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Create a Customized Contract Digitally to Save Paper and the Environment

Have you ever had a situation where several people were working on a document? You were not sure which version is the most recent? 

As much as the internet and the rise of the digital age have lay us to believe that we have a paperless future since the 1970s, the reality is that by 2021 the average American will be consuming the paper equivalent of six 40-foot trees a year – more than the average Year 1980.

Image of trees and the quote, “The average American uses the paper equivalent of six 40-foot trees a year.”

Most law firms use even more paper. As much as many lawyers would like to reduce their paper use, their efforts are hamper by the old-fashion practices of the industry, such as B. the insistence on paper for court records, deliveries, and file storage.

Still, there are many benefits to reducing paper usage – it saves money, is better for the environment, and makes working remotely easier. Law firms can get a lot out of this if they get creative and find ways to reduce paper usage.

A truly 100 percent paperless law firm may still be a long way off, but it is entirely possible to reduce the paperwork if create a customized contract digitally. Whether your law firm is just starting to use less paper or you are already a season tree-felling veteran and want to expand your efforts even further, we have the tips you need. Read on to learn why the path to a paperless future is the right one for law firms, and how you can go down that path.

What is a paperless office?

A paperless office is a workplace where paper has been significantly reduce in the regular workflows and processes.

There are many good reasons for offices to go paperless. It saves money on office supplies. In paperless offices, it is generally much easier to get work done remotely. And some studies have even shown that moving to paperless working can increase productivity. As exchanging information in digital form is faster and more efficient than exchanging information on paper.

It eliminates version confusion

Have you ever had a situation where several people were working on a document? You were not sure which version is the most recent? 

A paperless law firm that stores its documents in the cloud can completely eliminate them. This problem as multiple people can work to create a customized contract online at the same time. 

In this way of working, the changes are made in real-time and can be tracking. So, that everyone knows exactly who made which changes and when. Just think about how much time and confusion this type of system can save your business.

It saves storage space

When a law firm relies on paper for everything, it means they need a ton of space to store all of those paper documents. Whether the files are store in the law firm or somewhere outside, the cost, logistics, and very real security concerns can make this a nightmare.  It helps you to save a lot of disk space for yourself. This is one of the best features that you get with digital signature apps. Saving space can help you save lots of money as well. 

However, offices that store their documents in the cloud can get storage for a fraction of the cost. And while there are still security concerns about storing documents in the cloud. A reputable storage company using the latest cyber technology tools can keep your documents just as safe. As they are in a physical storage facility, as well as Steps you can take yourself to keep your documents safe. 

Streamline invoices and communications

Sending paper invoices and forms to clients is inefficient, cumbersome, and carries the risk of errors. In the digital age, it is becoming more and more common for businesses of all types. To do all of their invoicing with accounting software. Which can often be integrate with time and attendance tools and can automate invoicing. To avoid mistakes and get digital invoices and payment reminders as fast as possible to ship.

Digitize your existing processes

There are probably a lot of old documents and processes in your law firm that exist on paper. It is time to digitize them.

Scan and organize old files. Switch to digital invoicing and time recording. And implement a digital signature online service so that collecting free e signature no longer has to be done the old-fashion way. Use DocsignPro as one of the best online signature apps.

Make new workflows paperless

By the time you get to step five, you should be well on your way to becoming a paperless law firm. With the experience you already gain from digitizing your old processes and workflows. All you have to do now is apply your new paperless procedures to new workflows. When new documents are created, do without paper altogether and create them digitally. Congratulate yourself on your paperless trip. You are on your way to cost savings, efficient workflows, a healthier planet, and more benefits.

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