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Best US Stocks To Buy Now in Q4 2022

While investing in US stocks, you may suffer from higher market interest rates. When the Fed raises interest rates, the cost of doing business increases for public (and private) enterprises. As a result, public companies’ revenues and profitability may decline over time due to increasing costs and less business, which could affect both their growth rate and stock values.

The chance for a firm to extend its investment in capital goods freezes if the cost of borrowing money from a bank rises. Many businesses might be unable to expand since the interest rate is so expensive.

The effect of Fed rate increases on investors’ psychological perceptions of the market is more immediate. Without waiting for the drawn-out, complex process of higher interest rates to spread throughout the entire economy, speculators may swiftly sell off stocks and switch to more defensive investments when the FOMC announces a rate hike.

The chart below shows that the Fed is currently on track for the quickest rate hike cycle since the early 1980s.

Rising Inflation In Developed Economies

Inflation rates continued to rise quickly in June 2022, with core inflation (which excludes volatile energy and food prices) climbing by 5.9% and overall inflation reaching a nine-year high of 9.1%. This year, the inflation rate has undoubtedly become a hot political topic.

How the recent inflationary outbreak is seen will have significant ramifications for policymakers’ reactions. The Federal Reserve must keep raising interest rates sharply to restrict growth and “rein in” inflation, argue a clamorous chorus of economic analysts and powerful policymakers. Unfortunately, this strategy risks devastating repercussions and imperils the incredible success of a complete jobs recovery from the pandemic recession.

Some have claimed that the fact that inflation has increased globally proves that the surplus demand growth that they believe is causing inflation is also occurring globally. But, naturally, even this viewpoint offers some tiny measure of defense for American policymakers. If every advanced nation in the world made comparable choices, it seems complicated to claim that the American strategy was a preventable error.

However, a second cut to the worldwide statistics raises questions about the straightforward explanation that the global inflation increase results from macroeconomic imbalances. Particularly, countries that have seen more significant unemployment drops over the past 18 months have not experienced greater inflation increases.

US Rents Reached a Record Level

Tenants are under additional stress due to rents reaching all-time highs for the seventeenth month in a row, which occurred in October. The median rent in the United States reached an all-time high of $1,879 per month in October, up 12.3% from the same month a year earlier.

In addition, there are some early signals that the market may be beginning to slow down, even though rents have been smashing records for nearly a year and a half: After having increased by 17% year-over-year in January, rent prices have seen a slowdown in growth for the past six consecutive months as of July.

Despite this, the monthly rent for studio apartments jumped by 14.3% to $1,555, the rent for one-bedrooms increased by 12.2% to $1,745, and the rent for two bedrooms increased by 11.7% to $2,103 in July as compared to the same month a year earlier.

Many renters are either hastening their search for a home they can pay for or deciding to remain in their existing home despite a rent increase. However, the cost of moving into a new apartment has increased, affecting tenants the most. Renters have witnessed bigger price hikes on new leases than on renewals, which saw, on average, a monthly rise of $160 more than what was initially agreed upon. Renters have reported an increase in their new leases of approximately $300 more per month than their previous rent. Keeping the above info in mind, let’s look at some US stocks to buy in Q4 2022.

Best US Stocks To Buy Now

The best way for Indian investors to invest in US stocks is through exchange-traded funds. ETFs are collections of numerous bonds and stocks that trade as a single fund. For instance, some of the stocks frequently traded on Stockal, one of India’s leading stock market investment applications, include Tesla, Netflix, Apple, Microsoft, Meta, Alphabet, and Amazon. So let’s look at the best US stocks to buy now:

  • ServiceNow: ServiceNow’s stock price decreased by 3% after its second-quarter report was released. Adjusted sales for the cloud software company rose 30% from the preceding year to $1.82 billion, above analysts’ predictions by $60 million. Additionally, it beat estimates by $0.07 and saw adjusted net income rise 15% to $329 million, or $1.62 per share.

Given that the firm is still not very cheap, increasing rates and other macro headwinds may limit the near-term upside potential of ServiceNow’s stock. But investors who steadily accumulate shares of this top-notch cloud company will undoubtedly be rewarded in the long term as it continues to broaden its ecosystem with new services, boost its margins, and attract more bullish attention.

  • Tesla: Making a list of the best stocks to follow that excludes Tesla is difficult. At a recent energy conference in Europe, the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, said he aimed to allow Americans to drive self-driving Tesla cars by the end of 2022. If European regulators approve the company there, it will probably act similarly. Tesla is firmly focused on a future in which electric cars (EVs) are the primary form of transportation, even while energy firms continue to walk a fine line between fossil fuels and renewable energy sources.
  • Visa: As more countries loosen or remove Covid restrictions and travel expands globally, the volume of Visa payments, the number of processed transactions, and cross-border volumes are all rising. The Dow Jones Card Company dominates the swiftly growing digital payments market. Visa sales are rising as the coronavirus’s effects lessen and more people start traveling again. At the same time, Visa is a market leader in payments and a thriving industry organization. There is no denying that the market for digital payments is highly competitive. There are also ongoing risks relating to the international economy, the law, and regulations.

How Can an Indian Begin Investing In US Stocks?

Here are your options if you’re wondering about the best US stocks to buy now. Of course, the easiest way to begin investing in US stocks is by using one of the best stock market investment applications available in India, such as Stockal. You can also open an account with any domestic brokerage company.

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