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6 Fantastic Things to do in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a spectacular Mexican beach resort and a heavenly vacation destination situated on the Pacific Ocean. The city was named after Ignacio Vallarta, and it is the only magical place in Mexico surrounded by extraordinary beauty. Moreover, it is home to rugged mountains, lakes, rivers, magnificent buildings, cobblestone streets, gorgeous beaches, colorful structures, botanical gardens, beautiful hotels and resorts, jungles, and stunning tourist attractions.

Nature lovers will find plenty of opportunities to get introduced to nature’s wilderness and charm during sightseeing tours. The ideal time to visit the place is from April to June when the weather is pleasant, and the site is less crowded. At this time, the accommodation charges are comparatively lower than in the peak season. If you wish to be a part of whale watching activities, then visit the city from December to March.

Best 6 Things to do in Puerto Vallarta

Plan a refreshing trip and surprise your loved ones with the best summer getaway and get to know about the epic things to do in Puerto Vallarta through the travel guide. 

Explore the Malecon Beach

If you want to see the finest example of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta, the iconic Malecon deserves the real hype and attention. It takes a few miles drive or walks, and the tourists can experience the extraordinary beauty from Centro down to the Zona Romantica. The breathtaking scenes of the Bay of Banderas and wide-high mountains, captivating roofs, white sand beaches, fancy restaurants, and best live music performances.

If you don’t want to get stuck in crazy traffic, you can stroll around the site by walking and save your time. Fitness freak can’t miss the morning run in a nature-oriented place. It is one of the top-rated beaches and an iconic vacation destination to spend summer holidays. Thousands of tourists come here and meet with the local inhabitants and other people and get along quickly. The overall vibe and aura of the beach are so impressive that one can’t stop talking about it.

Experience the Rhythms of the Night

 One of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta is experiencing the city’s nightlife. You can watch performances and be a part of amazing tours, and it is one of the best ones in the city. Tourists can be a part of a Cirque du Soleil kind of cultural show and have the best dinner with their travel companions. Then comes the fascinating rhythms of the night, and it will offer you something unexpected and unusual but worth it.

The evening of the tour begins with a sunset cruise from Banderas Bay to Las Caletas, a beautiful private resort. The site greets and welcomes its guests with a warm welcome and offers them premium amenities. The place is decorate with lights, torches, and candles, and the overall outlook is so impressive.

Get into the Waters in the Bay of Banderas 

The Bay of Banderas is the body of water in Puerto Vallarta and the world’s largest bays. Fishing and boating are popular activities, and they can be the best way to see the city’s beauty. If you want to seek endless adventure and witness the exquisite beauty of nature, get into the water in the Bay of Banderas and enjoy the pleasing sereneness of the coastal site.

The Day Sailing on Banderas Bay is a popular boat company offering the best snorkeling and swimming activities to tourists. You can gel up with the professional team and get the exclusive opportunity to spot octopuses, turtles, whales, dolphins, tropical fishes, and other aquatic species. While you are here, you cannot miss whale and dolphin watching and derive a unique and refreshing experience. Spend the best days of your life and get ready to experience the endless adventure and happy moments by making a United Airlines booking.

Go out to Eat in the Best Restaurants or Cafes

There are amazing dining options in Puerto Vallarta which you can consider while you are here. The River Cafe is well-known for its excellent cuisines and goofy ambiance among so many cafes, and the Rio Cuale is also famous for its impressive brunches. Some of the luxurious cafes to explore in the city are the acclaimed cafe des Artistes, Mediterranean hotspot Trio, and so on. Moreover, Blanca Blue is quite a famous restaurant, and Garza Blanca is a luxurious resort offering top-notch amenities like any high-end restaurant in Puerto Vallarta. 

If you are a street food lover, you can try out the best street food and book a tour with Vallarta Food Tours and explore eating fabulous food items and other traditional Mexican cuisine served by the local businessmen. You may be lucky enough to be part of the annual Gourmet Festival which happens in mid-November. Most of the city’s best restaurants set excellent menus during the festival and sat down in the streets. 

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Stroll around Zona Romantica 

Zona Romantica is the heart and soul of Puerto Vallarta and belongs to the city’s historic district. It is one of the most alluring and pleasing sites in Mexico. The beautiful cobblestone streets are surround by magnificent landmark buildings designed with red-tile roofs. The site is the perfect example of a pop of colors, and if you wish to see something unusual, you must visit the place. 

It begins at the bridge over the Rio Cuale and features the Old Farmers Market and plenty of top-rated and beautiful beaches, hotels, restaurants, and art galleries. Moreover, one can notice the large number of expats living here and find the place completely tourist-friendly. Apart from this, there is the Pier, a notable and popular tourist attraction in Mexico. It is easily accessible, and one can take a water taxi to commute to the site and other neighboring places and witness the incredible scenes from the water. 

Watch the Beautiful Sunset

There is nothing better than watching the lovely sunrise and sunset in Puerto Vallarta, specifically on the Pacific coast. You can grab your favorite drink and enjoy the breathtaking views of the sunset and the overall beauty of nature. The hill behind the Church of our Lady of Guadalupe or El Barracuda is the favorite beach bar of locals and tourists. Once the sun sets in, the place is filled with party freaks who stay late at night and party like there is no tomorrow. Make American Airlines booking and discover the exotic locations in Puerto Vallarta. 

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