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Boxing Gloves:

Boxing is no doubt of the biggest combats sports in the world. So whenever it comes to combat sports, some form of boxing gloves are always involved. Therefore, wide range of different types of boxing gloves are present, but all of them share a common purpose that is To Provide Protection . Though there may be some negative sides of boxing gloves but the important thing is that they are actually safe overall. So in this article, we will provide a brief overview about why we use boxing gloves and what protection they provide. Because it is important to know about the stuff and material you are going to use.
We all knows who Muhammad Ali was, it also has dramatic impact on how other martial arts are being trained and competed. Whether you are using gloves for training or for a competition or for any other purpose, you
thing and found that all boxing gloves are same. But there is more variety in boxing gloves than you expect and every one of them has their own uses in particular.

boxing gloves

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Types of Gloves:

1. Training/bag Gloves

Usually, you often see brands advertising some boxing gloves as training or bag gloves. This all seems pointless to do branding for a glove for a specific purpose, because we all knows that they are for all-round purposes. But you won’t believe they are not always lying about it. Basically sometimes the gloves are built specifically for different use. So training gloves are built keeping in mind the specification for training and pad work. But they are so versatile that you can use them for any purpose. You are not bound to using them only for training purpose.

boxing gloves

2. Sparring Gloves

In sparing, purpose of Gloves is to protect you and your sparring partner, not to hit them out. You could use any pair of gloves for sparring but keep some important things in mind before selecting i-e they should be of an acceptable weight. However, some brands do sell special sparring gloves. Their padding is slightly softer than training gloves and more cushioned with optimized distribution to make impact less sharp. The sparring gloves are available and sold in variety of weights so you should better be using them at 14oz or above, depending upon your bodyweight. Also it depends upon your coach that whether you can wear a pair of gloves in
sparring or not.


3. Amateur Competition Gloves

These gloves are always so versatile and elegant that every time you see them, you want to buy them, but you should know what exactly they are used for. They are used for a specific style of Gloves, they are used in boxing competitions provided to fighters by the promotion. They are typically, in red or blue color depending upon the fighter’s corner or the theme of the competition spot.

Amateur Competition Gloves

4. Professional Gloves

If you are going into a competition, then it’s important for you to choose professional Gloves. As name suggest, these boxing gloves are used for a very professional competition. Sometimes the padding is much stronger and makes the gloves smaller and compact. In some way these gloves are designed to deliver sharp a blow as possible with each punch.

Professional Gloves

5. Other types of Gloves

There is some other type of gloves that you should at least know their names. The list includes traditional bags Gloves, MMA gloves, Mexican style boxing gloves and semi contract gloves. What’s the Best Boxing Glove Material to Choose? We help you deciding what kind of boxing gloves will be best for you. It all depends upon your choice. It means for what purpose you want to get boxing gloves. We understand that it’s difficult to shop online because there are various verities of boxing gloves out there. Then also you have to decide brand of your choice, exact size and many other things while purchasing online. After choosing all of this, the most important thing to decide is the material. You want to know what the best boxing glove material is and then buy it.
Usually the boxing gloves are made of vinyl and leather (genuine leather). If you are a beginner and also tight on budget then vinyl gloves are best choice for you because vinyl gloves are cheapest of the all ranging from $20 to $30.

Vinyl Gloves:

These vinyl gloves are best choice if you train regularly, because they best in both comfort and durability. If you only need gloves for daily training classes and don’t have to use for actual hitting something, vinyl Gloves are best choice for you but it gets sweaty inside and get hot very soon. So if you are into a real boxing fight or a competition, we refer to buy a pair of leather Gloves.

Leather Gloves:

Leather Gloves are higher in price. Their price starts from $60 and can increase up to $350. The boxing Gloves available at pro-boxing Equipments are affordable and long-lasting. So, don’t worry about the stuff and their quality etc., we provide best quality gloves all over the Globe. Let us know for what purpose you need gloves and leave the rest work to our team. We will reach back to you and provide you best services you would have ever got. We now provide free shipping all over the Pakistan. You can buy boxing gloves online from our

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