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Are Rattan Corner Sofa Sets Waterproof?

Are Rattan Corner Sofa Sets Waterproof

Summer is the time where everyone loves to prefer outdoor living to enjoying their daytime. This is the perfect time when you can make your outdoor living more stunning and memorable. Therefore people look to get outdoor furniture for their garden and outdoors, and some look to get Rattan Corner Sofa Sets.

But many of them ask whether rattan furniture is waterproof or not. Read this article to answer this commonly asked question that affects your seating experience a lot.

How does manufacturer waterproof rattan furniture?

When you look at the shop to buy rattan furniture, you will see a mentioned waterproof layer. But whatÔÇÖs that mean for you as a buyer for the furniture? Generally, it refers to furniture that can withstand all types of weather.

This furniture comes with a UV protection layer that keeps the natural color the same and does not allow it to fade from sunlight. During this time, rain often comes; using synthetic rattan furniture instead of natural ones can be ideal because it does not soak the water quickly.

Therefore not all rattan garden furniture is waterproof, and you can get these features mostly in synthetic material. Therefore synthetic rattan furniture covers the furniture market because it is waterproof and more durable than natural rattan. 

Pro tip: PE rattan needs less attention and care to maintain its furniture and can get easily cleaned using a detergent solution with a soft towel.

So, is rattan garden furniture waterproof?

Rattan is a good material for garden furniture and also requires less effort to clean and maintain. However, not all rattan materials are waterproof, and if you keep the natural rattan furniture in the rain for a long time, it can get damaged. PE rattan is a synthetic material that does not soak water quickly and retains its natural build color.

Therefore, this furniture can survive, but it is better to continue the maintenance efforts by using cover keeping at night in sheds. This helps in making the rattan furniture more durable. However, not all rattan furniture is waterproof.

Can you keep the rattan Garden Corner Sofa Sets?

Nowadays, there is mostly PE rattan furniture available in the market, and if you invest in good quality PE rattan material, you can keep the rattan garden furniture outdoors. But if you use natural rattan material, you should use essential accessories like covers and storerooms to keep these protected. Natural material can decay quickly if the weather condition is not good.

Your precious Garden Dining Sets can split if it does not get proper sunlight after the rain; therefore, you should make sure to care for the furniture. And you should not leave your rattan furniture outdoors for a long time if the weather is harsh. 

Synthetic rattan is more flexible and high quality and looks natural in many ways; therefore, it is becoming popular in the UK.

Pro tips to add more life span into the garden furniture

Do not leave the furniture outdoors for a long time.

PE rattan furniture like corner sofa sets you can leave outdoors for a long time. But it is a great thing to cover them and keep them in the shed or storage when you do not use them.

Because your furniture can get damaged by mildew and other natural elements over time, so if you leave your furniture for a long time, then your furniture can get damaged from several joints.

Keep cleaning at several intervals.

Rattan furniture does not require a lot of time to clean and maintain because its surface does not allow any natural substance to get stuck. However, you can clean the dust layer using detergent saluting with a soft towel.

You should clean the furniture daily with a dry towel to remove dust, and if it needs monthly and weekly cleaning, you can use a detergent solution, pour the towel, and squeeze, and then you can start wiping gently. This process helps in maintaining furnitureÔÇÖs natural color.

Provide proper sunlights

During the summer, your outdoor furniture can get wet because of rainwater. Therefore it is always advisable to provide proper sunlighting whenever sunshine happens. This reduces the humidity from the furniture and especially from the cushions. If you do not provide sunlight or let it get dry, then the fabric of the furniture can start damaging.

Use shed and storage 

You should also get steel or wood storage to keep the furniture during the night and when the rain comes. So that it does not get wet and will not have to clean and dry your furniture. These days there are many types of safe and affordable wood and steel sheds and storage for Garden Sofa Sets are available to get and place the furniture safely. 


Thus, mostly rattan furniture can be waterproof, and you can add some more lifespan to your rattan garden Furniture by giving essential care. And we hope you have read this helpful article to get more valuable information from this great content. 

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