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7 reasons why Windows 10 is the best operating system?

Whenever one thinks of getting a new desktop PC or a laptop, all the focus is on the hardware like RAM, processor, and storage space. But the most important thing which makes or breaks the computing experience, is the operating system. As we all know windows 10 is easy to use, smooth, and fastest operating system, you can ever want for your computer, whether in office, school, or home. Windows 10 provides you with the best interface, whether you use it on your laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone devices. We all know it is the best operating system. But what makes it the best? you ask. We will give you 7 reasons why it is the best operating system on the face of this planet. So, let’s not waste any more time, and just get right into it. 


Windows 10 gives you the fastest operation interface you have never seen. Get the fastest start‚Äďup than any¬†other¬†operating system. It can even start‚Äďup faster than Mac operating systems. If you launch windows 10 on a¬†MacBook,¬†it will start‚Äďup much faster than the mac operating system. MacOS has been the fastest at starting-up for a long time, but Microsoft has beaten¬†Mac¬†OS at its own game,¬†it seems.¬†If you are looking for a fastest operating system,¬†then go no-further Windows 10 is your best option.¬†


How cool it seems when you are talking to your device or computer. Make the system perform your tasks with just one voice command. You all know Siri and hello Google. Windows 10 gives you the pleasure and convenience of working or performing your tasks, in a handsfree manner. With Cortana you can do all these things. It can perform all your tasks with just a voice command. But it is not only limited to voice commands. It also keeps the record of your interests, your daily routines, and patterns, so it can assist you accordingly and make your life a bit easier. It can also control your smart home devices as well. 


Yes, Windows 10 has a Microsoft store in it as well, where you can get all the apps for your entertainment and working purposes. It has a collection of super cool Microsoft apps and powerful media apps, like photos, videos, music, maps etc. This store is not only to get your apps. You can also rent or digitally purchase your favourite movies. In addition to this, you can also buy Xbox console or computer games from this store. 


Well, we all know with today’s technology, everything is moving towards the touch interface and touch supporting devices. Windows 10 mobile edition has the best touch interface you can ask for. Some might even say it is better than IOS in tablets in some ways. 


The one thing we need in these days is the feeling of security. Windows 10 gives you the best security features, to keep you and your data safe. It has got Secure Boot feature, which requires any code that runs at the start of OS, to be signed by Microsoft or hardware maker. It also has Microsoft Passport, Windows Hello and Device Guard, which are possibly the best security features. 


If you are a gaming freak, Windows 10 is the best operating system for you, more specifically Windows 10 home and pro edition. It gives you the Xbox App, which lets you keep track of your friends and your gaming achievements. It gives you the freedom to play games with your buddies, who are playing on the Xbox console, while you are playing on you PC. You can also stream your games from Xbox console on your PC. It also helps you find and purchase new games on it. 

Another feature which does wonders for gaming freaks,¬†is Game Bar.¬†It lets you broadcast your gaming sessions, take¬†screen‚Äďshots¬†or record screen video, and controlling the¬†audio settings.¬†You can also chat with fellow gamers.¬†


The¬†question¬†which rises at this moment,¬†is that which version of Windows 10 is suitable for low end PCs,¬†or which version of windows 10 is the lightest.¬†Think no-more, we have got your answer. Windows 10 S is the best version¬†for you,¬†if you are using a¬†low end¬†PC. It gives you the smooth and easy Windows 10 interface,¬†with a lightweight. But keep in mind it can only run those apps,¬†which have been downloaded through Microsoft store. Other than this,¬†it has the best features for you. Plus, with the fast start‚Äďup,¬†your¬†Windows will start-up in only 5 seconds.¬†¬†


These were seven big reasons why Windows 10 is the best operating system. In¬†addition to these seven reasons,¬†some honourable mentions include Voice typing, light and dark modes, One‚Äďdrive¬†On‚Äďdemand synching, and a better browser.¬†We hope by now you got your answer. So, go to your tech guru¬†,¬†to get the¬†Windows pro laptops¬†and Windows 10 compatible¬†Lenovo laptops¬†today.¬†

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