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Are You Aware Of These Hotel Perks? 15 Things You Can Get From A Hotel For Free

Take advantage of these hotel perks!

If you’re a frugal traveler, then staying in a hotel might not be your first choice for miles accommodation. Due to their higher price tags, you might be focusing your search towards hostels, B&Bs, self-catering homes, and other budget-friendly properties. What most people don’t know is that hotels come with a couple of attractive perks and freebies that are often enough to justify their rates. 

Hotels always try to provide their guests with signature experiences they’ll never forget. They want to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible. With this, they’re more than happy to provide you with a couple of useful items for taking or borrowing — and all you need to do is ask. 

Just because they’re not listed in the inclusions doesn’t mean hotels don’t have ‘em. Let’s take a look at the 15 things you can get from your hotel stay for free.  For narrogin bed and breakfast services check here!

1. Hotel toiletries 

Ask any frequent traveler for advice and they’ll tell you to ditch your bathroom essentials at home. Hotel accommodation, even the budget ones, provide complimentary toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, body wash or shower gel, lotion, bar soap, toothbrush, mouthwash, and toothpaste. They come in cute, travel-sized bottles. The best part? You can take them home. 

2. Disposable razor and shaving kit

Need to shave for tomorrow’s important business meeting? While a razor isn’t always included in your complimentary set of hygiene products, you can always ask the front desk for it. 

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3. Laundry bags

Don’t let your dirty laundry pile up on the floor. Hotels can provide you with a laundry bag you can use and take home for free. Unless the hotel uses cotton or canvas laundry bag, you can freely swipe those laundry bags hanging in the closet to store dirty clothes for the road. 

4. Chargers

Forgetting your charger at home is a total nightmare. But before you panic over your 10% battery life, check if the front desk has a charger suitable for your phone. Almost every hotel will have chargers on hand, from chargers left behind by previous guests to a friendly staffer’s charger you can temporarily use for a quick charge.

5. Comfy slippers

The thin yet comfy pair of slippers you see in your hotel room? That’s free to use and to take. Feel free to bring them home with you as a souvenir from your amazing hotel experience. 

6. Access to clothes iron

Say goodbye to luggage-induced fold marks and wrinkles on your travel clothing! The good news is you don’t have to wear wrinkled clothes again to your business meeting or your city tour — make your OOTD look neat with a clothes iron. Chances are that you can find them stowed away in the closet. 

7. Access to hair styling tools

Are you attending a special event? Aside from blow dryers, you may also request a straightening iron or curling iron from the front desk. That’s a breeze if you’re attending a formal event or anticipating a pictorial and you don’t want to pay a stylist to get your hair done. 

8. Access to yoga mats

Don’t feel like exercising in the fitness center? You have the option to do your workout in the comforts of your hotel room. Just approach the front desk and request a yoga mat. 

9. Body pillow

Do you have trouble sleeping? Perhaps a pillow of your choice can give you a good night’s rest. Many hotels have an exclusive “pillow menu”, giving you the option of using a soft body pillow, as well as other types of pillows that vary in firmness and thickness. Some hotels even offer thee pillows for sale. 

10. Free food from the hotel lobby and in your hotel room

Aside from the free breakfast, some hotels have complimentary snacks you can much while you’re in the lobby, including chips and cookies. Most also provide free coffee in the morning. 

As for complimentary food and drinks in your room, we can assure you that the tea, coffee, and water bottles are free to take. If you see a fridge or minibar stocked with food, ask first which ones are free and which ones aren’t. Minibar snacks are notorious for being ridiculously priced. 

11. Sewing kit 

Hotels accommodate a wide range of people who might be susceptible to wardrobe emergencies, including business travelers, wedding hosts, and guests, and celebrities traveling for an event. That being the case, they come prepared with a sewing kit you may borrow when the situation calls for it. 

12. Netflix access from your hotel room

Trying to watch a film from your 4.7 to 6.5-inch phone and holding it for two hours isn’t the most comfortable way to pamper yourself after a busy day. Check if your hotel has shifted from offering a traditional hotel TV system to providing access to Netflix. 

13. Magnetic card keys

Did you know that you may keep your magnetic card key as a souvenir? Magnetic card keys are recycled when guests check out. Hotels expect guests to leave them in the room or drop them off at the front desk for checkout but they’re extremely easy to replace. 

14. Travel guides and maps

Approach the front desk and see if they can give you a complimentary city map and travel guide. While you can easily navigate the city using Google Maps and online guidebooks, it’s still nice to have a tangible, paper-based map you can access during your trip. They also make a great souvenir.

15. Free insider tips from your hotel concierge

Aside from a map, hotels can also give free travel tips to make the most out of your stay in the city. If you’re visiting South Dublin, for example, your hotel can tell you the best sights that are under the radar. 

Seek the hotel concierge and they’ll be happy to give you a few insider tips and pointers before embarking on a city tour. They’ll give you recommendations on the best attractions, routes, dining places, shopping centers, and more. 

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Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a free-spirited writer who hates being locked up at home. She loves traveling, eating, taking food and streetscape photographs, and simply enjoying new experiences and writing about them. To know more about hotels and travel blogs, you may visit Rochestown Lodge Hotel Dún Laoghaire.

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