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Guidelines to get admission at the University of Alberta

Every year many students from all over the world apply for admission at different universities in Canada. Due to increased future opportunities, students like to prefer getting admissions at Canadian universities, and they put all their efforts into gaining entry.

One of the renowned and famous universities in Canada is the University of Alberta. This university accepts applications from all over the world in various graduate, undergraduate, and doctoral degree programs. Applicants from Pakistan wishing to continue their studies in this university can also apply as Pakistan is among the eligible countries for admission.

Keep reading this article if you wish to study at the University of Alberta. The following lines will discuss the eligibility requirements, criteria and much more for international students.

Requirements to get admission at the University of Alberta

There are some criteria based on which how to apply for international applicants to get admission. The students must comply with the requirements mentioned by the admission department at the University of Alberts.

The following points below are a must to have or fill by the students who want to get admission at the University of Alberta.

1). Academic requirements

The first thing that you need to prepare for getting admission to any university is your academic documents. The University of Alberta asks the applicants to provide their educational transcripts and results that are in English. Any applicant not having the academic records will not be eligible to get admission or apply at Alberta. The academic documents may be as follows.

  • Transcripts of all attended institutions
  • Marksheets
  • Previous scholarship certificates (If any)

2). English proficiency requirements

Proof of English language is a must to submit. If the applicants have a test result of any acceptable English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE etc., they can attach the test result to their application. Every program requires different test results, but the overall score must not be less than 6 or 6.5, and no portion of IELTS has a score of less than 6. Without proof of English proficiency, you will fail to get admission.

3). Application form

The applicants applying for admission must fill an online application form. Most of the applicants fail to get the entry because they fail to fill the application form. It is very important to fill out all the necessary information required in the application form. If you do not want to fill the form on your own, then you can consult the experts from top education consultants in Pakistan to submit your application by filling in all the requirements successfully.

Eligibility criteria for international students in various programs

The eligibility criteria for the student for various countries vary. Applicants from Pakistan wishing to study at Alberta university must meet the eligibility criteria. The eligibility standards for each program are as follows.

a). Eligibility criteria for master’s and Doctoral degree

To get admission to graduate and doctoral programs, the applicant needs to fulfill certain criteria. The university’s requirements and standards for the master’s and doctoral degree program are a follows.

  • A four years bachelors degree or equivalent degree
  • The cumulative GPA must be equal to 3.0 out of 4
  • An offer letter from the supervisor (for doctoral degree)

b). Eligibility for undergraduate studies

Every year several students from all over the world apply for undergraduate programs at the University of Alberta. The eligibility criteria for applicants, specifically for applicants from Pakistan, are as follows.

  • Students must have completed their secondary education
  • The average percentage must not be less than 65% (percentage may vary depending on the program)
  • Grade point should not be less than B in any subject

Funding and financial support to international students

Needy students or high achievers can apply for financial support and funding. Some of the scholarships and grants do not require an extra application form; you will automatically be eligible for the scholarship. You will get the scholarship and grant based on your academic career, need and requirements. Some scholarships offer partial fundings, while some of them are fully-funded. To get detailed information about the fee and allowances at the University of Alberta, consult top education consultants in Pakistan and worry less about your fee payments.

Below is the list of some of the scholarships and fundings you can apply for.

  • International entrance leadership scholarship
  • Alberta Global citizen scholarship
  • Gold standard scholarship

Much more scholarships and fundings are available for competent and hardworking students at the University of Alberta.

Leave no gaps in your application to ensure your admission at Alberta.

The chances of your admission to any university depend on your application form. The stronger your application form, is higher will be chances of getting access. The documents and requirements necessary for admission must be complete, and your statement of purpose must be inspiring enough to compel the selector to give you entry. Seek expert help and advice before you apply for admission at the University of Alberta to increase your entry chances.

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