Habits of Successful Students

There is a shloka which is very famous in Sanskrit regarding student’s life that a good student should live a life where they live life on five principles which are- he should act like a crow, meditate like a heron, sleep like a dog, eat less food and give the house in order to attain knowledge. But gone are the days when people used to believe in such good things and students used to follow such principles. These days students have completely different habits and schedules. Successful students take responsibility for themselves and their actions too. Successful students always seek good opportunities in life regarding education and learning. They never get stuck under excuses and find out any method to attain knowledge whether from any tutor during traditional teaching or from online teaching sites. Online teaching sites are very helpful for such passionate and successful students. Todaythe learning management system which manages online education contributes a lot in promoting such hard working and passionate students. Learning management system helps monitor students’ progress and performance in the course. Success is not an easy term which can be achieved in a jiffy by the students, it takes a lot of effort to achieve such success. So, let’s understand habits of successful students:

  • Students should plan everything regarding their studies and learning. Being organized helps the students to learn according to a fixed plan and this way step by step they study the course in curriculum without making it a burden.
  • Students should never try to multitask. It is so, because students need to focus on their studies only and when they try to perform something else along with their studies then it deviates their focus and makes them confused and tangled so multitasking should never be included in a student’s habits.
  • Students should never study continuously because they are not machines, they are humans and continuously filling the mind with study will raise the problem of memory loss. It is so, because filling the mind beyond capacity can create many issues in academic performance of the students.
  • Successful students are those who take a sound sleep of 6-8 hours which is medically approved necessary for a healthy body. Without a sound sleep a student can’t feel dizziness the whole next day and won’t be able to concentrate in the class during lecture and this affects their performance.
  • To achieve a successful academic life, one needs to schedule their whole day every day. They need to eat, sleep, study, exercise, and perform all other activities at a fixed time-interval and should try their level best to not to get deviated from their fixed schedule.
  • Successful students have a very good habit of making notes. Apart from every study material, they make their own notes for particular subjects in a way that they can understand all the tough topics in their own easy language and can perform more efficiently than other students in the class.
  • Successful students have a very good habit of studying regularly. It hardly matters to them that any day they don’t have anything to study. Still they will study something or some good books apart from the curriculum but they will study. This habit of studying keeps students’ inflow of learning and their such habits make them achieve good scores.
  • Students should have a habit of keeping their study station organized and well settled. This saves time while studying and apart from this research has proved that students learn faster in an organized study space rather than in any scattered study space.
  • It is said that company matters a lot in student life and a friend in need is a friend indeed. Hence, these proverbs prove that good company in a student’s life enhances the study and learning level. So, successful students have a habit of forming a study group of sincere students who are very focused towards study and they study by discussing topics among each other and they also teach each other those complex topics which they don’t get in classes. Hence, this kind of support also contributes a lot for becoming a successful student.
  • Students have the right to ask questions in class because it is the duty of teachers to solve the queries of the students and answer each and every single question related to their academics. This habit of curiosity makes students attain knowledge and be successful.

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