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Choosing the Best Adoption Lawyers | Tips to Keep in Mind

Regardless of if you are adopting privately or through an agency, you will need the help of adoption lawyers to deal with the legal matters of the process. Keep the following things in mind before hiring an adoption attorney.

Do Extensive Research

The first thing in finding the adoption lawyers is to check if they have a license or not and what are their standings with State’s Bar Association. The next step is to look for testimonials ratings of the attorney by previous clients. Ask around the people who have previously adopted any child for a recommendation.

Know The Attorney’s Adoption Experiences

Once the list of potential adoption lawyers is narrowed down, the next step is to call or make an appointment with them to ask about their previous experience with the prospective families. Ask them who you will be working with directly and how you can reach them in case of any issues.

Most important of all, check the type of adoption that the attorney specializes in, if it matches with what you are pursuing, then you can hire them.

Estimate the Total Cost of Adoption

If you are adopting from out-of-country, then this step is crucial. Make extensive research on all the possible complications to get the idea of cost. In addition to that, ask about the adoption lawyers cost, do they charge by an hour? Is there any retainer? Are they providing estimated costs before you jump into the adoption process? Ask around these questions to find yourself the best package.

Make a list of questions

It is extremely important to prepare for your appointment beforehand. Make a list of the questions that you can ask your attorney to guide you through the adoption process. The Capital Time

The list of question that you can ask your employee can be:

  • Know your options
  • Ask about the cost involved
  • You can ask about the complications that you can face
  • Most importantly, ask the waiting time involved in this process

Trust your judgment

Before hiring an attorney for the adoption process, make sure to get an appointment with them. You will be working for the long-term with them so, if they make you feel welcome and seems knowledgeable, then it could be a better option for you.

Why Do You Need An Adoption Lawyer?

An adoption lawyer knows the adoption process in and out, so will need to get one. The legal paperwork can be overwhelming and difficult to understand, so a lawyer specializing in this field can make the process smooth. The other advantages you may get by hiring an attorney include:

  • Providing a detailed explanation of the adoption process to the adoptive parents
  • Preparing a suitable legal plan to handle their adoption situation
  • Communicate with lawyers from across state-line to ease up the process of adoption
  • Providing with estimates of the cost they can face during the process
  • If you are working with an agency, an attorney makes sure the adoptive parents get their rights and the rights of the birth parent(s) are terminated
  • Reviewing all the legal documents and paperwork
  • Create the required legal documents, from the start of the process to the final step of placement

Registered with the Georgia Council of Adoption Lawyers (GCAL), Tom tebeau has been providing its services for more than 10 years now. The attorneys here will listen to all your requirements and will explain the options available.


The adoption lawyers are the most important part of the adoption process. They provide their assistance to handle all the legal frameworks to ease the burden from your shoulder.

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