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9 Must-have Experiences on your Europe Honeymoon

Looking for a way to surprise your partner with a romantic holiday trip in Europe? If yes, you will be amazed to witness European destinations’ magical beauty and charm worldwide.

Travelers who have been to European countries must be familiar with unusual places to explore. Europe is no less than a paradise and home to the most charming and romantic attractions. Among all, Paris is widely popular across the globe as the symbol of eternal love. Prague is also a nice place to discover on an affordable budget.

Here is a comprehensive travel guide on the nine must-have experiences on your European honeymoon.

Get on a Gondola ride in Venice, Italy

What can be more magical than getting on a Gondola ride in Venice and witnessing the captivating scenery when passing? Well, it is an experience worth remembering throughout life. Moreover, couples can paddle through the beautiful canals or narrow routes between buildings, creating romantic vibes. For more romantic elements, hop on a sunset gondola ride to not just ride on Venetian boats. But view the wonderful backdrop of a sunset image along the shores.

In addition, the prices for rides may vary depending on whether you choose the shared or personal boat. You can go through the Spirit Airlines book a flight process to experience the romantic rides with your partner.

Take your partner for a horse carriage ride in Vienna, Austria

One of the other must-have experiences on your European honeymoon includes a horse carriage ride in Vienna. The carriage gives a vibe of ancient or the 19th-century transportation image, reminding people of royalty. Moreover, tourists will find the place fancier and splendid while on the horse carriage. Another great thing to appreciate here is the classical architecture and the beautiful buildings within the site.

Don’t miss the sunset view in Santorini, Greece

If you are a sucker for capturing sunsets and appreciating natural beauty, you must come to Santorini in Greece. However, don’t bother to see a large crowd in Oia, keeping the romantic things in mind. While going, lovers can relive their love story while enjoying the jaw-dropping scenery over the waters of the island. Another unique thing to do here is to exchange the postcard of sunsets and the magical picture of blue-domed churches. From there, you can head to Santorini and experience the most memorable evenings of your life.

Explore the Bruges city in Belgium with your spouse or lover

Bruges is among the most romantic and incredibly beautiful cities in Europe, particularly in Belgium. It is a well-preserved medieval town, attracting nearly two million visitors every year. Moreover, the site is home to amazing bridges, canals, medieval architecture, and UNESCO-listed attractions. While you are here, take samples of the world-famous chocolates in the museum or factory. Furthermore, stop at Sukerbuyc Katelijnestraat, a small cafe owned by a family to taste homemade chocolates with hot drinks. In short, it will be a unique experience to relish in Belgium city with your partner.

Watch the mesmerizing view of the Northern Lights in Norway

Watching the exquisite scenery of Northern Lights is on the top list of many travelers. If you want to experience something unique and escape from your ordinary life, visit Norway to witness exceptional beauty. A few places to spot the lights, including Tromso, Kirkenes, Svalbard, North Cape, and The Lofoten Islands. Among all, Tromso is known as “the capital of the Arctic,” and it is among the most-visited attractions.

In addition, visit the Lofoten Islands to see the scenery of the northern lights reflected in the sea. It is a well-known spot for coastal cruises. Moreover, the North Cape lies a little far away from the mainland, home to dramatic landscapes and beautiful Borealis.

Plan a sightseeing trip to Florence

The best time to go to Florence is from May and September when the weather is warm. The city lies in Tuscany, home to small villages, cobblestone streets, and art galleries exhibiting various artifacts. Moreover, the site hosts art festivals that inspire the painters of Renaissance and popular musical events. While if you visit the city in late fall, you will find low hotel rates and less crowd for sightseeing. Furthermore, climb to the top of the Duomo for the phenomenal scenery of the valley. Otherwise, watch the sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo to spend an Italian romantic trip.

Enjoy a Romantic Dinner at Nautika Restaurant in Dubrovnik Croatia

A romantic getaway is incomplete without having a candlelight dinner with your partner. You and your partner can create some unforgettable memories beginning at the romantic restaurant. While you are in Croatia, stop at Nautika Restaurant, the best restaurant lying in the capital of Croatia, Dubrovnik. Moreover, it has alluring terraces, offering jaw-dropping scenery of Adriatic and the fortresses of Lovrijenac and Bokar. Don’t forget to try special food items, from seafood, vegetarian food, and grills.

Propose your lover in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Paris is the city of love and stands different from most world-famous towns. Every year millions of travelers, including honeymooners, visit the city and express iconic love to their partners. Moreover, you can hire photographers and get a ring to propose to the love of your life. Personal guides are also available to light up your game with more romantic elements.

In addition, it stands at 324 meters and have around 18,000 parts held together by 2.5 million rivets. The popular symbol is also known as the “Iron Lady.” Moreover, there is a cafeteria in the esplanade to grab snacks or meals before exploring the Eiffel Tower.

Reserve a Private Pod on the London Eye in England

London may not be completely a romantic city, but you will still be a memorable romantic trip here. Tourists can stay at fancy hotels, sip champagnes, and eat chocolates with their love. Moreover, reserve a private “pod” on the London Eye, challenge your guts, and feel goosebumps on your skin. The beautiful city boasts great opportunities for fun activities in the summer. There is so much to explore in London, from fashion, sports, architecture, photography, wildlife to history.

You can book a vacation package to London and stay at one of the premium hotels with your partner. Moreover, to seek personal assistance from the booking team, dial Delta Airlines Booking. The concerned person will help you make the most of the trip without spending much pressure on your pockets.

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