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Clearly know about smart air purifier

Traditional purifiers generally use the traditional air purifier filter +  ion fan, screen pack belongs to the forming of goods on the market. The general merchants are direct procurement can come back, that is why so many purification appearances on the market. But apart a look is the size of a filter, using the screen mesh is generally 3 to 8 layer, and now various hepa air purifier is getting on the market.

Fan: The fan is generally used in the DC fan, large power, high speed. But there is no intelligent embedding, DC fan blowing wind is easy to form a “dead corner” in the purification environment. And affects the purification effect, and long time working built-in motor heating, will cause safety risks.

Operation automation: the functions of the remote control are more and more, and directly get to the mobile APP for use; Many purifier manufacturers regard apps as smart gimmicks, but they just turn mobile phones into remote controls. And increasing consumers’ dependence on mobile phones and gradually turning consumers into serious patients with mobile phone cancer.

What is the principle of air purifier?

Principle of air purifier:

It is composed of a motor, a fan and an air filter. The working principle is that the motor and a fan make the indoor air flow and the polluted air pass through

After the filter is removed or adsorbed, some air purifiers will also be equipped with negative ion generator. The air is constantly ionized, produce a large number of

The negative ion Q, which is sent out by the breeze fan, forming the negative ion airflow, to achieve the purpose of purifying the air.

Active purification principle

The difference between the active and passive Q is that it gets rid of the restrictions of the fan and the filter, and actively releases the sterilization factor into the air, through the air

The characteristics of diffusion, reach every corner, no dead air purification. On the market, the purification of sterilization factor technology, negative separation

Q and other low temperature plasma photocatalyst, the biggest defect is excessive ozone release,

Passive adsorption filtration type purification; Original buried (filter purification)

Its original buried is: the fan will pump the air, through the filter filter air, mainly able to filter the toxic gas Q and bactericidal role. Mesh points

Is: particulate matter and organic matter. Particulate filter consists of: coarse effect filter, fine particulate filter. Fan and filter quality, machine position

Placement and indoor layout, etc., will affect the purification effect.

Exact things about Smart air purifier:

  1. The high-end core technology is generally different from the others. It is also bound to solve the technical bottleneck of “secondary pollution”, which the smart air purifier can not solve. Nano photocatalytic purification technology is the world’s unique purification technology. It is the use of natural OH (hydrogen-oxygen free radical) to purify the air. And decomposing pollutants and bacteria in the air. The filter is only auxiliary purification, blocking large particles, nano photoelectric catalysis photoelectric effect. And the efficiency of air purification is far more than electrostatic dust collection, hydropower, activated carbon efficiency.
  2. Fan: turbine centrifugal fan is a brand new technology, which is different from the turbine centrifuge we know. From the speed to the motor technology, and then to the wind direction. There are upgrades and changes. The speed of the MSPUREturbo centrifuge increased to 4700 RPM, higher than the industry speed of 3500. The low-pressure cooling fan is adopted, and the five sides are like the wind, forming environmental wind pressure inside the purifier. If the speed exceeds the speed, thermal friction will be generated with the air. And the pollution molecular structure in the air get crushed and decomposed. Only at speeds above 4700 can this effect be achieved.
  3. Intelligent technology, not a simple APP installed in the mobile phone from point to point to go; Instead, the complex operation of the APP is simplified, so that the elderly over 50 years old can play, children can operate, the purification equipment can act as a purifier. The intelligent robots in Public Enemy can hear human speech and carry out human commands. Humans do not need to operate the robots themselves.

smart air purifier

This technology has been realized in the smart air purifier, through speech recognition expression, regardless of age, speech recognition, not limited to specify keyword commands. Only need to express their meaning, and purification can be performed. This is the world’s first intelligent purifier.

Both home and car use are suitable, and realize positioning and navigation, real-time environmental monitoring, health guidance instructions, real-time weather report, road condition notification, intelligent purification, remote intelligent operation, and other functions.

In today’s highly developed Internet society, the public has become more and more comfortable in obtaining information.


People choose and buy air purifiers, the first consideration is the purification ability, who all want to choose a performance of the air purifier, fresh know fresh sense intelligent air purifier no doubt on the purification ability outstanding, becomes the pursuit of purification effect of consumer nod.

But fresh as fresh feel highlights the advantages of not only the performance excellence, the intelligent degree also excelled.

Let the space line to colleagues can only look at its lead. Helplessly see fresh air purifier in the core technology. Today, let us have an in-depth understanding of the other side of fresh air purifiers’ strong “intelligent” so that the pursuit of fashion and high-quality life of air purifier enthusiasts have a good fever again.

Fresh as fresh sense has now developed a mobile terminal mode, the purifier has a prominent WIFI signal. Let it have a smart heart, users on the mobile end loading on a simple APP can easily manipulate, no matter where, family is in your heart, on your phone. You can hold the air quality in the home. Remote help your family opens the air purifier, so that you can bring freshness to your family from thousands of miles away. That’s cool.

WiFi air purifier at Home

Wifi air purifier Fresh fresh intelligent and automatic detection of indoor air quality, timing, child lock function, according to the indoor pollution state automatic regulation of wind speed and other functions I will not go into detail.

To better serve consumers is the goal of the fresh know fresh feel team. Today I also want to take enthusiasts to understand fresh know fresh feel for users. It is of another intelligent function, the filter material replacement reminder function.

If you think that this function most air purifiers have, then you are very wrong, others do not, I am the best I know fresh air purifier to lead the fundamental air clearance industry.

To better serve users, a fresh intelligent air purifier not only has a filter replacement reminder function. But in the future launched in this function of the product also made a continuous in-depth improvement.

When the user sees the reminder to replace the filter light, as long as the hand gently press, our thoughtful and sound after-sales network will receive your information. And our customer service staff will contact you the first time you allow.  He will ask you whether you need to provide filter replacement service. With your permission, the new filters will soon get to you via the developed Internet. With one click, you can complete the screen purchase, is it so convenient?

I don’t know. Yeah, that’s right. That’s convenient. That’s sweet. As long as you use the fresh fresh air purifier, you can enjoy such warm and thoughtful service soon

Smart Air purifier is mainly to solve the problem of air pollution, so the primary consideration should be the purification performance of the product, and then in the selection of additional functions, the most basic intelligent function of air purifier should include: Intelligent filter replacement reminder, automatic gear switch, mobile phone remote control, child lock, timing, sleep mode and other basic functions are more practical, many air purifiers in order to add additional intelligent functions, and increase the cost, in fact, is not practical, cost-effective will not be too high.

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