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CDSCO Certificate: 5 Tips to Follow

“The grass is always greener on a foreign land” – do know this saying, or at least the original version of it? It’s true, isn’t it. It doesn’t matter how good your home-grown products or how good you home-cooked meals are, you’ll always look towards the outside if you want something truly exclusively.

One can use this saying with certainty when drugs and cosmetics are the products in question. But the country doesn’t agree to it. Which is why, it has created a special roadblock called CDSCO certificate.

What is the CDSCO certificate? It’s a license that gives approval for the production or import of certain drugs and cosmetics in the country. Issued by the Central Drug Standard Control Organization, CDSCO certification is notorious for being the most difficult to acquire.

And we have the 5 tips that you can follow to get the CDSCO certificate quite easily.

Understand the nature of the product you’re trying to import

One of the greatest obstacles that those who seek import or manufacture licenses face is the lack of knowledge about the product. It’s an oxymoron I know – not knowing the product that you’re trying to import. However, most of the applicants of CDSCO import license or any other business licenses for that matter are higher ups that don’t concern themselves with the details of the product. But you don’t have that privilege. To get that license, you have to know your product. Without knowing the product, you won’t be able to prepare the right documentation. And without right documentation, you won’t get the license.

Understand the product registration guidelines by CDSCO

People understand that most licensing process takes time. However, they still want to rush through the application. Often, they reach out to a CDSCO consultant not knowing what to ask about the application form. Due to the lack of knowledge, there is a potential of one of the following two things to happen:

  1. They end up taking more time than usual when providing simple details, or
  2. And the most probable, they end up with “consultants” who take advantage of their lack of knowledge and ask them for more money.

Which is why, you, as the customer should at least have a rudimentary knowledge about the CDSCO license.

Understand the CDSCO registration process

Even if it’s the CDSCO registration consultants that would file your application, and conduct the rest of the follow up, it doesn’t mean that you should not know about it. Possessing the theoretical knowledge about the license will help you understand the process even more. That being steps, following are the steps involved with that process:

  1. Prepare a file in which you’ll put all the required documents.
  2. Fill one of the CDSCO application forms for import license which are available at the website of the Central Drug Standard Control Organization.
  3. Upload the documents while you’re filling the CDSCO form.
  4. The CDSCO will conduct the a thorough assessment. Meanwhile, it’s up to you to monitor the progress on your CDSCO online application. Be ready to deal with any objections or additional requirements.

After the approval of the application, the CDSCO online registration process would complete – giving you the CDSCO import license or whatever you require.

Understand the documentations required

The application of CDSCO license is merely the surface of the process; it’s the assessment of the documents that the organization is mostly concerned with. Which is why, you should know the exact documents needed.

Following is a list detailing the documents required for CDSCO import license for cosmetic products:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Power of attorney
  3. Undertaking
  4. List of ingredients
  5. Product labels
  6. Product specification
  7. Testing method
  8. License of manufacturing
  9. Free sale certificate
  10. Declaration that no animals were tested.
  11. Declaration that the product is free from any heavy metal

Finding the right consultants

At the end of the day, regardless of what we say, it’s the consultants that would have to bear the real burden of filing your application. They are the ones responsible for reaching out to the department and provide you timely reports. As you’d be providing them some pretty confidential details, it’s up to you to find out the consultants who can actually assist you.


Knowing the product you want to import and knowing the product registration guidelines is an important factor to get CDSCO registration. Additionally, it’s also important for you to possess knowledge about the process and the required documents. If you don’t, you might end up with the wrong kind of consultants, and that shouldn’t happen in any case. If you need any other types of license such as VNO License, IP1 License. We are here to help you.

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