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Basics of Wikipedia Pages

Creating a Wikipedia page is not something new. However, the purposeful pages have developed, transformed, and evolved over the years. So whether you are a celebrity, a manager to a renowned monument from history, or if you associate yourself with any dimension that gives you notable reasoning to produce a page, then this is the right guide for you. This post will direct you towards how to create a Wikipedia page.

Step-by-step process

1. Notability

Lack of notability can certainly lead to failure of a Wikipedia page. Therefore, before you begin to work on making the page, checking your notability is the prerequisite. It is because it largely caters to a company or an individual’s, reliability, and value on the web. If the subject of your page is notable, Wikipedia will track some basic sourcing, and the approval process will re-boost.

It can further be assessed through red links denoted by Wikipedia. Any page that does not have a red link indicates that there is no other page created under that particular brand, or personality.  Nonetheless, owning high notability generally foresees that the page is highly recognized, and searched rigorously by the readers to add value to the page ranking. After this, you cleared 1 step towards the process of how to create a Wikipedia page.

2. Sources

As discussed, not all pages have adequate ranking. For this reason, people who intend to create the Wikipedia page need to seek for reliable sources that may help in laying a robust foundation to their page. This can be interpreted through different ways, such as:

  • Find sources from your own website domain that will explore different areas on the web that have mentioned your page. This ultimately reflects how significant your entity is across the web.
  • There are chances that you or your brand has been mentioned in E-books, journals, and research articles so you cannot miss a chance on this. Surfing through these resources is extremely crucial.
  • You can also adapt the use of various explorers that will automatically generate a list that will define reliable sources for you.

Here is a quick tip: If you want to make it up to the 52 Million Wikipedia pages, then you have to work on expanding your marketing, and PR strategies. This will optimize the presence of your page.

3. User page

Thinking of rankings and notability does not get your job done. In fact the very next step in regard to creation of a Wikipedia page is to create the user page to be able to communicate with the wide Wikipedia community. For this reason, you may have to look for the top Wikipedia professionals to righteously guide you for your page. It is because if you are a political personality, the page may be perceived differently compared to a TV star.

4. Reputation and online presence

Undoubtedly your online presence plays a pivotal role in building your reputation. This is why you would see every celebrity on all kinds of social and digital apps. But is that enough? It doesn’t seem like though. At this point, you will always be advised to navigate Wikipedia tools through editing, and posting a few articles before the submission of your Wiki page.

This gives a better direction that tells how ready you are to operate your user page in terms of COI editing process. Also, what’s significant is to note that you must always sign up through your personal username ID.

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5. Outline

To over-do anything is not always appreciated. This is why, upon the phase of outlining the layout of your page, your primary focus has to be the content and subject that you intend to address.

To take a well-established wiki page for your company to another level, citations are must. It is for this reason that citations from appropriate pages and sources are suggested. So instead of having fifteen citations for your page that are not genuine, are reliable you should opt for four that would have more weight.

6. Draft and Revise

A Wikipedia page is not ordinary especially when it comes to tone, and other writing styles. In this light, you should abide by certain factors like; maintaining a neutral and simple tone. The content should be original and easily verified.

7. Page format

Different Wikipedia pages are categorized differently. It is because of the category, and industry they belong to. As a reader to the page, you will figure out a box on the right that will give you essentials of that particular business page, or if it is a well-known personality.

8.  Submission and review

After reviewing your page, it is time to submit it for approval. The process may take several weeks for Wiki editors to decide whether your page can be accepted or not. If accepted, you may expect certain changes in your content for adjustments.

9.  Monitor

Upon approval, it is your job to track, and monitor your page to retain the position of your Wikipedia page on the search engine.

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