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Different Face Care for Men and Women

The protection of face and skin health is not only applicable to women. Men are now beginning to understand the value of facial skincare. That is the reason why numerous skincare products and services are increasingly circulating and in demand by the public, especially for men.

Facial skin is an aspect of the wellbeing of your body that you need to take care of. Furthermore, facial treatment is also essential to make you look cleaner, fresher and radiant to support your beauty.

However, you need to understand the difference between men’s and women’s facial skin before performing facial care rituals.

The Difference between Male and Female Skin

Being a man, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do facial skincare. Caring about the wellbeing of your face and skin doesn’t mean you’re not a guy at all.

Men appear to want treatment products that reach the skin faster. Therefore, the product chosen must be multifunctional so that it is not ‘complicated’ when used. The facial treatment of women, on the other hand, appears to be layered and routine.

Well, here are some different facial care standards that you need to know for men and women:


  1. Men’s skin is easier to peel

The skin of men peels more readily than the skin of women. That is why it takes special care to clean a man’s face. Furthermore, men are often advised more frequently than women to use facial cleansing scrubs.

That’s why facial care items for men typically have a higher concentration of cleaning agents than facial cleansers for women.

Men’s facial skin, which is simpler to peel, is more vulnerable to inflammation or infection. Therefore, in selecting facial care products, you need to be more vigilant.

  1. Pores

The skin of men has larger pores and generates more oil. Thus, men are prone to acne, especially if they do not regularly wash their faces, particularly after outdoor activities.

The production of male oil glands appears to be greater than female production. Hormonal factors, including the hormone testosterone, affect this.

  1. Hormonal Cycle

Due to hormonal cycles that can alter skin colour, women’s skin blackens (hyperpigmentation) more readily. Facial treatments for women containing lightening drugs are, therefore, more appropriate than for men.

In fact, not only do women have a hormonal cycle, but men also have a hormonal cycle. Hormones affect the role of the skin and its supporting glands. The hormone that plays a part is the hormone of testosterone in males.


  1. Collagen Levels

The skin of men contains higher collagen levels. This causes the skin of men to appear younger than the skin of women. Anti-ageing drugs are, therefore, seldom targeted at men.

Men’s facial skin has 25 per cent higher levels of collagen than women’s skin. This causes the facial skin of men to appear thicker than that of women.

  1. Facial Hair

Men’s facial care also needs to concentrate on facial hair care, such as moustaches and beards, and how to shave or trim moustaches and beards. Of note, this is distinct from facial treatments for women who do not usually have facial hair.

When shaving their faces, men often need additional care. It would be best if you stopped shaving each day for men who have delicate skin, dry skin, or skin that is easily irritated.

Shaving every day can run the risk of dryness, folliculitis, or ingrown hair if your skin is sensitive. However, shaving will not cause issues with your facial skin if you use the correct technique.

Face Care Tips for Men

Compared to the procedure for cleaning women’s faces, how to clean men’s faces is not too complicated. Ok, here are tips for men that you may apply for facial and skin health treatment:

  • Use Shaving Cream

Using a sharp shaver to avoid the facial skin’s inflammation by rubbing softener on the face to be shaved. Using a facial moisturizer after shaving or after shave balm for men to prevent facial skin irritation and the appearance of shaving marks.

  • Wash Your Face Using Soap

Generally, as compared with women, men spend more of their activities outdoors. Therefore, due to the day’s interaction with dust, a man’s face is vulnerable to getting dirty.


You can choose a product for a face wash that fits your type of skin. Also, pay attention to the duration of your face washing, not too frequently or too seldom (twice a day). Often, stop rubbing too hard on your forehead.

  • Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Taking care of the health of your face and skin means keeping you exposed to the sun, which can cause premature ageing and a host of other skin issues. Men, therefore, need sunscreen as well.

  • Pay attention to lip moisture

Using lip balm in some conditions, such as when flying on a long plane, to prevent your lips from drying out in very hot or very cold weather.

  • Exfoliate

Via daily peeling, you can get healthy and bright facial skin. Exfoliating is necessary both at home and in the clinic. Scrubs or chemicals (chemical peels) may be used to exfoliate).

  • Avoid Using Makeup

Except for those occasions, stop using makeup. Since, in general, more often than women, men fail to clean their faces. This has the potential to trigger issues such as acne.

  • Select the appropriate product

Using products for a facial treatment that fit the skin issues that you are currently experiencing. This is relevant since the concentration of active substances is typically higher in men’s facial skincare products.

Wrapping Up

Now you realise that women need skincare, but also men need facial health and skin. In addition to the suggestions above, drinking plenty of water and eating fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants is a simple way to treat facial skin.

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