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Businesses for Stay at Home Moms

Toward the beginning of September, The Globe and Mail’s Report on Small Business requested that peruses designate their preferred private ventures for our debut #remarkablebiz challenge to businesses for stay at home moms.

We got more than 120 assignments, also several retweets. Following the underlying assignment stage, we presented 65 semi-finalists on our Pinterest board and the network was allowed the chance to cast a ballot through Pins, likes and remarks. We brought your votes into consider while setting up the rundown of top 3 business to begin in Canada.


We’re a Halifax-based advanced media organization that has practical experience in Aerial administrations utilizing automated flying vehicles (UAVs), video creation, and photography and website composition. We catch dazzling substance for organizations and make the space for it to live on the web. Horizon Studio was established in the fall of 2013 and has immediately developed from 2 to 4 workers.

A tremendous aspect of our prosperity has been working with a group that has a unimaginably assorted arrangement of abilities. We’ve been early adopters of imaginative advances, we’re amazingly inventive and have a fixation on quality. We offer a completed item for our customers that would for the most part take three or four organizations to create.

We manage bleeding edge innovation consistently and it’s our business to remain on the ball. We’re continually scouring the web to find out about new developments and how they could support us. Advancement, inventiveness and improvement is the thing that drives us.

Surprisingly the Weather is probably the greatest test! Flying UAV’s is a huge aspect of our business, and climate conditions can shield us from getting airborne. Another test we manage is time-the executives. We’re a little organization that is developing quickly so organizing and association has kept us on target and pushing ahead.

Guidance that we would provide for somebody hoping to go into business is to Jump in and go hard. Maintaining your own business requires devotion and a total dismissal for the Monday to Friday 9-5 work week mindset. Additionally, offer something new and make request as opposed to simply reacting to it.


Purlin’ J’s Roving Yarn Company is Kingston, Ontario’s portable yarn truck. Think gourmet food truck, just selling yarn! Purlin’ J’s fulfills the cutting edge knitter’s hankering for delightful yarns when she/he is generally loose and propelled to make something wonderful: at a concert, studio visit, market or retreat. We were established in 2013 and work out of a previous fire engine, a 1982 Ford step van, nicknamed Lil Dorothy. It is claimed and worked by Joan Sharpe, otherwise known as Purlin’ J!

The truck in any event is an oddity. Everybody, knitter or not, has any desire to come on-board to perceive what it’s about! Most particularly however, yarn darlings long for the “crush factor”: the capacity to feel and “pet” strands and loll in the scope of hues.

With the Purlin’ J’s image, I endeavor to make a cautiously curated choice of yarns, including sumptuous hand-colored yarns made here in Ontario, and other “intriguing fiber gear”, in a little scope, adaptable, and novel retail condition that is receptive to the market. The truck can venture out to networks where interesting yarns are just not accessible. Be that as it may, my ordinary clients likewise welcome the individual shopping experience.

I am the sole proprietor and administrator, in addition to I have backing and help from my loved ones and this implies a great deal to me. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve could dispatch the business and test it while as yet working all day. In any case, the best thing about the yarn truck is that it’s fun, inviting, and non-threatening. I’d prefer to believe that just by going ahead board, somebody may get the flash to have a go at working with yarn or fiber, in the event that they’ve never done as such. Sewing is a demonstrated pressure reliever!

Fulfilling need – I’d love to take the yarn truck to all the spots it’s welcomed, yet fuel expenses and mileage include! I’d likewise prefer to have more opportunity to consider long haul technique and approaches to scale the business. I have more inventive thoughts that I need to investigate, however just endless hours in a day.


EOLIO is an online help that gives a set-up of devices and answers for people to control and upgrade their online image. We make it simple for individuals to make expertly marked e-portfolios and for enrollment specialists to find, pre-screen and procure ability through the computerization of e-portfolios. Established in 2012, EOLIO INC. is a Halifax based SaaS Company with three workers, two counselors and a couple of vital accomplices.

Tirelessness. It’s one thing to have an extraordinary thought, it’s another to construct it and see it become animated. It hasn’t been simple yet we generally trusted in what we were doing and continued pushing ahead – regardless. Senses. It’s critical to go with your gut. Trust it and go for it. Uncertainty isn’t our companion. Individuals and associations.

It’s fundamental to the achievement of any beginning up to have the option to pull in the perfect individuals at the perfect time. Cleverness. We’ve manufactured our vision with next to no obligation we despite everything have value left. Also, to wrap things up: Passion. Love what you do and attempt to accomplish something that helps other people.

Our group may be little however we sure are strong. We’re quick moving, multi-capable, movers and shakers. We work with our qualities, inspire one another and when fire up life gets intense – we realize that we can generally depend on one another.

Certainly financial plans or deficiency in that department. Luckily, we’ve had the option to get to programs through different associations and Government offices and have raised a couple of early seed adjusts. We’re presently raising 300k. Be solid. It won’t be simple, yet it’ll be justified, despite all the trouble. Continue accepting, in any event, when nobody else does. Make a move each day toward your objective. Furthermore, whatever you do – never at any point surrender.

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