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eCommerce 2022: 9 Marketing Trends Worth Your Attention

In the past year, the ecommerce industry has undergone many changes, strengthening its position in global retail and making web developers deliver some extraordinary ecommerce solutions. And the ecommerce marketing trends have changed as well. Self-isolation and other covid restrictions have fueled change as mobile traffic and online payments have skyrocketed, and customers have become interested in new services such as home delivery and remote assistance in choosing goods. 

Today we will overview 9 ecommerce marketing trends that will be relevant in 2022.

Implementation of AR-Technologies In eCommerce

In 2022, augmented reality will make life much easier for both sellers and buyers. If 5 years ago a client had to go to a store to choose furniture or a dress, today it is only necessary to open a mobile application. With the help of an application that implements AR technologies, the client will be able to “try on” furniture for their interior, as well as test makeup, hairstyle or the compatibility of jewellery with a festive outfit.

AR technologies will help optimize the online sales process, reduce the burden on staff and increase the percentage of satisfied customers. AR technologies are successfully combined with artificial intelligence – in that case, AI acts as a virtual consultant.

Taking Caring Of The Environment

More than 60% of customers prefer to cooperate with online stores that care about the environment. If you want to follow the trend, you can try the following:

  • Offer customers electronic rather than paper checks;
  • Engage in charity, support environmental projects and movements;
  • Expand the range of products made from natural materials;
  • Use eco-friendly packaging. It is recyclable or made from recycled materials, primarily cardboard packaging, as well as natural fabrics.

Some retailers refuse to use non-sustainable packaging, others offer customers a choice of packaging, which allows them to take into account the interests of different representatives of the target get liquidity audience.

Engaging With Influencers And Social Media

The number of social media platforms users is constantly increasing. In this regard, to increase sales, a business should use the potential of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social networks. Many of them allow not only to communicate with customers but also to create full-fledged stores where you can sell any kind of goods – from food to luxury jewellery. Users are well aware of the functionality and capabilities of social platforms, so they make purchases more actively.

However, recently there has been an increase in various fraudulent schemes, which reduces the trust of users. Before launching an additional store or a thematic group on social networks, it is necessary to work out reputational factors: reviews of real customers, videos with the unpacking of goods, cooperation with influencers. Trust in the latter has increased significantly over the past few years, so the involvement of micro and macro bloggers will help build trust, increase the number of followers and the percentage of loyal customers.

Visual Trading

Experts predict that in 2022, the situation with the pandemic may not stabilize, so people will continue to shop online, seeking to reduce the chain of social contacts. The owner of an online store should take care of visualization, which will allow a potential client to evaluate all the advantages of the product and facilitate the selection process. 

It is necessary to use high-quality images, embed 3D photographs of goods, and upload videos to the online store website in the form of reviews, unpackings, and others. High-quality visualization significantly increases interest in the product, which has a positive impact on sales dynamics.

Updating D2C Sales

D2C (Direct-to-Consumer or “direct sales”) is a new sales model that is rapidly gaining popularity. D2C sales are based on the principle of no intermediaries. It means that brands, companies and manufacturers seek to sell products directly to retail customers. For that, they create their advertising campaigns and developing store chains. D2C sales help customers save money, brands control the quality of not only the goods but also the services provided.

The Nike brand has become a pioneer in the field of D2C sales. Its mobile applications allow the clients to select a product and arrange its delivery to the nearest company store. Large brands involved in the sale of clothing, cosmetics and other consumer goods are actively opening distribution points, retail and online stores, which allows minimizing intermediary chains. The trend was born at the beginning of 2020, and in 2022, it will continue to show growth.

Various Payment Methods

Expanding the list of payment methods is a priority task for ecommerce business owners in 2022. The maximum reduction in social contacts caused by the pandemic dictates its own conditions, so customers are not ready to pay for purchases at points of sales or when meeting with a courier. Today, it is worth introducing more modern payment methods to meet the requirements of each client:

  • Payments in interest-free instalments or a loan, which is preceded by the conclusion of an agreement with several popular banks. The presence of this type of payment will strengthen the client’s confidence because banks will not cooperate with a seller who has a bad reputation;
  • Payment by bank transfer, relevant for legal entities;
  • Payments by credit cards, electronic money, cryptocurrencies, or from a mobile account;
  • Payments using Google Pay, PayPal, and others;
  • Of course, you should not refuse cash payment at points of sales and cash on delivery.

The Rise of Mobile Commerce

Millions of customers prefer to shop not from laptops but mobile devices. The increase in mobile traffic volumes is a stable ecommerce trend that strengthens its position year after year. In 2022, the presence of a mobile version of the online store website is becoming a mandatory option due to high competition and the requirements of the modern market.

The mobile version should not just exist, but be as friendly as possible so that the user can choose and buy goods in any conditions: a crowded subway, a walk to work, a bike ride. If the responsive design is inconvenient, then the user will prefer a competing online store. 

Pay special attention to providing your users with the following:

  • Simple design;
  • Convenient usability;
  • Fast content stabilization;
  • High page loading speed.

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Changing Approach To Work Organization

Remote offices are the reality of 2022! If the epidemiological situation does not improve, then the owners of the online store will have to think about transferring the maximum number of employees to remote work. Yes, the staff will need to be provided with the necessary equipment, but at the same time, you can save on utilities, office rent, cleaning – there will be a significant reduction in mandatory monthly payments. It is difficult for land-based stores to refuse to rent premises, the services of consultants or cashiers, so the ecommerce business is in a better position.

However, the transition to remote work should not harm the quality of customer service. In 2022, the request for software that helps to implement effective time management, ensure communication between employees, protect information and take care of cybersecurity will increase significantly.

Fast Contactless Delivery

The modern client is not ready to wait for the order for a long time. In 2022, this trend will continue. An online store owner who wants to retain customers and encourage repeat sales should focus on speeding up the delivery of goods

To solve this problem, you can take the following recommendations into account:

  • Cooperation with trusted transport companies that do not disrupt delivery times;
  • Creation of staff of couriers who will deliver within one or more regions, depending on the geography of work and the capabilities of the online store. To reduce costs, it is worth attracting couriers who have their own transport – from electric bicycles to cars;
  • Organization of points of sales where the client can pick up the order at a convenient time.

In 2022, the popularity of contactless delivery will increase, and the client will not need to meet either the courier or the employee of the transport company. This form of delivery has already been implemented in Glovo: the courier leaves the order at the place indicated by the client. Of course, contactless delivery is only possible with 100% cashless prepayment. It is relevant for goods of low and medium price segment, we are talking about food, beauty and hygiene products, toys, medicines, water, and others.

Wrapping Up

In 2022, mobile commerce, personalization, expansion of delivery and payment methods will remain popular. Contactless delivery will become popular, as well as comprehensive care for the environment. Customers will become more demanding because the market for goods and services is constantly expanding. Many buyers will need assistance in choosing.

It will be necessary to think about organizing a remote office and attracting couriers who have their own transport, as well as introducing innovations: chatbots, augmented reality, mobile applications, and artificial intelligence. The timely integration of trends into the business will allow not only to stay afloat but also to strengthen the position of the online store, as well as outperform competitors in many ways.

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