Are You Using the Right Bubble Wrap?

We have a variety of options available in the packaging industry for padding or providing surface protection to any item, such as packaging peanuts, foams, newspaper crumbles that can help in providing cushioning and, can also help in packing oddly shaped items effectively. But one of the most common choice, businesses have in protective packaging is bubble wrap sheets. Its durability, elasticity and versatility make it a better option as compared to others.

Using bubble wrap rolls are the most unchallenging packaging material to protect delicate items while storing and shipping them. All you need is to pull and cut/tear the required amount of wrap from the roll to wrap an item properly.

large bubble wrap

These bubble wraps come in different types, and each type is use in certain cases. Let us discuss different types of bubble wraps:

  • Standard Bubble Wraps: They are popular packaging wraps that provide great protection to fragile items, especially for those that are highly fragile. It is very economical and is available in the form of large bubble wrap rolls or even small bags. These are commonly manufacture with high-quality plastic and can be reuse.
  • Foam-Backed Bubble Wraps: Foam-backed bubble wraps are better than standard bubble wraps because the added foam layer is capable of extra surface protection to the items without consuming extra space. They are best for protecting items, especially those made of wood that provide extra protection against scratches and dents.
  • Self-Adhesive Bubble Wrap: Self-adhesive is an economical alternative to standard bubble wrap and double-sided tape. This type of bubble wrap allows the wrap to remain intact over flat or sensitive surfaces such as glass, furniture, etc. The adhesive used in such bubble wraps can easily be remove, unlike the double-sided tape adhesive.
  • Anti-Static Bubble Wrap: Anti-static bubble wrap, as the name suggests, is best used for items that are vulnerable to damage due to electrostatic discharge, such as smartphones, laptops or other electronic gadgets. Standard bubble wraps do not have this property hence can damage by building up a static charge.
  • Environmental-Friendly Bubble Wrap: It provides the same protection as the standard bubble does. The only difference is in its making. Environmental-friendly bubble wraps are made up of recycle plastic, due to which the negative impact on the environment reduces.

Bubble wraps are one of the most effective forms of protective packaging. That offers an unprecedented form of protection, being both shock absorbent and scratch-resistant. It offers a high degree of protection and has the flexibility to the extent. That it can instantly adapt to any shape of an item. It can be wrap around items, regardless of their size and shape to some extent. The wrap can be cut and tear from the rolls to fit around the item in the amount and manner require.

Packaging Midlands offers a wide range of large to small bubble wrap rolls, made available in various colours. They have great strength and are ideal for wrapping delicate and sensitive items for shipping and storage. They have the ability to withstand any external shock and vibration. Protecting your items and safely delivering them to the intended address.

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