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A Detailed Guide to the Top Four Sports Injuries

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, you will most likely get hurt at some point in your life. Quite unfortunately, when injuries occur, you may not know what you have tweaked and what treatment you must opt for. Well, mentioned below are a couple of sports injuries, ranked from least common to most common, as well as possible causes and recovery strategies.

Hip Flexor Sprain

A renowned orthopedic sports doctor defined hip flexors as muscles found on the front-upper side of the thigh. They help you to lift your knee towards the trunk and assist your legs away and in the direction of each other. Hip flexors become weak when you sit for a prolonged period or when your posture is poor. Sports injuries to this group of muscles happen by running slopes, sprinting, and participating in activities that have a sudden start and quick turns.

The symptoms of a hip flexor strain are excruciating pain when raising the leg. You may also notice significant bruising in the groin and upper thigh. It is necessary to rest and avoid climbing the stairs, go in and out of the car, and run long distances. Icing can bring down the inflammation, but to restore the function of the hip flexors, you must indulge in physical therapy and later practice strengthening exercises.

Shin Splints

The athletes who got shin splints often complain of a tingling sensation in the tibia or the bone located in the lower leg. It occurs when you run or play sports that involve lots of running like soccer.

You will have this injury in the early season because it is during this period that you are asked to increase your mileage. Rubbing ice cubes help to a great extent. You may prevent shin splints by investing in footwear that offers maximum arch support.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow hits the people performing gripping activities. The tennis or golf players have to move their hands in the same direction repeatedly. Down the road, their forearm may inflame, making any sort of hand or wrist movements immensely painful.

They also fail to hold things because their entire hand lacks the necessary strength. To cure tennis elbow, please do stretches under the supervision of a qualified physical or occupational therapist. These break the stiffness slowly yet steadily.

Patellofemoral Syndrome

Knee injuries, also known as patellofemoral syndrome, are considered the most common injuries. They occur when you trip and land on your knees abruptly, causing a muscle or joint imbalance. Static or isometric exercises for the inner muscles of the thigh can help. If the pain persists even after two weeks, you may have to go through aggressive stretching. You may also have to put on braces.

If you have suffered from any of the injuries specified above, make sure to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic sports doctor right away. The DIY measures, although have proven effective, may not always generate the best possible outcome. Consume medications in prescribed doses or go through surgery to get back on your feel in absolutely no time.


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