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Black Diamond: Are They Myth or Real?

Watching the popular series turned movie Sex and The City the other day I couldn’t help but marvel at the wonder of the black diamond ring Mr. Big gives to his wife, Carrie, after failing to surprise her with a large LED. now black and white movies may not be our thing but a black diamond? Now that’s the language that every female speaks.

We all know diamonds come in various shapes, sizes, cuts, and sometimes colors too. Now coming back to the topic of colors, diamonds rarely exist in some colorful varieties too like pink or red and blue or gold but does black diamond really exist?

Some countries and cities are more popular for jewelry shopping than others. Especially for diamonds and golds, Dubai is utterly popular. When buying the diamond rings in Dubai, I did go through major stores and found quite a heavy collection of diamond rings. Some heavier in design or some more costly and so but the black diamond was a miracle come true for jewelers. And so it seems it does exist in the real world!

Time to get acquainted with the history of black diamonds

It was the Brazilians who discovered the black diamond in 1840. The dark-hued stones were found in South American and the Central African Republic in massive quantities. Since black diamonds are extremely rare they are a symbol of royalty and have been seen on the hands or around the necklines of high-profile personalities.

At some point, they even seem dark chocolate like but are in black in reality. Due to their rarity, the goals have been all over it since it first became known to them. King Louis XVIII had a personal collection of rare colored stones even.

The 4 Cs of a black diamond: cut, color, clarity, and carat

As you all know diamonds are measured on the basis of four distinct features, their cuts, color, clarity, and carat.

This same measurement is also true for black diamonds.

Let’s say you were to get a black diamond ring from a jewelry store how would you know its worth?

Here’s how.


The cut is all about the quality – the angles cut into the stone represent the style and shape of the diamond. It focuses on the proportions, symmetry, and other reflective qualities of the diamond.

It can range from excellent to poor


For a clear diamond they are rated on a scale of D (colorless) to Z. since D are transparent they are considered to be the most unique diamonds of all. But you cannot rate a black diamond on the basis of the standard measurements. The color stands out from any other colored diamond therefore it is judged independently.


A diamond with inclusions or blemishes can be inspected only by the professional eye. The clarity influences the price of a diamond. To ensure you bought the authentic diamond ring, the color (black or otherwise) must be uniform (same consistency) throughout the stone.


Price and quality also vary with the size of the diamond. But carat is more about the weight than size. It was found that black diamonds are denser than transparent diamonds. For instance, 1 carat of black diamond looks smaller than 1 carat of white diamond.

Is the black diamond you bought real?

There are other stones in similar cuts and designs that may replicate an original black diamond so how can you be sure you have the original diamond ring?

There’s nothing much to do except for seeking help from a professional diamond expert or gemologist. There are similar stones you an get a black diamond confused with like

  • Black spinel
  • French jet
  • Hematite
  • Black tourmaline
  • Black cubic zirconia etc

So it’s best to take professional help for your own satisfaction. 

Diamonds are Power Statement

So, now that we have proven that black diamonds do exists in the real world let’s take a look at some of the hot shot scenes when it made an onscreen appearance besides Sex and The City movie.

One of the most legendary black diamonds is named Korloff Noir. an 88-carat black diamond that constantly travels around the world!

Another famous piece is Gruosi and Spirit of de Grisogono diamond. It is heart-shaped and weighs around 115 carats and over 312 carats! This is perhaps the most lavish black diamond in the white gold ring setting complemented with 702 other smaller diamonds.

Diamond, black or colorless, equally are a reflection of power and fashion fused together making an eclectic combination of prestige. If you got yourself diamond jewelry you are the lucky one!


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