6 helpful tips for the aspiring candidates of GMAT exam relating to data sufficiency

Every examination needs proper revision, clear concepts, and so on. Sometimes we really underestimate the need of preparing for the examination especially the entrance examinations. But we are unaware of the fact that we need to practice and revise more and more in order to crack the test or examination. The GMAT is also one of the tests in which many students are interested. The GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission test this test is related with business school admissions. It is a kind of computer based test only.


You must read in detail about the exam pattern, structure of scores, syllabus, tips, etc so that you can crack this exam in one go. It will include sections like quantitative, reason, etc and every section has its own syllabus. If we talk about the quant section which is divided into parts like problem solving and data sufficiency questions. You have to practice the GMAT data sufficiency questions so that you can get an idea of the difficulty level in data sufficiency. There are some tips for data sufficiency that will be helpful for the students who are appearing for the GMAT exam:


  • Avoid wastage of time: In data sufficiency questions you should not waste your time in solving. Rather the students need to understand are they able to get a solution to that problem. If the information is available then you can solve those questions.
  • Analyzing the given options: In the majority of the questions of data sufficiency, the choices given every time are the same. That is why you need to read and understand the given options many times to choose the right one. If you read the options more times only then you will be able to understand the question and answer.
  • Read statements separately: It is very important for the students while they solve data sufficiency questions that every given statement given must be considered separately. After considering them separately they must be compared to choose the right one.
  • Practice as much as you can: It is very important to practice the questions more and more so that you can get perfection in this. Some students skip solving questions and then complain about their low scores. If you have not cleared your doubts or concepts in that particular area you will not be able to crack this section in one go.
  • Pay more attention to divisibility and factorization concepts: The students need to have a deep understanding of both these above-said concepts. Once you get perfection in these two the data sufficiency questions can be solved easily.
  • Pay attention to overlapping sets: You must practice overlapping sets as you can find such sets and need to prepare for them. You can use diagrams like Venn to practice them.


So, these are some of the tips that every student needs to take care of if he or she is preparing for the GMAT exam.

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