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Best Monsoon Treks Of India

India is a country surrounded on all sides by mountains, much to the delight of trekkers. There are trails that may be enjoyed in any event, even during the hurricane season, due to the proximity of diverse hiking courses in all parts of the country. Furthermore, it is the monsoon rains that inhale rich flora back into these slopes, providing trekkers with breathtaking views. This is a list of the top monsoon treks in India, which include Himalayan trekking trails as well as gorgeous Western Ghats trails.

1. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek:

Kashmir is rightfully dubbed “heaven on Earth” since it boasts some of the most unusual excursions one could embark on. It’s no surprise that Kashmir topped the 2019 list of India’s “Most Searched Vacation Destinations.” In any event, if you consider yourself a trekker and haven’t yet secured this one, you’ve missed out on one of nature’s most awe-inspiring displays.

If you want to get a true taste of Himalayan hiking, the Kashmir Great Lakes trek is a must-do. This trek has it all, from lush forests to large meadows, rocky trails to breathtaking scenery.

This year, join Wandering Explorers as we lead you on an exciting walk through gorgeous Kashmir. Interested in learning more? Continue reading to learn more about the Kashmir Great Lakes journey.


The walk to the Kashmir Great Lakes begins in the peaceful town of Sonmarg. The adventure begins with a hike to Nichnai through Shekdur after resting at base camp. As you pass through beautiful meadows and dense maple, bhoj, and pine forests, you’ll get your first taste of the natural wonders that await you.

Prepare to see Vishansar Lake, the trek’s first lovely lake. After passing past Nichnai Pass, you’ll come across this lake. At the Vishansar camp site, take a break and enjoy the flocks of sheep being lovingly cared after by the local shepherds. Who knows, maybe the shepherds may tell you a storey or two of their own.

Trekkers can also visit Kishansar Lake, which is a beautiful water body near to Vishansar Lake. The trail leads to Gadsar Lake after this point, taking you deeper into nature’s lap. To get to this lake, you must first pass Gadsar Pass, which is the highest point on the climb at 13,750 feet. Gadsar Lake’s blue-green waters, framed by snow-capped peaks, make the long drive worthwhile!

What could be more beautiful than a gorgeous lake hidden in the Himalayan foothills? Of course, there are TWO! Make your journey through the rugged landscape after leaving Gadsar Lake to see the twin beauties Nandkol and Gangbal. While admiring the lovely cyan-colored waters of the two sister lakes, camp beside Nandkol beneath a navy blue sky sprinkled with stars.

When you arrive in Naranag, a lovely and welcoming town surrounded by thick woodland, the trail comes to an end. This, however, is not the end of your experiences. Return home with lifelong memories and a desire to hike in the Himalayas again!

Discover the Himalayan region’s immense splendour in 2021…

Take on the Great Lakes Trek in Kashmir for a trekking adventure that will leave you awestruck with awe!

The walk leads to upwards of seven lofty lakes, each of which is nicer than the last. The sheer beauty of these lakes during storms, the lush green knolls, blossoming blossoms, and snow-capped pinnacles of Kashmir are breathtaking, and it’s outrageous that we won’t be able to witness their ethereal splendour this year!

2. Valley of Flowers Trek:

The Valley of Flowers is arguably Uttarakhand’s most well-known trek, but for a variety of reasons. This breathtaking trail is located within the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During storms, the location transforms into a giant floor covering of blooms, providing the most captivating views.

Valley of Flowers is a beautiful place. During the monsoon season, “Foolon ki Ghati” is one of the most magnificent hiking trips. It is perfectly tucked in Uttarakhand’s West Himalayan area, at a towering elevation of 3600 metres above sea level. The Valley Of Flowers journey is one of the most well-known treks in the world, with the chance to see the extremely rare blue Primula.

In the Hindu epic Ramayan, Hanuman is said to have brought the mystical plant from the Valley of Flowers to resurrect Lakshman. As soon as you step into the valley, the heady blend of smells generated by the flowers transports you to another world. Saxifrages, sedums, lilies, poppy, calendulas, daisies, geranium, zinnia, and petunia thrive in the concealed lake at a height of 14,400 feet.

Furthermore, while I write this, I can’t stop thinking about the environment, the mists, the greenery, and the breathtaking scene of over 300 different varieties of native snow-capped blooms. This is a clear top pick that we sincerely miss. In addition, did you know that Uttarakhand now has the world’s largest tulip garden?

3. Hampta Pass Trek:

The Hampta hike captures Himachal Pradesh’s timeless splendour in its entirety, and it gets a thrill out of the precipitation. The hike is magnificent and passionate, beginning with Manali’s major goal and then connecting with Lahaul and Kullu. The lofty timberlands, flawless freshwater streams, plains, beautiful canyons, and amazing glades along the way would be an ideal break from the day-to-day repulsions we’re experiencing right now! Whatever the case may be, don’t worry, it’ll all be over in a year!

4. Sinhagad Trek:

Although Maharashtra has a variety of storm treks, the Sinhagad Trek is one of the most well-known, as well as our undisputed top pick. The trail leads to a fantastic seventeenth-century verifiable for Sinhagad and is a great way to end the week. We miss having an all-encompassing view of the rolling green slopes, complete with superfluous fog and cloud! Likewise, the spectacular dawn and dusk views that this journey provides are simply outstanding!

5. Tarsar Marsar Trek:

This walking track, named after the two frozen lakes on the course, Tarsar and Marsar, delivers the best of Kashmir. Snow-capped lakes, smooth fields ablaze with several varieties of blossoms in full bloom. The frigid lakes, of course, make the journey a bit of a storm understanding!

6. Rupin Pass Trek:

This is how you go through the Rupin pass trek: dewy glades, purplish-blue streams, snowfields, and numerous cascades. It is a delight for experience junkies, especially during a thunderstorm, because of its ever-changing scenery. Simply imagine yourself outside beside these cascades, expressing appreciation to your stars; it’s something we really miss!

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