Benefits of Pets

  • The mood of the owner, but also in a real positive effect on the physical condition, that is, on health ( by the way,
  • This is confirmed not only by life observations, but by real scientific research ).
  • This article will help those who already have a pet take a fresh look at it, and those who still doubt whether to get a pet, make
  • A decision. Most importantly, after reading, be guided not by a selfish motive to benefit from a pet, but by a sincere desire to make a little friend!

1) Elimination of stress

  • In one of the studies, it was studied how long it would take a person to return to normal blood pressure and heart rate after experiencing stress.
  • It turned out that the owners of pets ( particularly cats and dogs ) recover faster and tolerate stress much easier.
  • Researcher Meg Olmert claims that when interacting with dogs, opioids and serotonin are produced ( in both the owner and the animal! ),
  • As a result, the person becomes calmer and happier!
  • Even without scientific research, it has long been noticed that when the owner strokes his beloved cat, walks
  • With his dog, or even just sitting in an armchair watching aquarium fish, he quickly calms down and relaxes.
  • This greatly helps the body in dealing with the effects of stress. And we remind you that stress resistance and
  • a positive psychological attitude are one of the most important factors for longevity to buy shrooms online !

pets for stress


2) Normalization of sleep

  • American researchers have found that owners who sleep in the same room with their dog get a much better quality of sleep as a result !
  • In this case, neither the breed nor the age of the dog is absolutely unimportant. It is emphasized that the pet should sleep in the same room.
  • And if the owner, who cherishes his pet too much, allows him to sleep in the same bed with him, then
  • The effect will be negative, since this, on the contrary, will reduce the quality of sleep.

polza sobsk son17


3) Animals against physical inactivity

  • Physical inactivity is a lack of movement, a real problem among city dwellers. But if there is a dog at home, then hypodynamia will bypass you.
  • According to some reports, dog owners, as a result of daily walks with their pets, get even more physical activity than many visitors to fitness clubs.
  • It is also worth noting that walking with a beloved dog gives the owner pleasure, and visiting the gym requires an effort of will.
  • The ideal option would be not just a walk, but a run with a pet – a double benefit for both you and him is guaranteed!
  • Well, you can ( even need to ) walk not only dogs, but also many other four-legged friends, including cats, mini pigs, ferrets and other
  • active pets ( for example, specially selectively bred domestic foxes have been very popular lately, and some risk starting even such “hooligans” as raccoons ) to buy shrooms online.


4) Benefits for the heart

  • Researchers have found that in addition to normalizing blood pressure, pet owners reduce
  • the level of bad cholesterol and triglyceride (fats) in the blood,
  • This greatly reduces the risk of getting diseases of the cardiovascular system ( heart disease is the main cause of death  ).
  •  In addition, observations of patients showed that the percentage of survivors after a heart attack was
  • the highest among pet lovers ( probably this is the result of the combined effect on a person of several of the above positive factors at once ).

benefits of pets




5) General improvement of health, strengthening of immunity

  • Increasing stress resistance, improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system, increased physical activity – and together you get
  • A general strengthening effect on the body, increased resistance to disease and good health.
  • And here is the scientific proof of the benefits of pets for human immunity: at the University of Cambridge, researchers found
  • That people who have a pet have a significant improvement in overall health in just 30 days. As a result of 10 months of observation, it was found
  • That pet owners not only normalize blood pressure and pulse, but they also catch colds less often and are less prone to headaches.
  • In addition, dog owners can enjoy a separate “bonus”! The Swedish University of Uppsala found that
  • The owners of such four-legged pets live longer than other people.
  • Scientists cannot say for sure what this is connected with ( the benefits of walking, getting positive emotions or something else ),
  • But I don’t think that this is fundamentally important for “dog lovers”, the main thing is the very fact of such a positive effect.

pets and health


6) Benefits for children

Employees of a specialized health institution ( Copenhagen Center for Research on Childhood Asthma )

That cats are able to protect young children from asthma.

  • And it is cats, and not any other pets. Scientists have not yet been able to fully understand the mechanism of such an impact, but for us, it is not so
  • Much scientific nuances that are important, but the very fact of benefit, especially since we are talking about the health of children.
  • In addition, the communication of a child with a pet, caring for him teaches responsibility. Children who have a pet grow up more .
  • sociable and inquisitive, and cause less trouble for their parents. The emotional state and health of such children is better than that of others.

pets and children


7) Benefits for the Elderly

  • Daily contact with a pet has a very positive effect on the mental state of people in old age. In addition, to take care of a pet.
  • it is necessary to be physically active, which has a beneficial effect on well-being. Often, it is a pet that helps an elderly person
  • Cope with feelings of loneliness and depression. And as a result of a voluminous study
  • ( works were analyzed that covered a total of 3.4 million people in North America, Asia and Europe )
  •  loneliness is very dangerous, as it increases the risk of premature death by 50% …

pets and the elderly

  • From all the above reasoned advantages of keeping pets, we can draw an unambiguous conclusion:
  • the health benefits of the owner are incomparable with any costs of their maintenance. We hope that now you
  • have no doubt about the need to acquire a pet that will become a new and, of course, a very useful member of your family!

benefits of pets

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A writer by day and a reader by night, he is loathe to discuss himself in the third person, but can be persuaded to do so from time to time.


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