Choosing the Packaging Type for Your Custom Cosmetic Boxes

All done with the product? What’s next on the agenda? Well, it’s time to move forward with the actual physical packaging. But before you do, you need to understand that there are three actual layers to Custom Cosmetic Boxes and packaging.

Let’s walk you through a procedure so that you understand clearly what we are talking about. When it comes to your makeup, the first thing you do is put on primer, which is followed with foundation and to end the base, you apply finishing powder. Similarly, when it comes down to packaging, you need to focus of three different layers. These include the inner layer, the outer packaging and the product packaging itself.

Now let’s start with the outer layer. This is the very first thing your customers are going to see about your product packaging. After digging through the outer layer will they be able to get to the inner most packed item. It can be anything from the box in which you shipped the orders of your customers from the warehouse or perhaps a bag that you use as a package for your cosmetic product that are placed at the store shelves.

The next layer is the inner packaging. This layer actually houses the product. It can be the box in which your customers will actually find the lipstick or mascara.

Last but not the least is the product packaging which itself is the whole packaging. It can be the contain holding the product within, whatever may be inside.

Now that we have covered the three layers of packaging, we will now proceed with the common types of packaging that you will find in the world of cosmetics.

Cosmetic World Packaging Type of Mascara Boxes

When the Mascara Boxes packaging wholesale is all about cosmetics and beauty products, the sky is the limit for you as a brand. So to get things started, you need to figure out the ‘what’ factor. You need to know what the actual purpose is of your packaging. What type of product is it that you are creating? You are well aware that a packaging you have created for a mascara will definitely not work for an eye liner. Therefore, it’s ideal that you choose a packaging design that is the perfect representation of your product.
In saying that, we have lined up some amazing and popular options for packaging when it comes to cosmetics and beauty. These include:

  •  Pumps
  •  Airless bottles
  •  Jars
  •  Droppers
  •  Sprayers
  •  Tubes
  •  Compacts

It is quite obvious however that each product packaging will have different standards. For one product the standards may be some while for others the rules may totally vary. Let’s take it this way. For most of the lipsticks, they come in tubes. However, this is no reason for you to not think outside of the box for a change.

We can think of lip glosses in this regard. There was a time when the standard packaging considered was to put them in a tube that has a wand. This may have been one of the most common packaging for a while now. But if you see today, some popular brands deviated from this so called norm and gave a completely new meaning to its packaging. They used jars, twist tops and squeeze tubes instead. This only gives to say that even you have all the right to choose a different path when it comes to the lip gloss Custom Packaging.

Once the type of packaging you’re looking for is confirmed, it’s now times for you to figure out where you are going to get it and how. You will be able to find tons of packaging companies offering exceptional services when it comes to creating amazing custom printed pillows wholesale. You can grab these at the most ideal prices.

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When you’re Cigarette boxes are able to offer some unboxing experience to its buyers, this is going to create a sense of excitement. They will share this experience with the rest of the world and compel them to buy your products too.

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