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An Integration Guide For Best Ecommerce Payment Gateway

Payment gateway plays a crucial role in ecommerce service. The key function of an online payment gateway is to process, verify and accept or decline an online payment transaction on behalf of the merchant through a reliable ecommerce platform. Payment gateway providers have special encryption and verification technology and it ensures a legitimate transaction takes place within the ecommerce platform. Integrating the right payment gateway leads to a successful journey of your ecommerce software.

Ecommerce Payment Gateways Integration Method

Integrating the payment gateway with the ecommerce platform is the major task that needs to be accomplished with perfection. Payment gateways can be internally or externally integrated with the ecommerce platform. Many online payment gateway service providers are available in the market with a higher reputation. Let us take a deep look at the leading payment gateway providers and their working patterns.

  • Hosted payment gateways

Hosted payment gateway will direct customers to third-party web pages and the payment transaction will happen on that page. After successful completion of payment transfer, the customer will back to the ecommerce platform and the checkout process will be completed. If there is any cancellation or refund it taken care of by the gateway site. This gives a seamless shopping experience to customers and they feel more secure to shop on your ecommerce platform.

  • Self-hosted payment gateways

The ecommerce platform that has self-hosted payment gateways will collect userÔÇÖs data like credit card details and will transfer those details to the third-party web page. Customers may not need to enter those pages as the ecommerce software will take the responsibility of sharing the information and the payment will be deducted from your account. The customer will deal only with the ecommerce platform & not with any other website.

  • API/Non-hosted payment gateways

The ecommerce platform will take complete control over the payment transaction. This benefits mobile users and other smart device users who can shop from their device without any complications.

  • Local bank integration/Direct Payment Gateway

The checkout process directed to his bank website. There he will use his credentials and will pay the payment for the product and will return back to the ecommerce platform. The ecommerce software needs to take care of cancellation and refund processes whenever needed.

  • Custom payment gateways

Instead of depending on any third-party gateway site, the ecommerce platform can customize its own gateway page & can meet all customersÔÇÖ requirements through its platform. You can select your theme and design for your gateway page and this will help you to attract more audience to your ecommerce platform. By integrating SSL certification with your website, you can provide a secured shopping experience to your customers.

Best Payment Gateway Providers

  • Stripe

Stripe is the highly preferred top payment gateway providers for online credit card processing. It easily allows the eCommerce platform admin to accept credit card payment through his platform. There is no need to redirect customers to third-party web page for payment transactions.Customers can stay on the ecommerce website and can easily transfer their amount through stripe. You can avail yourself of discounts on high-volume processing done through stripe. You can gain global support as the stripe is available in more 40 countries it accepts more 135 different currencies by providing 27 different language supports to its users.

  • PayPal and PayPal Payments Pro

Paypal is a reliable and secured open payment gateway for accept credit cards and debit cards for payment transactions. Whenever a refund is processed, Paypal will return along with the processing fee & this is highly appreciated by any ecommerce platform users as they get their money back without any deduction. Paypal is available in 200 countries widely supports more 25 currencies. online payment gateway service providers in India, Paypal in few countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Gana. It is very important to check whether your country accepts Paypal payment you integrate it with your ecommerce platform.

  • Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is the best eCommerce payment gateway service  that has attracted an enormous audience and currently has over 310 million users. Just by owning an amazon account you can use this payment gateway. Amazon pay uses information that is already stored in your Amazon account & provides an easy checkout process. Users can use the amazon pay gateway without paying any additional charges for products purchased on the ecommerce platform.

Why Zielcommerce is the best ecommerce payment gateway

Zielcommerce is the most trusted multi vendor marketplace platform that delivers the best ecommerce payment gateway service to its customers. It comes to payment processing with cash transfer, Zielcommerce stands alone in the crowd to earn a larger reputation its users. You can experience complete payment solutions in processing online transactions through its custom UI toolkit.

Zielcommerce prevents frauds with great security. Through its interactive user-interface you can easily manage your revenue and can drive sales globally. It enables scaling and allows you to expand your business to the next level.

Key features of this ecommerce payment gateway

  • Credit card and mobile card reader
  • Multi-currency payouts
  • Embeddable checkouts
  • Genuine dispute handling
  • Level 1 PCI data security provided
  • The advanced fraud protection suite
  • 30+ global acquiring banks integrated


To reduce the cart abandonment rate, you need to focus more on the eCommerce payment gateway services. Make sure that your ecommerce platform has the best ecommerce payment gateway that every customer prefers. This will help to increase the credibility of your platform and will maximize your ROI.



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