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DS200NATOG2A: GE’s best running voltage feedback board

The DS200NATOG2A is a voltage feedback board and is the best option for the Mark V Speedtronic series by General Electric. This board holds referrals and validation from many agencies, for instance, the European Commission, Underwriter Laboratories, Cloud Security Alliance, etc. This board is also known as an attenuator.

Upon proper installation, this voltage feedback board can reduce the Alternating and Direct current voltages from the Silicon Controller Rectifier Bridge and other facilities. Subsequently, it produces accurate voltage feedback reading from the SCR Bridge.

But what is an SCR Bridge? How does it affect the AC drive? Let’s have a review to further grasp the idea of how they are vital for our DS200NATOG2A attenuator board.

Silicon Controller Rectifier Bridge

The SCR Bridge regulates the voltage load on the motor and mediates it as per the requirement at the moment. An SCR also makes sure that the current’s flow is unidirectional and the backflow from the other direction is blocked.

Alternating Current Drive

The AC drive regulates the electric motor’s speed. Therefore, it is essential to further enhance the process control. It also regulates energy consumption and decreases energy consumption while increasing energy production. Moreover, it also helps reduce the mechanical strain on motor control.

Mark V Speedtronic Series

The DS200NATOG2A voltage feedback board is essential for the Mark V Speedtronic DS200 series. This series majorly deals with the Electro-Hydraulic Control system. However, it is best known for the gas and steam turbine control systems.

Mark V series Control Configuration

The Mark V series works on a triple modular redundant control system. Therefore, this series can handle medium to larger steam turbines unless they work on redundant operator interfaces.

There are three similar controllers in Mark V’s core system. The core system’s controllers are responsible for some crucial tasks of the turbine system. Their duties include critical control algorithms, protective functions, sequencing, etc. Moreover, these controllers also help acquire the data to produce significant outputs from the turbine. Additionally, a P module is also present with its triple redundant processors. These processors have separate functions that are equally important. For example, they control the rotors from overspeeding or overheating the system.


An alphanumeric component number etched on a printed circuit board identifies it. For example, the DS200NATOG2A D B is labelled with the part number: DS200DCFBG#ruu.
The DS200PCCA part is the base number for the printed wiring board. The Power Supply Board in this scenario. The r digit denotes a functional change that is incompatible with downward compatibility. It’s just a new catalogue number. U digits signify downwardly compatible revision levels.
The G# denotes a group, which is a variant of a certain board.

DS200NATOG2A Components Interaction

The DS200NATOG2A is an integral part of the Mark V series. Therefore, it is in contact with numerous components. Let’s review these components and their connection with the board.

 VME Backplane

The VME backplane is a computer standard bus interface. It stands for Versa Europe bus. It is based on designs from the previous Eurocard that used to be imported from Europe. Additionally, the board interfaces with the status board to ensure gate distribution.

 AC Phases’ Strings

There are three Alternating Current phases, all of which are individually connected to a precision resistor. Two of these strings reach the positive and negative Direct Current bus voltage.

It depends on the Operator on what configuration he wants to produce voltage inputs. They can be 1200, 2200, 3300, 4200, and 6900-volt input.

Inbuilt Metal Oxide Varistor

Electrical resistance varies with the voltage applied. However, a varistor aids this electrical resistance. Five alternating current phases’ strings connect to a 20-pin ribbon header. If in case the output voltage increases over the maximum level, a built-in metal oxide varistor assists in overthrowing any potential spikes.

Identifying a DS200NATOG2A Board

Most boards by General Electric have specific alphanumeric code that helps identify them. This code is mostly engraved or printed on the side of the board. Although the code might look random at first sight, the letters and numbers are there for a reason. For instance, in the code DS200NATOG2A, the DS200 indicates the DS200 Mark V series that it belongs to.

Additionally, specific digits in these codes show no downward motion compatibility accompanied by a functional change. Another example is the G2A of DS200NATOG2A. The G2A signifies the board’s variation as this board is also present in G1A and G3A.

Handling Warning

The DS200NATOG2A is a delicate piece of technology. Improper handling can make it a hazardous object and may cause electric shock or even severe burns. Never touch the board or take any measures if the board is connected to a power source. The SCR potential gives it thousands of voltages above the ground, making it a potentially lethal device if handled carelessly.

Manual Guidelines

It is always best to consult a manual before getting down to brass tacks with an electrical device. For the DS200NATOG2A, the manual of choice will be GEI-100225. It contains all the basic instructions you may require for Mark V DS200 boards. Furthermore, it also contains test points for all GE’s NATO boards. This attenuator is described as a base-level board, although it is possible to upgrade it and amp up its compatibility and proficiency through further innovations.

A Piece of Advice For Mark V Series Users.

Mark V series was introduced in the 1980s. It has had a long run with steam and gas turbines and has provided tremendous energy to power our homes and appliances. However, it is best to take care of a few things due to newer models as the Mark V specimen is getting scarce with time.

Firstly, to avoid any mishap or destruction of a component, consult a manual before getting to it on your own. Then, it is always a good idea to stock a couple of spare parts that run out after a while. It is because the production of Mark V components has stopped, So it might become a hassle to find boards like the DS200NATOG2A in the open market. Make sure to stash at least two card panels to keep your operations running without disruption.


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