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All you need to know about Clay Court Tennis Shoes

As a Tennis Lover, you probably already know there are 4 different type of courts to play on. While Hard Courts are most used, Clay Courts are just second when it comes to playing Tennis. Other than providing basic features like comfort, traction, and stability, clay court tennis shoes should have tight, closely knit upper body to prevent clay from court surface from entering the shoe.

Outsole of Clay court tennis shoes should have full herringbone tread-pattern. This pattern gives better grip and better pace. The herringbone tread pattern also supports the sliding movements of players that are so often used on clay courts. If not for the herringbone pattern, clay clogging in the outsole might hamper the traction of your tennis shoes.

Essential Features of Clay Court Tennis Shoes

Find below important features of clay court tennis shoes that are must. Do consider these when picking tennis shoes for clay court. Consider these as a guide. Bookmark it. Keep it with you.

1. Get a Darker shade

Red color of clay court can stick to your shoes and make them dirty forever. Stick to darker colors for clay court shoes

2. Should be Lightweight

Since clay kicks under the feet when playing, shoes for clay courts are made lightweight. They are usually made of synthetic or fibrous materials that reduce the heaviness of the shoes. They also have synthetic soles so that players can move briskly in the tennis court.

3. Stable and provide Support

Shoes for clay court should be able to provide good lateral support to be in sync with the movements that are made on clay court. They should be stable to prevent injuries during the game.

4. Snug Upper Body

Shoe fit should be snug to keep foot in place during sideways movement in tennis match. This also keep clay out while you play.

5. Full Herringbone-patterned Outsole

As mentioned above, herringbone-patterned outsole provides maximum traction while playing. It supports all types of  movements and enable good grip and help prevent injuries.

6. Good Tread to Prevent Clay-Clogging

Buy clay court shoes that have wide treads. They ward off clay-clogging and provide firm grip while players change directions suddenly on clay. Clay-clogging can impact shoe traction because of which players can lose balance in-between shots.

Keeping all these factors in mind, you definitely need tennis shoes exclusively meant for clay court.

Difference between Hard Court and Clay Court

Clay courts are made from crushed stones and bricks. Clay courts control greater agility and moves from tennis players. Tennis shoes for clay boards are loyal to those components. Thus, you may wear distinct tennis shoes onto them.

On the flip side, hard concrete or courts courts normally have a coating of artificial or oil substance on the very best. Its complete durability and cost-effectiveness create the difficult court the very popular surface for playing skilled tennis. But, hard courts possess greater grip vis-a-vis moist clay courts and extremely abrasive surfaces. These courtroom surfaces are tough on players’ knees and feet.

Essential Features of Hard Court Tennis Shoes

We are listing below some of the essential features one must consider when picking hard court tennis shoes. Keep them with you. It will help you pick right shoe.

1. Tough Upper

Hard courts are more demanding on the sneakers compared to clay . If not constructed with may, they’ve likelihood of falling apart more readily. So, great hard court tennis shoes need to have a stiff and secure upper body.

These shoes also stop us from spraining our heels and ankles.

2. Durable Outsole

Hard court tennis shoes include durable outsoles. The toe-area of those shoes can be fitted using toe-guards as a precaution against toe pulling.

If high-wear regions are well-protected, they have greater durability. Superior outsoles make sure you focus on the game without being diverted and uncomfortable.

3. Powerful and Supportive

Powerful and supportive hard court tennis shoes are essential for your own concrete surfaces. They could withstand constant wear and protect your feet from wearing down fast.

4. Well-cushioned

They have to absorb all of the shock as your toes touch the hard surface as possible perform.

5. Tough court shoes

Hard court tennis shoes include modified herringbone patterns for optimum grip on the court. They provide the ideal grip you anticipate from the decent hard court sneakers. Outsoles include additional cushioning and cushioning to ease shock absorption.

Best Clay Court Tennis Shoes

1. adidas Men’s Stycon Laceless Clay Court Tennis Shoe

These revolutionary adidas clay court tennis shoes include a fresh laceless top for simple put-on and put-off.

The interior structure along with the elastic in the midfoot of those adidas sneakers, deliver excellent support to a stride, make sure it through baseline forehands or while charging the internet. The mild midsole cushioning doesn’t influence your speed whatsoever.

2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 12 Clay Tennis Shoes

Clay court tennis shoes are often made lighter compared to other tennis shoe variations. Designed to satisfy your endurance and comfort levels, it will certainly acquire your hearts this year.

Its GEL-cushioned only absorbs shock during impact and toe-off stages and enables movements in a number of planes. ASICS uses best-in-class technology to create the only unit less bulky when retaining its structural integrity unhampered.

3. Babolat Men’s Jet Mach II Tennis Shoes

The Kevlar-Polyamide mixed upper guarantees Babolat Men’s Jet Mach II is among the lightest (but exceptionally supportive) clay court tennis shoe you may have. Four stiff fiber straps fortify the top to construct a more “Stability Arch” method for assistance.

The only device, powered with an EVA foam pad as well as the powerful Michelin rubber substance, make a low-to-the-ground athletic experience for most gamers. Highly elastic, it could withstand all competitive motions without compromising on comfort levels. Though less lasting as Babolat’s Propulse lineup of shoes, the Mach II brings together unmatched pace during games. In case you’ve enjoyed previous Jet Mach versions, you can trust the Mach II too. It’s a challenge to find this kind of secure yet lightweight version nowadays.


Demands of clay court is different from hard court or that of other tennis courts. Choose your tennis shoes wisely knowing required features as per the court you play one.



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