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Flutter Development Tools To Develop Cross-Platform App

Firstly, Flutter, a cross-platform software development framework backed and supported by Google. This framework is heavily used to develop hybrid single code base mobile apps for consumers. Programmers and developers can use this framework to get some of the native app development like features and functions helping them to develop apps. This framework makes lives much simpler and easier on the developer’s part for developing smartphone apps. The capability of flutter to make app development simpler and much easier puts developers at ease. It also increases developers productivity helping them to increase their throughput. Millions of developers worldwide make use of flutter to develop smartphone apps. These apps are compatible and can run on both iOS and Android devices helping developers to create clone apps that work smoothly on platforms.

There are various Flutter Development Tools that you can use to develop flutter apps for smartphones. We will discuss some of these tools here in this article:


Flutter Development Tools:


  • Panache:

Panache is a material theme editor developed for flutter. It helps developers create material-based themes that look intuitive and appealing for consumers. Using panache you have the option to customize colors, shapes and other essential theme components with the utmost ease and flexibility. After you design a theme using panache you can export the theme as a .dart file to Google drive. Panache is a simple and effective way to customize your material-based flutter app theme which is very useful.


  • Supernova:

If you are looking to have a handy assistance tool to help you get started with flutter development. This tool will be beneficial for you. Supernova has launched an assistance tool to help developers get a head start using flutter for development services. Using this tool developers can add various animation styles across all devices and that too in a real-time basis.

The major advantage of using the supernova assistance tool are that saves a lot of developer time and effort. Developers are free to export their work as Adobe XD files by choosing flutter as the destination for the export.  This tool’s UI is intuitive and is perfectly adjustable to your liking. Many flutter developers prefer using this tool as it helps them to work on app design and provide valuable experiences to customers.


  • Adobe XD:

Adobe has created a new flutter development tool called XD which helps developers to create flutter apps using opensource collaboration. This tool allows developers to create visually stunning app designs using a streamlined and comprehensive design-based workflow. This tool creates a dart compatible file that developers can directly place this file in their file code base. Adobe XD is also capable to help developers create wireframing, animating, prototyping, and all of these from using a single source point.


  • Codemagic:

The company that developed Codemajic, Nevercode claims that developers can use this flutter-oriented CI/CD tool effectively and efficiently. Codemajic identifies flutter apps with the highest ease for developers. Using this tool developers can integrate all of their favorite flutter tools by automating the build test and customizing the release pipeline.

This functions as an ideal tool for developers to accelerate their flutter development projects and speed up their development process.  With Codemajic developers do not have to configure their app on various marketplaces. This configuration is done automatically using Codemajic integrated configuration process. This app also helps to make the testing and creation process easier and more flexible.


  • Sylph:

Sylph is basically a command-line utility tool to help developers perform command functions to flutter apps using the command line. It is used to run flutter integration tests and end-to-end tests on android as well as iOS devices with ease and flexibility. You are free to run Sylph on different platforms such as windows, mac, and Linux. You can also run the tool on any other command-line environment as well. The tool works effortlessly to support many different Android devices as well as iOS devices also.


  •, a popular open-source analytics tool developed for flutter developers. It primarily focuses on providing various analytical functions that provide emphasize data privacy and data security. The tool comes with a free version that allows users to basically track and manage all basic metrics and key performance indicators helping developers to see how their app performs.

For more extensive metrics you can also make use of the paid version of the tool that provides access to premium features. These features include A/B testing, push notifications and more.


  • Amplitude:

One of the top product intelligence tools called amplitude helps developers get a better understanding of users. This shows how your users are interacting with your app.  Developers can track and manage as well as monitor different and various data points and queries that provide insightful data. This helps you to improvise your various flutter development efforts with ease and flexibility.


  • AppsFlyer:

AppFlyer is a mobile attribution tool helping developers locate from where their users and customers are coming. This helps the app developers to conduct various marketing campaigns with ease.

Developer can measure different marketing campaign and truly determine which campaigns is yielding efficient and effective results. You also get to know which campaigner is not performing as well. Developers get access to all vital information regarding the campaigns in a single dashboard. It also provides the facility to integrate with over 600 media and public relations partners.


  • Appetize

Appetize is a cross platform mobile app tool that helps developers run the native app directly on the browser. It supports Android and iOS platforms as well and can run apps seamlessly on the browsers. without having any dependency on plugins the apps run smoothly and efficiently. Using this app does not require the user to have any additional downloads or plugins dependency. This tool can be used for customer support, training, automation, testing and many more such functions.


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So we have shared with you the top Flutter Development Tools that help you to support your flutter app development efforts. If you are looking to build your cross-platform app in flutter then you can Hire Flutter Developer from Nimap Infotech.

These flutter development tools can help you simplify and perform easy app development for Android and iOS platforms.

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