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Amazing Beauty Hacks & Home-made Remedies to Try in 2021

Do you want baby pink blush on your face or are you tired of eyeliner mess? Just relax! Now you don’t have to rush for heavy products or beauty spas and salons. You can solve your beauty concerns at your home without investing a single penny. Your kitchen is full of ready-made remedies for your beauty and you get to enjoy amazing hacks with many different household products. Fruits, vegetables, seeds, juices, flowers, hairpins, combs, and what else remains that you cannot use to enhance your beauty? Let’s just start finding out surprising hacks and play with home-made solutions.


Your kitchen holds some hidden magic that you cant believe. Have you ever thought of using a spoon in your makeup or tea bags for your eye bags? Definitely not. Now we are going to reveal these magical hacks to make you glow with your kitchen accessories.

Beetroot for Makeup:

You must have tried makeup tints before or a 3 in 1 gloss which serves you as a multi-agent for your lips, cheeks, and eye makeup. But you have surely never tried any alternatives to the expensive cosmo stuff in your daily routine. The yummy vegetable, beetroot, works as a multi-tasking agent when applied to your face.

  • You can use it as matt lipstick by rubbing it on your lips
  • also as an eyeshadow by applying it to your eyes
  • A crushed beetroot when used with a brush on cheeks gives a lasting blush effect.

Salt and Soda:

A mixture of salt and soda powder is the best combo that works as a cool whitening agent. You can apply this compound to your teeth you get rid of paleness and have a perfect wide smile. Surprisingly, it works better than toothpaste and gives more whiteness.

Teabags for removing marks:

If you have a heavy workload and it has granted you dark eye circles then using teabags would be a good choice. It sounds ridiculous but it works. Consistent use of used tea bags to soothe your eyebags before going to sleep, remove dark circles, and transform baggy eyes into normal within one or two weeks. Teabags can also be used on any other part of the face or body to remove sunburns or razor burn marks.

Egg for hair repair:

An egg is a perfect remedy for broken and dry hair. You can make egg paste and apply it to your hair before going to take bath. It makes your hair silky and shiny. It also protects your skin and nourishes your hair in terms of health and length. It can also be used on regular hairs in order to keep them dandruff-free and smooth.

Spoon for Makeup:

This hack is really very interesting. You just need to hold on to a cold spoon when applying eyeliner. It results in perfect liner shape and also reduces eye swelling or bagginess. Also, if you use it to cover your eye when applying mascara, it will save your eyelid from the mess and unwanted mark.

Rice for the face glow:

Rice is an amazing remedy for your face’s beauty. Ground rice works as a scrub and removes blackheads while its paste when applied on the face replaces the carbon effects and dull skin with a lasting glow.


Perfect Eyeliner:

To put on a perfectly straight or smoky eyeliner without any mess requires expertise otherwise it would be so difficult. But with the easy use of some amazing tools, you can make it good to go.

  • Bobb pin or Hairpin

You can take a bob pin or a hairpin and put eyeliner on its open top, then take it to your eye corner and press to mark a pointed arc. Now it’s so easy to match it with the entire eyelash line and color under the border without getting stuck in mess.

  • Scotch Tape

The same you can do with scotch tape. Cut it into small pieces and paste it in whatever shape you want to give your eye line. Then apply eyeliner without any worries and afterward remove the tape easily.

Hair curls with Hairbread:

If you want to curl your hairs but don’t have a hair curler, you just need to make a number of small breads of your hairs and leave it for hours. After releasing your hair you will get perfect curls.

Crayon instead of Hair dye:

If you don’t have enough time to get your hair dye and want a streaking look, just take a crayon whatever color you want, part your hairs into small straps, and apply crayon smoothly over it. An instant hair streaking is done. Sounds Crazy!


There are a lot more ways to utilize your home accessories and kitchen items as hacks to enhance your beauty and satisfy all your concerns without using expensive products and relying upon spas and salon treatments.

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