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8 Tips to Hire Expert React Native Developers Under Your Budget

Mobile apps are the most commonly used digital tool of this era. Whether you want to buy a pin or a plane, you will need a mobile app to buy. Hence, iOS and Android apps are becoming popular every single day.

Business owners are investing on both platforms at the same time to reach a wider audience. Consequently, many developers prefer cross-platform app development over fully native app development because cross-platform app development offers simplicity and user-friendliness. 


From web apps to hybrid apps, and from cross-platform to native, every development needs an easy-to-use framework. There is no framework other than React Native.

Why React Native is Popular?

React Native is an open-source mobile app development framework created by Facebook. Basically, it is a JavaScript framework for writing real, natively rendering iOS and Android Apps. 

React Native is the best technology for mobile app development offers an interactive User Interface and fantastic User Experience that are compatible with multiple platforms. Moreover, they are faster to develop in the first place.

The primary reason for the popularity of React Native is, if your code once, the React Native Apps will be available on both iOS and Android platforms. In addition, React Native has a set of components for iOS and Android platforms to build native-like mobile apps.

Besides, React Native is built on top of ReactJS that makes the competition even more exciting.

Top 5 Advantages of Choosing React Native

The advantages of React Native are numerous. They ensure the coding experience of developers is at ease and enjoyable. 

Large community support

As React Native is open-source, it has a vast community. The community enables developers to examine all the documents related to this technology and contribute anytime. Moreover, the framework is community-driven, and you can reach out to any developers if you are struggling. 


React Native offers optimal performance. The usage of native modules and controls enhances the performance of the React Native Apps. React Native interacts with Android and iOS native components and generates codes to native APIs.

Code reusability

Code reusability is the most significant feature of React Native app development. React Native Developers love to work in React Native because all the developer has to do is reuse most of the React Native codes for iOS and Android instead of creating separate apps.

In addition, code reusability reduces the app development time drastically, thus reducing the cost of the project. React Native is presumed to be a Godsent tool for business owners and developers.

Hot reloading

React Native offers live and hot reloading. These features are like candy for the developers. Because it helps the developers to witness the code changes within a few seconds hence, it reduces the waiting time drastically.


Due to its nature of code reusability, React Native is a cost-effective solution. This results in the need for a smaller team with good knowledge of the framework. This ensures cost reduction and project completion duration.

3 Important Things to Check Before Hiring React Native Developers

Hiring is not as easy a job as you think. There are few challenges that may obstruct you from hiring the best developers. Here is a list of essential things you need to check before hiring a React Native developer.

  1. Cultural fit

Finding a developer with a cultural fit means finding someone who shares the same values and ideas as you. But, most of the developers who have exceptional hard skills will not be fit culturally. In the long-term, cultural fit plays a vital role in hard skills.

A developer with the best cultural fit will stay longer, successful, and grow in the organization. Hence, it is a must for you to check if your developer is culturally fit before you hire them.

  1. Soft Skills

Business owners believe soft skills are more important than hard skills. Because only if there are soft skills developers will be helpful in the development process. A few of the essential soft skills are as follows;

  • Problem-solving
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Helpfulness
  • Curiosity
  • Communication
  1. Portfolio

The portfolio is the most essential tool that reflects a developer’s expertise and experience. It is essential to verify if your developer has any apps built under his name. Because it is an asset to your company if you employ a developer that has developed an app independently.

8 Key Tips to Hire Expert React Native Developers

Hiring expert React Native developers will add value to your development team. However, you have to be aware of a few tips that will help you draw the finest React Native developers into your development team. Let’s take a look at a few;

  1. Hard skills

Developers with exceptional tech knowledge are the ones who make a difference in your app development. A React Native developer must possess deep knowledge in JavaScript and concepts like Virtual DOM, JSX, and component lifecycle. 

  1. Experience in iOS and Android development

Proficient React Native developers must know the difference between iOS and Android applications. They should also be aware of the Native languages so they can make the app work on different devices.

  1. Familiarity with tech tools

It is a value addition if your React Native developer has familiarity with some extra tools like Redux, Enzyme, and Hockey app. Keep in mind that this is not an essential skill but a value addition.

  1. Clean coding

By every day passing clean codes are diminishing. The primary reason is that developers want to complete the project on time to avoid any lags in deployment. However, in the pretext of delivering on time, they fail in code quality.

  1. Core React Native knowledge

When you hire mobile app developers for your React Native team, make sure they have a solid understanding of the React Native framework, including its APIs, libraries, and principal components. They also should have experience in basic React assumptions.

  1. Debugging and testing

Two of the most noteworthy characters React Native developers should possess are debugging and testing. They should be aware of the basis of debugging and testing principles. Moreover, they should be familiar with all the tools used for debugging and testing.

  1. App deployment 

The duty of React Native developers does not end in development but deployment. They should be aware of all the components necessary for deploying the apps in the Play Store and App Store. 

Wrapping Up

React Native developers help businesses develop high-quality and scalable apps. But, it is upon you to choose the right fit that can help your business elevate your app’s experience. The tips mentioned above will guide you to hire React Native developers at an affordable cost.┬á

However, if you are still worried about being independent of hiring developers for your business, you should choose Soft Suave. They have an exceptional development team that can bring all your app ideas into functional mobile apps.

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