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Health & Fitness

An Inspiring Journey of Becoming Fit

Life has been pretty hectic after I graduated. Life in college is way different than what we have now. Thinking that whatever we have now is our forever, we keep on living that charm. We barely get sad because there are people to cheer us up. However, once you graduate and get out of that campus, life changes for you. It shows you all the realities and that you thought never existed. Friends are now just people you knew back in the day. Managing your day gets harder and most of all, you lose yourself during all this.

The same happened to me when I graduated. I started losing friends and the worst part was that I was not getting a job. My family kept taunting me for not doing anything although I was trying my best to get a job as soon as possible. However, I wasn’t lucky enough and this phase of mine got me in depression. All I used to think about was how great life was back then and what am I now. How all my friends are settled and I am not. I stopped meeting my friends because I started gaining weight and it never made me feel comfortable.

Few months later, a relative of mine came to our place and he met me. He was what I looked like and decided to talk to me about it. I told him all the things that I have been facing from the past few months and he was kind enough to understand it. He asked me to wait for a few days and he’ll see what he can do. Few days later, I was approached by a reasonable firm who wanted a software engineer. I signed up and scored the job at a good salary.

Once I started settling into this life, I realised how much I miss my normal body and how healthy I used to feel about myself. I signed up for the gym and started working out everyday. I started walking every morning and it was more of a meditation for me. The rays of the sun used to make me feel even better. Not only that, I made new friends at the park who used to come for a walk. They saw me walking alone and thought to give me some company. We had a lot in common and we helped each other by giving fitness tips.

Few months later, I was back to normal. With the help of steroids, I achieved my fitness goal faster than I expected. People started looking at me and asked for tips related to fitness and workouts. I became an inspiration for many people in the office and they also started going to the gym with me after the office. Everything started falling back into pieces and surprisingly, a friend of mine got in touch with me too. He asked me how life has been and I met my other friends through him too. Everyone looked very settled and happy. The best part was that I was settled and happy too.

A big part of my confidence came back once I started working on my body. Your body is a reflection of your mindset. If you keep it fit and healthy, your thought process will also stay fit and healthy. If you don’t stay fit and healthy, then you are inviting yourself to a doom that will be hard to pass. I would recommend everyone to stay fit as it allows you to be the best version of yourself. Work on your goals and see how you feel like the king of the world.

Adopt the following practices to stay on track of fitness:

  • Make a routine for working out in the gym. And make sure you stick to it.
  • Hire a fitness trainer. Don’t think of it as an added expense.
  • Be dedicated and motivated.
  • Pay attention to your diet and get a diet chart made by a trainer.
  • Buy testosterone steroids if you intend to developer muscle mass. However, make sure you’re buying them from a reliable source such as UGFreak.

I hope my journey will inspire the readers and help them inch closer to their fitness goals.

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