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Fantastic Italian Dishes Using the Splendid Toscano Cheese

Another great cheese that is from the famous region of Tuscany is the Toscano Cheese. Although many people are not aware of this variety; but it is a popular ad used in many Italian dishes.

What to Know About the Splendid Toscano Cheese?

If you are going to use this cheese for the very first time, then you should know all that is about it. The main reason to know about is that people have not developed a taste for this cheese; so they will take time to develop the taste for it.

What Animal Milk Is Used?

Sheep’s milk is the best for procuring this cheese. The reason for making this cheese with sheep milk is that in the region of Tuscany sheep are in abundance. You can say that it is the main life-stock in this region.

First-Ever Description of Toscano Cheese Making

A famous Roman author Pliny the Elder first wrote the procedure of creating the Splendid Toscano Cheese in his famous work Naturalis Historia. In the earlier years, this cheese had a different name.

What Is the Ranking of This Cheese?

When it comes to ranking this cheese the Toscano Cheese has the third-highest rate of production of cheese made from sheep’s milk. The first and second highest is Pecorino Romano and Pecorino Sardo respectively.

General Description of Splendid Toscano Cheese

This cheese has a unique shape that is cylinder-like with a semi-flattened form. The outer rind of this cheese that you can buy from online stores like Sogno Toscano is yellow. But the combination of other ingredients like crushed tomatoes and olive oil is used for coating.

Toscano Cheese Used in Fantastic Italian Dishes

A very unique quality of this Toscano Cheese is that it can be used even within 20 to 30 days of its maturity. It is a hard cheese that can be used in various dishes when grated properly.

Made A Part of Antipasto Board

When you are considering types of cheese for the antipasto board; Toscano Cheese can be cut into thin slices and served. Also, you can serve it as starters and in salads as well.

Making Various Pasta Recipes

If you are thinking of Toscano Cheese pairing, then using it with pasta is the best combination for you. You can either mix it while cooking or sprinkle it at the time of serving. Sometimes you can cut it into small cubes and add it also.

Eating with Wine or Beer

If you want to eat something with wine or beer in your leisure time, then this cheese goes extremely well with the sweet taste of the wine as well as the sugary and fruity flavor of the beer.

Combines in Soups

Many times chefs add cheese to the soup to create a thick and creamy consistency. So if you are a fan of drinking soups then the addition of Toscano Cheese will especially enhance your flavor.

Choice of A Pizza Topping

This cheese is also the best for topping the pizza. Also, it can be combined with other cheeses to give an exotic taste to the pizza.

Added in Italian Sandwiches

In Tuscany, the best cheeses used in sandwiches is Toscano Cheese. It is a great choice for grilled sandwiches because it will taste good.

Easily Served with Fruits

As the Toscano Cheese has a sweet flavor; it will go the best with a variety of fruits as well as vegetables. You will be surprised that it can be combined with honey and jam too.

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