pretty butterflies. The site also exhibits several displays of different plant species in both indoor and outdoor regions. 

In addition, a new attraction was added to the park, which is the Aga Khan Garden spreading on approximately 12 acres of land. It is built in an Islamic architectural style along with a Northern twist. Nature lovers can explore numerous forest paths, beautiful terraces, pools and ponds, and a beautiful waterfall in the garden area. In addition, there is an indigenous garden packed with plants used by the ingenious inhabitants of Canada for around centuries. So, make Aeromexico Flight booking and pack your bags for a boastful exposure of fun, thrill, and adventure. 

Attend the K Days

K Days are a part of the greatest event in the calendar of Edmonton. It is a 10-day festival, formerly known as Capital Ex, which is held every year at the end of July. It is the time when the wild days of Klondlife of 1890 came into existence for one more time. Tourists can witness the abundance of joy and fun through street parties, live entertainment, parades, dance and music, and gold paint. In the last few years, the festival has attracted visitors between 700,000 and 800,000 per year. 

If you plan to visit the city in July for the festival, make sure to book your hotels in advance. Because, this is peak season, and the place is expected to be crowded. The entry tickets can cost around $20 for people of 13 or more years of age, and youths between 7 to 18 can pay $18. There is no fee for infants. 

Discover the treasure in the Art Gallery of Alberta

The Art Gallery of Alberta is a contemporary building largely dedicated to the visual arts, emphasizing Western Canada. The building is established on Sir William Churchill Square in Edmonton, and it features traveling and changing exhibitions. The site also maintains an exclusive and diverse collection of more than 6000 artifacts. Moreover, the art gallery features a wonderful gift shop, a fancy restaurant, and a fantastic theater for entertainment. 

Private guided tours are also available for tourists, customized according to your travel requirements and interests. It also offers various educational programs and events for people of all age groups, including interactive workshops and influential lectures. Besides, the site also offers unique programs with an exciting opportunity to work with National Gallery staff to develop exhibitions from the impressive collections of art galleries of Canada. 

Visit the Elk Island National Park and Beaver Hills 

The Elk Island National Park is just thirty minutes away from Edmonton. It covers a vast wooded region packed with lakes and wetlands. The site is home to wildlife species, including deer, beaver, elk, and moose. The main highlight of the park is the large herd of buffalo grazing over the large land. Hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, and canoeing are popular activities to do in the summers. While in winters, you can enjoy cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. 

Initially, the site was home to Sacree Indians, which haunted the beaver and buffalo for their pelts. Today, Beaver Hills is listed as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and it includes a bird sanctuary, preserves, and a wilderness center. Make a Jetblue Booking from the authorized sources and get ready to travel to the exotic places of Edmonton. 

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