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Constant Increase in Mobile Users Globally

Constant Increase in Mobile Users Globally:

With mobile devices getting cheaply affordable, almost every men, women, and children have to access smartphones now. Smartphones are a great way to help us stay connected to our near and dear ones, also socializing has been made easier. The trend that is going viral nowadays is customers now have uninterrupted access to their favorite brands from where they can e-shop any time they want.

The research revealed that there are more than 3.7 billion smartphone users in the world at present, this number is likely to hit 5+ billion mobile devices by 2027. On average, mobile users spend 3 hours using mobile phones, and this figure is also expected to reach 5 hours a day. These numbers show how potential is the market for mobile app development from a business point of view. Android being the largest mobile app platform is home to around 2.87 million mobile apps with billions of downloads. Mobile apps are the programs that run on a mobile phone with different operating systems such as Android and iOS.

Android App Development ÔÇô An Overview:

Android is the largest mobile app development platform in the world that is powered by Google. An estimate shows that Android holds 86.1% of the mobile app market globally which tells the clear dominance of the platform over any other. Along with many transformations that have been brought by mobile applications, they have also changed how businesses would be interacting with their customers, and to keep them engaged with their brand.

Mobile applications help both businesses and customers in numerous ways. For example, businesses can target their potential audience, drive them to sales, help them get the latest news about their business, etc. On the other hand, customers have the option to shop their favorite products/services from their desired brands from the comfort of using their smartphones.

This hyped demand for Android applications has provided an opportunity for many professionals to come and offer their Android app development services to those businesses that are in need. We know, not every business can afford to have an in-house team of app developers given a variety of reasons; budget constraints, lack of know-how of the development process, lack of technical expertise, etc. Almost every business today has their own mobile app and those who donÔÇÖt have a mobile app yet, either are searching for companies that provide Android app development services or they are missing the key to success in this digitally dominated era. As Android is a widely used and compatible platform, many businesses go on-to develop their apps on Android.

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Businesses,
Benefits of Mobile Apps for Businesses

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Businesses:

Businesses can get a wide array of benefits having a functional and user-friendly mobile app ideally developed by a top-quality mobile app development company.

Brand Awareness: Mobile users spend hours using different applications on their phones daily which means businesses can reach a great pool of audiences by targeting the right one for their business. There are millions of Android users in the world. Therefore itÔÇÖs the most effective to┬ánotice your brand. Getting a mobile application developed by a trusted software development company can do wonders for your business.

Easy Way to Shop: No doubt that e-commerce and m-commerce have clearly dominated the brick and mortar industry especially in 2020. Businesses can allow their customers to shop most conveniently by sending those offers that would surely drive the customers to make a purchase. This non-interrupted and 24/7 accessible experience are what makes the mobile applications so cool and the right tool to have for your business.

Uninterrupted Connectivity: The reason why the model of physical shops is declining every day is customers donÔÇÖt have the freedom to stay connected to brands. With the inception of mobile app development, both the customers and the business owners can communicate with each other uninterruptedly. When the customers are given a platform where they can communicate with brands regarding anything, it ultimately increases the chances that they will purchase that very brand.

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Users:

Customers can get a lot of value if provided with seamless mobile application experience and it can only be done if businesses hire reputable Android app development services providers.

Setting Preferences: Mobile apps allow customers to set their preferences in order regarding the products they are most interested in. Traditional shopping lacks this feature and that is why it is reducing day by day. Most customers prefer to shop via mobile applications as itÔÇÖs a convenient, most comfortable, and customized way to do shopping.

Smooth Sale Experience: When we talk about user-friendly mobile applications, it must not contain anything that may cause the customer to lose their interest in your business. The process of shopping must be very smooth and what customers prefer. Not every time they would like to see a form popping up asking them to fill in their information.

Source of Communication: With the help of Android apps, customers and business owners can indirectly remain in constant communication. Business owners can send exciting offers, sale updates, and information about any event coming up that might have the customersÔÇÖ interest. This lets the customers feel privileged and they would consider shopping from your business.

Ease of Access: Customers can purchase goods and can be offered services the easiest and safest way. Apps are important to increase productivity for your company. A mobile app also decreases consumer processing time. Android app development services from a reputable developer have thus become important than ever.

Why Choosing Android Platform?

The Android platform has become the most successful and widely used mobile app development platform in the world that offers around 2.87 million mobile apps to its users. Till July 2020, there released almost 121.8k mobile apps on Google play which is indeed an exciting thing for those who are thinking to get an Android app developed for their businesses.

ThereÔÇÖs no doubt that the Android platform holds the future of mobile app development and it will continue to lead the mobile application world. There are around 2.5 billion Android devices in the world under different brand tags, screen-sizes which provides great diversity to both users and app developers. Also, the Android platform provides lucrative incentives to the app owners which in itself a big reason why developers prefer Android platform.

SoftCircles, software development companyWords from the Author:

SoftCircles – A US-based software development company that has immense expertise in providing Android app development services to businesses of any size and from any industry background. Having worked with more than two hundred clients both locally and internationally, we have created some amazing Android mobile experiences for our clients and their business customers. We offer a very talented and highly-expert team of mobile app designers, developers, and QA managers that make sure your projects turn out to be successful.

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