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An ultimate guide to custom corrugated boxes wholesale

Three layers of fiberboard make up corrugated material: two liner-boards, one middle sheet with flutes designed in the shape of a wave. Cornstarch or another starch-based adhesive is applied to attach these flutes to the liner-board. A flute can support a considerable amount of weight on the ends thanks to its stiff columnar structure. For this reason, custom corrugated boxes are the perfect packaging for your products.

What makes corrugated material so special for packaging?

Corrugated material is one of the best materials that are available in the market right now. To understand better about corrugated material you need to know how it actually works. It has a middle sheet that has waves like flutes. There are two liner boards that adhere to the flute sheet. Now you have one of the tidiest sheets that can prevent any damage. Custom corrugated boxes are the best for handling heavy products and can enhance the shelf life of your product.

What do you ought to know about custom corrugated boxes?

Custom Corrugated boxes are one of the best boxes that you can provide for your product. Not only does it provide the utmost safety, but it also lets you print any design. Yes! You can have your custom printed corrugated boxes to attract more buyers. The first thing that your buyer notices about your product are its packaging.

When you choose corrugated material for packaging, it lets you have custom printed corrugated boxes. As this material is printing-friendly you can emboss any printing technique to make your product more attractive without compromising the quality of your boxes. This means that you can apply any design without any hesitation in order to attract your customers.

Make an eye-appealing appearance with custom printed corrugated boxes:

When it comes to packaging, appearance is what matters the most. With the help of custom printed corrugated boxes, you can achieve it as well. Irrespective of what business you are in, your product will always need to stand out from the competition by being unique and different. Therefore, you will need to come up with a unique and elegant design that can be embossed on your custom printed corrugated boxes. Your packaging’s unique look will certainly attract buyers and will enhance the sales of your product. Hence, you can have custom printed corrugated packaging that will make your product stand out.

Perfect for shipping purposes

Corrugated boxes are one of the most frequent boxes that are using for shipping purposes. The corrugated shipping boxes provide the utmost strength to your product while transporting it from one place to another. Many manufacturers use this material as they provide the best durability. It keeps your product safe and prevents humidity and moisture from entering and from ruining the product quality.

Many fast-food companies also use these boxes as they provide the best quality of keeping the food fresh. Have you ever seen a pizza box? The pizza boxes are tailor-made of the same material and are the best example of corrugated shipping boxes. In addition, it gets delivered to so many different places without a single scratch on it and keeps the pizza fresh. Therefore, to ship and deliver your products, you should use corrugated shipping boxes.


Corrugated Shipping Boxes Wholesale:

When you are a business that deals in producing your products in bulk you will need to have their packaging in a bulk as well. A wholesaler is a person from whom you can buy a ton of packaging at a very affordable price. So if you are looking for corrugated shipping boxes in bulk quantity the wholesale is the best option for you.

Corrugated Mailer Boxes:

As brown cardboard boxes are something we’ve been using all our lives, it’s no surprise we’ve all considered them alike. However, they are all very different. The design and manufacture of corrugated boxes are different from big brown cardboard boxes. It is pretty unique how the corrugated mailer boxes can be when it comes to customized boxes.

There are so many advantages to using corrugated mailer boxes, and a couple of them are below.

Efficiency & Durability:

As corrugated boxes have evolved, so have their designs, materials, and manufacturing techniques. Previously, they were simple and unappealing, but now they have become more elegant and useful.

The mailer boxes will be perfect if you need to store and ship items. These corrugated mailer boxes will be more resistant to tearing, splitting, and popping than other cardboard boxes. Thus, even if you have to ship something abroad, you’ll know that it will get there without damage.


Since corrugated mailer boxes have the best durability, they can prevent any damage. In addition to this statement, corrugated boxes are also water-repellent due to their coating, meaning there will be no impact on the box or the items inside it when it comes in contact with water.

Saves Space:


You can easily store these corrugated boxes when you have finished with the shipping. Due to the ability to unfold into flat cardboard, these boxes are easy to store. It’s all smooth sailing with these boxes.

Use them as advertising tools:

Yes, you can use these boxes to advertise. But what is it that you can advertise with the help of these boxes right? You can advertise the product that you are storing in it and you can also advertise your brand through these boxes.

You can easily advertise your product using corrugated mailer boxes as you can imprint the related information about your product that can aware your customer. And same goes for advertising the brand, you can tell your packaging company to put your brand name and logo on the boxes. This will help your brand to get the recognition it deserves. Therefore, using your corrugated mailer packaging is efficient for marketing as well.

Eco-friendly Material:

Buyer tends to buy the product whose packaging can be nature-friendly. So when they dispose of the packaging, it won’t harm the earth. Hence, you need to make sure that you are having eco-friendly packaging material. The corrugated packaging is nature-friendly and does not harm the earth by any means. So, they are perfect for you to have.

The mailer packaging is able to get recycle easily, which means you can reuse them for manufacturing purposes as they do not lose their quality in the process of recycling. As a result, the mailer packaging is not only beneficial for your product but it is also beneficial for the earth.


Being Economical is part of every organization. As no business owner compromises on the price factor and finds the best way to be cost-effective. So selecting corrugated material is best because, in comparison to other materials and cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes are much more affordable due to their tailor-made construction and readily available raw material.

These boxes fall under the umbrella of being economical. Corrugated packaging is affordable as it can get easily recycle, you can reuse this packaging rapidly. And it is also affordable if you are availing the benefits from wholesale packaging, as they provide free shipping and free graphic designing which means you can save some bucks using their services. Therefore, using custom corrugated packaging is cost-effective for your business as it will cost you less on shipping and is easy to recycle.

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