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Everything you need to know about gin

According to an article, the alcohol industry has a huge influence on legal decisions in New Zealand. In addition to this, the alcohol industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Another article suggests that gin is a cool, go-to drink for many New Zealanders, allowing the sales of gin to soar immensely. So, if you are looking for a go-to drink, you can find gin in NZ online stores. For sure, the flavours will please you tremendously. However, if you are not well aware of this alcoholic drink, you can read further and learn everything about it.

What is gin?

Gin is a distilled alcoholic spirit or drink, which comprises dominant flavours of fresh and dried fruits, junipers, and flowers. The name gin is derived from the Latin word called Juniperus, which means shrub. Gin must have an identifiable influence on junipers and arrive at approximately 40 per cent ABV if sold in the United States.

What are the various types of gin?

There are different types and styles of gin attainable in the market. The types of gin include distilled redistilled and compound gin. Distilled gin is made by distilling a fermented alcohol base or a mash, whereas redistilled gin is made from the neutral spirit’s second distillation. For both types, the flavours infused are juniper berries and other botanical ingredients. The third type of gin is the compound gin, which is cheaper and combines juniper berry essence and neutral spirit to gain flavour. One of the popular styles of gin is the London dry gin, which is the benchmark of the traditional gin. It is highly aromatic and light-bodied without any added flavours. Originated from Plymouth on the English Channel, Plymouth gin has a light and citrus-forward style. New Western Dry gin comes with a less dominant juniper flavour and a modern style.

What are the health benefits of drinking gin?

Gin is the healthiest spirit, which is low in calories. To know more about the health benefits, you can keep reading to learn about them.

  1. The main ingredient is a “Power Food”: One of the powerful fruits is a berry, particularly the botanical ingredient used in the process of gin. This main ingredient is called the juniper berry, which helps in creating a recognisable flavour. The berry is native to the tumble and rough landscape of Scotland. Due to the high levels of flavonoid and vitamin C, this ingredient helps fight infections. Flavonoids and vitamin C are present in most vegetables and fruits.
  2. It can help fight cough: To give gin its smooth and classic texture, the essential oils in the juniper berries and plant botanicals are important. This texture allows you to fight cold and cough. But you must remember to not refrigerate since the fragrances and oils can change, diminishing the effects. The berries comprise anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. In a nutshell, they act as natural medicine. Moreover, if you are experiencing a sore throat, you can combine gin with ginger and herbs. So, you can shop for alcoholic spirits like gin in NZ online.
  3. The antioxidants can keep you young: The antioxidants present in the juniper berries can provide you with healthy-looking skin by promoting the regeneration of the cells within your body.
  4. It can prevent UTIs and bloating: Drinking a glass of gin each day can help prevent bloating and urinary tract infections. Juniper berries prevent water retention by helping you to increase your trips to the bathroom. Urinating more often allows the bacteria and toxins to flush out.

It can assist you with digestion: The bitters utilised in gin can aid in digestion. It also helps avoid heartburn, especially after consuming a large meal.

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