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Do’s and Don’ts of Soft Furnishing Maintenance

Everything around the world comes with a manual that mentions its Do’s and Dont’s and one must follow them. Everything that you bring into your house has a purpose, like a furniture that puts a special appeal to your house. You look for the design type, giving each room a theme, and working on it appropriately. While it is obvious that the furniture fulfils the functional requirement of the rooms but the soft furnishing decides the aesthetic appeal of the room.

There are endless varieties of fabrics and their types with different designs materials but maintenance and durability are the top priorities especially when buying. When everything demands care the soft furnishings demand extra care differently. Here is a list of things that you can do to take care of your soft furnishing. 

The padding

  • Vacuum your furniture at least once a week to remove all the persistent best dirt and food crumbs that find their way inside them.  
  • Fluff up your seats and cushions every once in a while that will maintain their soft nature and be sumptuous.  
  • Wash up your covers, and after washing them put them back on the cushions while they were slightly damp as they will fit properly. 
  • If you have a lot of motion or are prone to accidents or have any pets or little children, then make sure that you don’t go for any delicate fabric that is prone to wear and tear. 
  • Never and we mean never use hard brushes to remove the dirt from delicate upholstered furniture because it could damage the fabric permanently.


  • Curtains are the eyelashes of the eyes that bring in the natural light illuminating your interiors. Sometimes the fabrics get faded due to the sunlight as they weaken the fibres, so it is better to either keep them away or have a different fabric. Attaching linen to the curtains would also help. 
  • Keep shaking your curtains now and then so that the dust doesn’t fall on them and harm the fabric.
  • While you decide to wash your curtains, make sure you read the label instructions about the curtain care. This is not only for the curtains but all the other soft furnishings. If you wish to iron them later, don’t forget to use it on the reverse side. 
  • You can choose to vacuum curtains once a month using the soft brush, cleaning more on the hem as they collect more dust and dirt. 
  • Clothes tend to shrink when washed. Make sure you wash the curtains and linens differently or you can dry-clean them instead to avoid that.
  • Washing machines often have a strong force with which they were clothes which could otherwise be harmful to the delicate curtains, with its pleats or embellishments. There would be a lot of creases that will be formed, which will be hard to remove. While drying the curtains, try to hang them under some shade and not under direct sunlight. 
  • Do not use a strong detergent that might affect the quality of the fabric.


  • One of the musts for the carpets is the vacuum. You need to vacuum the carpets regularly to stop dust and other particles from collecting on and in the fibres.
  • OOPS! Did you drop the bowl on your carpet again, any spill that you make or any stain that is caused needs to be cleaned immediately to prevent the permanent damage or stain? Stains are notorious and they need to be get rid of. Immediately blot it with the towel, remove the stain and then dry with a vacuum. 
  • The carpets are required to be cleaned every six months, you can go for a professional carpet cleaning as they know exactly how it’s to be done. You can get the carpet cleaning services in Manukau
  • Tying the loose ends. We don’t mean tying but rather cupping off the loose threads with the scissors.
  • Do not let anyone wear the shoes on the carpeted area, which would cause a lot of dirt and debris to accumulate on the carpet.
  • Do not put any kind of furniture on the carpet as it could leave a permanent mark and dent on the carpet. 


Your soft furnishings are called soft for a reason, and so make sure that you take care of them properly.

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