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A Startup Guide To Plunge Into The On-Demand Mobility Service Industry With A Bike Taxi App

On-demand bike taxi apps have revolutionized urban commutes. This paves the way for users to prefer the bike taxi instead of buses as they are more convenient. The bike taxi service has received an exceptional response in many parts of the nation. In 2019, approximately $1.17 billion raised by mobility startups, and it is clearly understood that there is a shift in the trend. Big players like Uber and Ola have grabbed this opportunity and are offering the ride services at a minimal price. 

Why is there a demand for bike taxis in 2021?

By analyzing the recent trends, it is sure that the bike taxi app development plays a major part as this can empower you to start the business shortly. Now, let’s dive into the reasons for the demand for bike taxi apps.

Traffic congestion

People have migrated from rural regions to urban cities. This means that the population in urban cities is increasing. Obviously, the traffic congestion on the road will be more. To avoid these problems, countries such as Indonesia and Nigeria make use of bike taxi services as it seems to be a convenient means of travel. Yes, two-wheelers take less space than four-wheelers. So, this reduces the traffic congestion.

Affordable cost

Compared to cars, bike taxis consume less fuel as it is an affordable way to travel. For instance, bike ride cost in India ranges between Rs.60 and Rs.70 and taxi cab ride costs Rs.200 for the same distance. From the users’ point of view, bike taxis are preferable compared to cabs. 

Abundant resources

Most South-Asian countries make the foundation of the bike taxi market. In 2018, India was the world’s largest two-wheeler market with more than 2 crore sales. And, its net value will surge to a peak in coming years. The preferable mode of transport in India is bike taxis, and players like Ola and Rapido are good examples. 

Employment opportunities

To support the livelihood of people and provide employment opportunities, a bike taxi service paves the way. This eventually contributes to the rise in the demand for bike taxis and paves the way to create an inclusive mobility ecosystem.  

Short-distance connectivity

Most people prefer local trains or the metro to go to their offices. As everyone is not residing nearer to the railway or metro station, it is hard for them to travel. The solution for this scenario is bike taxi apps again. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free ride. 

Notable players in the bike taxi industry

The bike taxi business has been in existence for over a decade where South-Asian countries have shown much interest in building this industry. Some of the notable top players in the bike taxi industry are given below and their year of launch.

  • Ola (2016)
  • Uber (2016)
  • Gojek (2009)
  • Grab (2012)
  • Gokada (2018)
  • Baxi (2015)
  • Rapido (2015)

Let’s have a glance at the working model of the bike taxi app

Step 1 – The riders install the bike taxi app from Google Play Store or App Store, depending on the device they use. 

Step 2 – The riders register with the app. They have to specify the pick-up and drop location and make a ride request. 

Step 3 – The ride request is sent to the nearby drivers. Once the driver accepts the request, the concerned driver will get the rider’s details and reach the pick-up location.

Step 4 – Upon the ride completion, the rider has to make a payment through digital payment gateways or prefer the cash payment. 

Step 5 – Finally, the app prompts the rider to rate and review the service.

Key aspects to consider before starting a bike taxi business

Are you looking to start a bike taxi business? Before that, you have to focus on some of the key aspects. Here they are.

Perform a SWOT analysis

To frame a successful business plan, you have to perform a SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threat. 

Strength – When you wish to plunge into this industry, you have to know the strength to tackle any new challenges. 

Weakness – When it comes to weakness, change remains a challenge. For instance, in some areas, people do not tend to shift towards bike taxis. You have to find solutions for the challenges when you step foot into a new business.

Opportunities – With a clear business idea, making some tweaks and adjustments helps run a successful bike taxi business. You have to act according to the ever-changing trend. It would be better to quickly adapt to the recent trends and never lose the first-mover advantage as there will be less competition.

Threat – It is inherent in a business and makes sure it does not deter you from creating opportunities. 

Understand the current market trends

Knowing and analyzing the recent market trends is more important to frame a successful business plan. Whereas, sound knowledge would suggest that starting a business that has more competition is a bad idea that leads to deregulation.

At present, there is an increased number of smartphone users as it is more convenient for them to book a ride. Gaining customer trust is the additional parameter you have to focus on. One good example is Uber, as it has gained tremendous loyal customers through business innovation, flawless execution, and rapid response.

Know your target audience

Identifying your target audience is the essential factor to be considered. You might distribute questionnaires to find how many of them have cars in their houses. Then, it is better to categorize your target based on their profiles. 

Determine the suitable features for your bike taxi app

Upon knowing the customers’ preferences, you can select which features to incorporate in your bike taxi app. Some of the essential features are listed here.

  • Registration and profile creation
  • Bike taxi booking
  • Live tracking
  • Payment options
  • Push notifications
  • Ride history
  • Ratings

Developing & testing the app

You can either go with the cross-platform or native app development. Also, consider choosing the right technology for it. To develop the bike taxi app, you can prefer the ready-made and customizable solution. You have to reach out to an expert team of app developers or an app development company. After that, the next stage is a quality test in which bugs and errors in the app will be eliminated. 

Launching the app

Finally, when the development process is over and is ready to launch on App Store and Play Store, you have to keep an eye on your bike taxi app to improvise its functionality even after deployment. 

How to estimate the cost of developing the bike taxi app?

The overall price of bike taxi app development depends on several factors as it is not a variable parameter. Some of the predominant factors are mentioned below.

  • Number of app platforms

The app development cost will be determined by which platform you want to launch your app. Android and iOS are popular platforms as many users are using these platforms. Launching an app on Android costs less compared to iOS. 

  • App size

The application size directly impacts the cost in which how big the app is, the higher the cost will be.

  • Location

The location/region of the mobile app development company and app developers plays a major role in the total cost of app development. On average, the hourly charge in Asia is less compared to the United States of America and Europe. The cost of services offered in China is less than in Western countries. 

  • Number of features

Adding the special features will elevate the on-demand bike taxi app development. Some of the top-notch features are real-time GPS tracking, trip sharing facilities, safety call features, and two-step verification. 

Wrap up

Considering the recent trends and hiring an experienced mobile app development company will help you to launch a successful bike taxi app. This leads to reaching a new height with your app that is built with spectacular features and the latest technology. Get started a bike taxi business right now.

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