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Change the Color Scheme of a Bathroom with Five Tips

Have you been thinking of changing the entire appearance of your bathroom so that it looks a bit more aesthetic? Spending an hour or two with a gallon of paint will do. But, first, pay attention to the color scheme. The endless combinations prevent you from arriving at a decision easily. Please keep the below-mentioned tips at the back of your mind for a colorful bathroom renovation, and you will be able to create whatever you want, a stylish powder room, or a spa-like master shower.

Rely on Color Wheel

Rely on the color wheel to know which colors go well together. Yellow and purple complement each other to a great extent, so, you may paint the walls and the ceilings in a dull yellow shade, and choose furniture and accessories of purple color. You may do the vice versa as well. Blue and green are also great choices. When in doubt, turn that color wheel unhesitatingly.

Mix Neutrals

A neutral color scheme paves the way for relaxation and serenity. However, always make sure to apply the rule of proportion. When using two colors, please do distribute them as 70/30. If you have chosen white and gray, incorporate them in a way that they do not seem monotonous. For enhancing the visual interest, include as many patterned or textured elements as possible.

Do Not Shy Away from Dark Colors

Many people avoid deep or rich tones because they might come out as excessively strong. But colors like cocoa or charcoal when placed against white bathroom fixtures create a luxurious ambiance. You can add an extra dose of red to make the effect contemporary and animated simultaneously. If you are scared that the dark colors will make your bathroom look smaller, install mirrored lamps or mercury glass. This will balance the color and with reflection.

Go Organic

The colors inspired by Mother Nature like robin egg blue or seafoam green are excellent choices and make the bathroom look organic and fresh. These shades are also known for softening the geometric shapes if any, and the hard edges that are often found in modern-day bathrooms. Incorporate nature’s hues, and you will end up with something immensely fresh and clean.

Stabilize Sections with Neutral Colors

If your color palette is dominated by an exuberant tone such as hot pink or rose red, you must try to stabilize it with neutral shades. If your furniture is vivacious, tone them down by painting the tiles or the walls with a light brown or a crisp white. The black accents, patterned wallpaper, and vanity hardware act as punctuations or are enough for breaking up the bold colors.

In case implementing the tips stated above seems challenging, please consider scheduling an appointment with a proficient, experienced, and reliable interior designer. The best ones are known for amalgamating the traditional and modern-day techniques to create spaces that will seamlessly tell your story. Also, look out for prices for home renovation agency or  interior designer because no one will prefer breaking the bank so that their bathroom can look good.


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