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Does ATF believe Solvent Trap is prohibited?

Does ATF think Solvent Trap is illegal?

The answer to this question is, it depends. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is a system under the state department of Justice. And one of its core tasks is securing communities from the violent usage of firearms by lawbreakers or criminal companies and prohibited diversion of firearms and its accessories for perpetrating violent crimes or acts of terrorism.

A solvent trap is one of those accessories put on a gun’s muzzle to take in the residual solvent used in cleaning up the firearm’s interior. The solvent trap ensures the effective and safe use of firearms.

The Solvent trap is 80% material in the making of other uses. It can regulate propellant gas’s speed and pressure, therefore dulling the explosive shockwave or the muzzle blast.

A fuel solvent trap is like a round container that traps solvent like a fuel filter traps dirt and dust particles; therefore, a fuel solvent trap can easily modify the blast as it goes through it.

According to ATF reports, the solvent trap is legal. Because it can be easily converted, it can fall under the watch of ATF. The Reports have it that ATF robbed centers that manufacture solvent traps. Such raids were not because solvent traps are being fabricated however due to the fact that of the intent and the possibility that they can quickly be converted into other uses.

ATF might track any suspicious transport and the delivery of a solvent trap. Some reports have demonstrated how ATF tracked the transport of solvent traps due to the fact that it was illegally imported.

There is similarly proof of ATF tracking and raiding centers that made solvent traps which motivate the end-users to transform to other gadgets aside from trapping solvent residual in the firearm’s bore. For instance, if a manufacturer makes a solvent trap with a dimple in its center cap, it could imply that the end-user is being encouraged to transform it. The ATF can track solvent traps if a facility that sells or makes it is offering is doing illegally.

The ATF acknowledges the right of an individual to own a gun as stated in the second modification; nevertheless, creating any products that can modify the primary use as cleansing without filling for form 1 is considered an unlawful act by the firm. A person can buy and own a solvent trap as ways of making sure the safety of their firearm since any solvent residuals as a remaining of the routine cleaning of your gun’s bore (interior) might present a danger to you and others.

For that reason, to prevent unnecessary “tracking” and visitation by ATF representatives, buy a solvent trap from authorized retailers of accessories and guns. You must likewise make sure that you do not purchase a solvent trap that could suggest that you mean to transform to a different gadget. Use for a kind 1 from ATF and pay a $200 tax stamp if there is any reason while you require to own.

Preparation on purchasing the finest quality solvent traps visit immediately.


The Reports have it that ATF raided centers that make solvent traps. There is similarly evidence of ATF tracking and raiding facilities that produced solvent traps which motivate the end-users to transform to other devices other than trapping solvent recurring in the gun’s bore. The ATF can track solvent traps if a facility that sells or manufactures it is offering is doing unlawfully.

To prevent unnecessary “tracking” and visitation by ATF representatives, purchase a solvent trap from authorized merchants of devices and firearms.

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