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7 Effective Ways to Treat Cough

Cough, the natural reflex of our body helps to keep our throat clean from the irritant. But what about a prolonged cough? Well, no one is comfortable with it. A nagging cough could be a cause of social embarrassment, frustration and anxiety.

Anyone who has suffered from this can surely relate to the awkwardness you feel at that moment. Throughout my childhood I have suffered from chronic cough and recurrent respiratory infections. No matter if it;s due to the seasonal changes or some kind of infection, it can be problematic and frustrating. 

Coughing Types

There could be many possible reasons for the cough including infection, allergies and even a common cold. However, prolonged coughing could be an indicator of an underlying health problem. There are many different types of cough, including.

1- Dry cough (with no mucus)

2- Wet cough (containing mucus)

3- Blood cough (coughing up blood)

4- Cough with cold symptoms (it is accompanied by a stuffy nose, sore throat and body aches)

No matter what type, it is really important to get it treated to avoid any complication or make it worse. I was a child who had recurrent throat infections since childhood and to get it treated, we have gone through the list of hospitals in Peshawar. Later, a physician diagnosed me with hypersensitivity reactions and treated me for the troubling cough.

How to get rid of a cough?

While I was troubling with prolonged coughing, my mother used many home remedies to relieve my symptoms and these methods worked pretty well. Here are some of the tips to get rid of it.

1- Honey

The use of honey to treat cough is the centuries-old method to treat sore-throat and other related problems. Some studies support that honey works better than over the counter medications to treat it that contain cough suppressants components. You can consume honey directly, dissolved in warm water or can combine it with lemon juice to help with congestion. Be mindful that the regular use is the key to the cure.

2- Fluids for cough treatment

Intake of fluids is not only soothing for your throat but also helps to control it. One important trigger of it is mucus that trickles down your rear nasal passage. Intake of fluid helps to thin the drip which is less likely to trigger your cough due to its inability to irritate your throat. You can consume warm liquids to help to soothe your throat.                                   

3- Probiotics

Despite the popular belief of not consuming dairy products while you have a cough, probiotics can be effective in treating the cough. When I was getting treated at the Lady Reading Hospital of Peshawar my doctor gave me probiotics supplements. Probiotics, the good bacteria present in food can help to fight off any underlying infections and give a boost to the immune system aiding the treatment.

4- Gargles

Another most effective remedy  is saltwater gargles. Salt is known for its antibacterial properties that could keep the infection-causing bacteria at a bay. Moreover, gargles with salt water can help to keep the allergens away that trigger it. Gargling can also help to loosen the mucus thus, helping your cough and other associated symptoms.

5- Peppermint

Peppermint, a commonly used herb is well known for its therapeutic benefits. You can either consume it in the form of tea or simply take the peppermint steam. Peppermint contains methanol that is soothing for your throat as well as acts as a decongestant relieving it.

6- Clear the allergens

One of the possible reasons for uncontrolled coughing could be allergies. These allergies are as unique as people themselves. These allergens can irritate your throat and it is an associated symptom. Knowing and allergens can help to relieve the problem by keeping your allergies away. Common allergens include smoke, pollen, pet allergies, environmental pollutants etc. and you can clear your house from your house to avoid the triggers.

7- Watch out for your habits

Many of your lifestyle habits can be a cause of your persistent troubling thought. For people who work in the construction industry or are habitual of smoking, coughing is more likely to be a related symptom. Smokers, in particular, are used to having long-term cough because smoking paralyzes the cilia present in your lungs. In the absence of these cilia, your lungs won’t be able to clear out the mucous and dirt resulting in cough.

Bottom Line!

Cough, the normal reflex of our body could be troubling especially if it is prolonged for a longer period. You can try on many home remedies and watch out for your other habits to get rid of persistent cough. Whenever you are trying any of these home remedies, make sure you are considering your food allergies and sensitivities. However, if nothing seems to relieve it, you should see a doctor to diagnose the underlying problem.

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