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Everything to know about creating an app like Netflix

Theatres have existed in the world for several centuries. However, they are facing a stiff challenge from Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms now. Netflix is an undisputed leader in this fast-growing space with a user base spread across 190 countries.

It got the first-mover advantage in the video-streaming industry as it started off as a DVD rental platform in 1997 itself. Netflix made a revenue of more than $25 billion in 2020.

Some latest news related to Netflix is


  • It is planning to target Indian smartphone users – by levying a Rs 299/month plan that will allow them to stream HD videos. The current Rs 499 plan of Netflix is only for TV viewing.
  • Netflix will have to follow guidelines – mentioned in the Intermediaries and Digital Media Ethics, 2021 laid down by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
  • 41 new movies and TV shows – will be produced by Netflix for the Indian market.
  • Netflix clocked an average user time of 7.4 hours per month – overtaking its rival OTT platforms like Disney+Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video.
  • Netflix launched a new feature known as ÔÇťDownloads for YouÔÇŁ – on Android recently. TV series and movies can be downloaded by the users via a Wi-Fi connection.

So, get hold of a customized and readymade Netflix clone app that provides a state-of-the-art video streaming experience. It includes Android and iOS apps for customers and a robust admin panel.

Several technologies like Node.js, Python, Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS), React, Flask, Hadoop, and Presto are utilized to make the cutting-edge Netflix clone video streaming app.

Some attractive features of the Video streaming app like Netflix

Multilingual content –

Content is available in many languages as per the usersÔÇÖ geographical location. Subtitles are also present. At least 5-7 languages that are most relevant to the user will be displayed during streaming.

Paid subscription plans –

Premium content can be easily accessed by paying for different subscription plans like (Mobile-only, Basic, Standard, and Premium).

Availability of a variety of genres –

The Netflix clone app is a content hub for genres like comedy, romance, crime thriller, documentary, rom-com, drama, and animation. This makes it appealing to different age groups.

An advanced search and filter option –

Users can discover any film and TV show by entering the keyword, name of the actors, and language to get the desired results.

A rating and review system –

Users can share their opinion about content watched on the Netflix clone. New users can go through these reviews and decide if they want to watch the movies or not. Netflix also shares information about the amount of violence and adult language present as part of the movies.

A Watchlist facility –

Users can add content to their personalized Watchlist and view it later. Since there are many videos present on the Netflix clone, using the Watchlist helps in efficient content management.

Accepts multiple payment methods –

Debit cards, credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, online banking, and PayPal are accepted on the Netflix video streaming clone app. The payment methods can be modified by the users anytime.

Provision of Gift cards –

This card helps users to access unlimited content. It can also be used to pay for subscription plans. It can also be bought from retail stores and e-commerce platforms. Each gift card has a balance amount and content can be watched till the balance is over.

A Download option –

Users who face inconsistencies in Internet connectivity can opt to download the videos on their devices by connecting to WiFi. They can watch the content comfortably offline.

The issue of real-time notifications –

The Netflix clone app shares instant notifications about new content, offers, and discounts to the users via push notifications, SMS, and email.

Presence of 24×7 customer support –

A help center is available round-the-clock via chat and phone to resolve any issues related to video streaming. They sort out problems related to account management, device compatibility, and payment processing.

What are the numerous sources of revenue in an app like Netflix?

Subscription plans –

With four different plans (Mobile only, Basic, Standard, and Premium) imposed every month, a bulk of Netflix cloneÔÇÖs revenue is pocketed through this method. All the plans offer access to content in HD and Ultra HD modes. The Standard and Premium plans offer streaming on more devices and screens.

Advertisements –

Netflix produces a lot of content and hence publishes promotional advertisements across various channels to increase the hype of a movie or a TV show before its release. While initially, ads were not shared with users, commercials are now displayed at the end of the episodes.

The crucial role of the admin in the Netflix clone app

Monitor all the activities using the dashboard –

The dashboard contains all details like plans opted by users, the content being viewed now, and the financial metrics like revenue, expenses, cash flow, and profits.

Upload new content on the platform –

The admin formulates content license agreements with movie and TV producers. It gives them the right to stream content on Netflix for a period for a specific fee.

Modify the settings –

They can make changes to the privacy policy, accepted payment methods, subtitles, video descriptions, subscription plans, and advertisements.

Access analytical reports –

Data about total streaming hours, the average hours spent by a user per day or month, the total subscribers, the number of users who have converted from free trial to paid subscriptions, and ratings are available instantly for the admin. This helps to make better decisions to improve the performance of the video streaming app.

Final Thoughts

As seen above, despite heavy competition, Netflix is upping its game ahead of its rivals by witnessing greater growth. We have seen how content producers have bypassed theaters to release their movies and TV shows on Netflix to a global audience.

Its main challenges in the future will be to maintain a high level of consistency in acquiring new content and deal with censorship issues by government authorities. Hence, get hold of the video streaming clone app like Netflix now to dominate the thriving OTT space soon.

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