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The best treatment for loss of hair begins by identifying the reason. To make an accurate diagnosis, you should visit a dermatologist certified by the board. These dermatologists have deep knowledge about the various reasons for hair loss and expertise in treating the many causes.

How do dermatologists discover what’s causing the loss of hair?

To determine the root cause of hair loss The dermatologist will begin by collecting information. Your dermatologist will:

  • Ask questions. It’s essential to determine the length of time you’ve experienced hair loss, and if it started rapidly.
  • Examine your nails, scalp and any other areas that show hair loss. This test will give you crucial information regarding the cause.
  • Examine the condition of your hair. Gently tugging on your hair will tell your dermatologist the growth of your hair and if it’s at risk of breaking.

If your dermatologist believes that the root cause of the loss of your hair could be a medical condition or a deficiency in vitamins or hormonal imbalance an infection, you might require an examination of your blood as well as a scalp biopsy. These tests can be conducted at your dermatologist’s clinic.

If your dermatologist has this information, it’s typically possible to pinpoint what’s causing the loss of your hair. For getting the best solution to hair loss visits PGMNTFX the best scalp micropigmentation in California.

Sometimes, your dermatologist needs more information. This is often the case in cases where you have more than one reason. For instance, women may have had a baby just a few months ago and this could be causing noticeable hair loss. It is also possible that she has an earlier hereditary loss that isn’t as evident.

There is no one treatment for hair loss that will work for everyone.

When your dermatologist determines the cause(s) Your dermatologist will let you know if treatment is necessary. Sometimes, your hair may grow back on its own, rendering treatment ineffective.

older woman applies ointment on the scalp

Hair can regrow by itself

Your hair could regenerate independently. This could be the case if have recently:

  • A baby was born.
  • A major illness was treated or underwent surgery
  • Underwent cancer treatment
  • Achieved a weight loss of up to 20 pounds
  • I was diagnosed with a mild form of a condition known as alopecia areata, which triggers the immune system of your body to target the hair follicles of your body.
  • Eliminated psoriasis from your scalp

The dermatologist at your clinic can advise you if your hair could be growing again by itself.

In some cases, to see the growth it is necessary to make adjustments.

Modifying your haircare (or hairstyle) could help

Certain hairstyles and habits can cause damage to hair, causing loss. If your dermatologist determines that this is causing your hair to fall out Your dermatologist will recommend modifications that can help you to stop damage to your hair.

The dermatologists will share tips they provide their patients on:

  • African American hair: Tips for daily care
  • Hairstyles that pull hair can result in hair loss
  • How can you avoid damaging your hair

What are the times dermatologists suggest treatments to treat hair loss?

Although your hair might grow naturally, however, your dermatologist may suggest treatments to encourage it to grow faster. Sometimes, it is necessary to treat to stop further loss of hair.

A treatment plan to treat hair loss could include some or all of these.

Hair loss treatments at home

Treatments at home are easy to use and are available for purchase most of them without a prescription. As research shows that these treatments can aid your dermatologist, they may suggest the following (or more) in your home treatment regimen.

Minoxidil (Rogaine(r)) To make use of minoxidil, apply it to your scalp in the manner directed, usually at least once or twice per day.

If used in accordance with the directions minoxidil has the potential to:

  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Stop the further loss of hair

Minoxidil can be more effective when it is used in conjunction with other treatments to treat hair loss. There are many people who see some growth after using minoxidil, however, it takes time for the results, typically 3 to six months.

If you notice an increase in hair growth, you’ll have to continue using it throughout the day. After you stop applying it, the loss of hair will return. For hair loss solutions get FYT EMERALD CARTRIDGES online.

Minoxidil helps to prevent the early loss of hair; however, it is not able to regrow a complete head of hair.

Lasers for use at home There are laser caps and combs for treating the loss of hair at your home. Although only a handful of studies have examined lasers, their results appear positive.

In one study that included more than 200 people and women suffering from hair loss due to genetics were given either the laser hair comb as well as a fake device which appeared to be a laser comb. The participants were given the device they received three times a week over 26 weeks.

The study found that patients who used the laser device instead of the sham device observed overall more full and thicker hair.

It is important to realize that not all people who utilized the laser saw growth regrowth.

Further research is needed to discover who is most likely to profit from this procedure and the extent to which these devices may cause long-lasting adverse negative effects.

Microneedling: A micro-needling machine is made up of hundreds of tiny needles. Certain studies have proven that it could increase hair growth. One study found that males between 20 and 35 who suffered from moderate or mild hair loss due to genetics were treated with one of the following:

  • Minoxidil 5% twice per day
  • Minoxidil 5% twice every day, plus weekly micro needling

Following 12 weeks of therapy patients who received micro-needling and minoxidil showed significantly greater hair growth.

Studies have also demonstrated that micro-needling in conjunction with other treatments, like corticosteroid or platelet-rich plasma applied to the area of thinness, can help increase hair growth.

While you can purchase the micro-needling device with no prescription, you should consult your dermatologist before you buy. Microneedling may aggravate certain ailments. It’s important to find the right micro-needling equipment.

The machines used to treat hair loss use needles with longer lengths in comparison to ones used to treat the skin.

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